Wikileaks Declares War on The Intercept for Turning in Top Secret Leaker Reality Winner to FBI, Offers $10,000 Bounty


Setting aside for future posts whether the entire (((Reality Winner))) affair is a psyop, Julian Assange and Wikileaks have taken over center stage from the hipster Trump-hating, tatted weirdo with a Top Secret security clearance arrested for mishandling classified material.

Specifically, Assange is on the warpath against the reporter who contacted the FBI when he or she received a Top Secret document in the mail.

Sputnik News

WikiLeaks issued on Tuesday a $10,000 reward for information about a person, who had disclosed identity of reported National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Reality Leigh Winner, accused by the US authorities of leaking classified information to a media outlet.

Winner, arrested on June 3, is accused of leaking information regarding alleged Russian hacking activities during 2016 US presidential campaign.

Earlier on Tuesday, the US Department of Justice said in a statement that Winner was a contractor with Pluribus International Corporation that held a Top Secret security clearance and was employed at the US government agency facility since February. According to the statement, Winner pilfered the classified intelligence reporting, which contained classified national defense information from an intelligence community agency and mailed it to a unnamed media outlet.

According to WikiLeaks, the leaked document was mailed to The Intercept media outlet, which published on Monday the NSA paper detailing “months-long Russian intelligence cyber effort against elements of the US election and voting infrastructure.”

Assange explained his decision to offer a reward to The Daily Beast

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told The Daily Beast he holds reporters—not just the Trump administration—responsible for the arrest of a U.S. intelligence contractor charged with leaking classified information.

On Monday, the Justice Department said Reality Winner, a 25-year-old National Security Agency contractor, sent top secret information to a news outlet. The announcement came shortly after The Intercept published a series of NSA documents claiming that Russian hackers targeted a voting-software supplier and local election officials just prior to Election Day.

According to the affidavit, reporters for the unnamed news organization provided a copy of the printed NSA report to the agency in order to seek comment. The NSA claimed six people had printed out the report including Winner, who the agency said had been in contact with an unnamed news outlet.

“If the FBI affidavit is accurate the reporter concerned must be named, shamed and fired by whomever they work for to maintain industry standards,” Assange said via Twitter direct message through the WikiLeaks account on Tuesday.

“Source burning reporters are a menace,” he said. “They chill trust in all journalists which impedes public understanding.”

WikiLeaks offered a $10,000 reward for information “leading to the public exposure & termination” of the reporter.

“It seems likely that the FBI affidavit refers to The Intercept, but not certain, hence we say ‘suspected Intercept reporter,’ said Assange. “But whomever this reporter was they are a menace not only to sources but to all journalists by decreasing the trust between sources and journalist and ultimately the public. Democracy dies in darkness.”

Assange’s defense of leaking NSA documents that accuse Russia of interfering in the U.S. election is in contrast to his agreement last year that he was “1,000 percent” confident Russia did not give WikiLeaks hacked Democratic National Committee emails. While Assange did not comment on the content of the leaks, he defended the alleged leaker Monday night.

Assange is not a god. He is a sometime ally. The DNC emails published by Wikileaks (also known as the Podesta emails) did not involve national security. The Snowden material published by Wikileaks showed a government, a (((Deep State))) that was committing treason against its own citizens.

It’s entirely possible to say that you supported Wikileaks before, but not this time, and be a rational human being.

The MSM, which condemned Wikileaks before is now supporting Assange because they want constant leaks to be able to destroy the Trump presidency.

By the way, if you investigate the leaked material, it’s nothing but unsupported speculation by the intel community that Russia did successfully hack the U.S. election.

10 thoughts on “Wikileaks Declares War on The Intercept for Turning in Top Secret Leaker Reality Winner to FBI, Offers $10,000 Bounty

  1. She f*cked with and tried to destroy our Glorious Trumpenfuhrer. I could care less about secrets of our judaized government. For her treachery, I would gladly cut her throat or literally crucify her. I want to do to her what the Christ-killers did to Jesus such is her betrayal.

  2. The difference between Winner and others is she was helping Democrats destroy Trump. The info in the document wouldn’t be a big surprise from Russia or any other country. Wonder what Israel was doing.

    Odd that White parents would give her that name. Reality Winner sounds like those given to racehorses.

    • She allegedly changed her name from Sarah (a Jew name, quite often) to Reality. So, the intel agency wasn’t put off by that? Something stinks about her getting that job. I looked up salaries for the company. She was being paid in the $75,000 range. That seems a lot to me for a 25 year old.

      • Winner is a Jew name. For example, the Director Michael Winner bio….from IMDB…..
        “Winner was an only child, born in Hampstead, London, England, to Helen (née Zlota) and George Joseph Winner (1910-1975), a company director. His family was Jewish; his mother was Polish and his father of Russian extraction. “

  3. Maybe I have lived a long time, but I wouldn’t trust a twit like (((Winner))) with my dog. Beyond that, I was immediately suspicious of Assange for his numerous MSM Hannity interviews. Assange is not on our side, but sometimes he is useful in a limited way. His behavior in this matter of defending a back stabbing traitor is indefensible. The fact that (((MSM))) now changes gears on Assange speaks volumes about the entire situation.

    The only proper place for a conniver like Winner is a labor camp for the rest of her miserable life. She is an enemy of our folk and such a sentence would be a supreme act of mercy on her.

    • I have more on her, which I may post later tonight. It’s certainly an interesting situation. I hope that Trump is able to motivate law enforcement to go after ALL the leakers. It’s necessary to drain the swamp.

  4. Assange is now behaving like a Fascist – the people he pretends to hate. Whistle blowers do not just tell the truth about politicians they do not like. They dump the whole lot like Bradley Manning or Russell Snowdon. The midget Manning got many years in jail.
    To my mind, selectively releasing secrets just to damage the President is about the worst sort of treason. Off with her tranny head.

    Assange should be ashamed of being so partisan. Truth is truth and in this case, with a Jew tranny revealing only very selective “truth” I think WikiLeaks would have been wiser to stay schtum. Say nothing.
    This story had nothing whatsoever to do with (((WikiLeaks))).
    The tranny posted the secrets to a journalist, who reported this to the Govt as required by law. Had the journo said nothing they would also be guilty of treason. Did not the paper publish the secret – if so, this was a crime.
    Assange seems pretty ignorant of the law which is ironic since he has been hiding from the law for years.

  5. I think Assange has some warped thinking. Something like “Since we do good, nothing we do is wrong. Even if it is illegal, it is always in the public interest. Even if we set out to crucify an individual who has done their legal duty to their own nation”.

    WikiLeaks thinks everything should be public. Except the names of their own whistleblowers and snitches, who seem to be mostly faggots, trannies and Jews. Tinted folk also?

    Assange thinks he is Friar Tuck and Trump is the Sheriff of Nottingham. Assange thinks he can offer outlaws sanctuary in his Church Of WeakLeaks – but those sanctuary laws were repealed centuries ago.

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