Today is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day

Europe is handing over the keys to nonwhite invaders. The men who died in World War II died in vain. They fought a (((banker’s))) war. They were cannon fodder.

The photos above were posted by @AmyMek on Twitter.

A short D-Day video with 2.5 million views. Three minutes:

A long D-Day video with over 3 million views. An hour and a half:

8 thoughts on “Today is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day


    In WW-II (Whites Killing Whites 2), US soldiers went and killed millions of their fellow Anglo-Saxon brothers and sisters on the orders of Roosevelt (who was on the payroll of his Jewish masters and could have prevented Pearl Harbor due to code breaking (See the Institute of Historical Review, at ihr dot org) but wanted an excuse to involve USA in WW-II.

    The white army sheep have not hesitated to kill fellow whites (Americans or Europeans) under the orders of corrupt and crooked criminal Presidents. They are just mercenaries, killing for money. Many people also believe that if the army had any real courage, they would have not been sheep and instead disobeyed and could have easily tackled criminals like Abraham Lincoln and Roosevelt instead of killing millions of their own Anglo-Saxon brothers and sisters.

    There is indeed a 3rd world war going on on this country and the EU and that is the alien invasion. Our nations are being flooded with millions of 3rd world aliens–Muslims, blacks and all the 3rd world garbage. But our soldiers are MIA in this real 3rd world war.

    The main and probably the only reason nations and civilizations created armies is to protect the nation, from foreign invasions. That is the duty and oath of every soldier.–to protect the nation from its enemies, domestic and foreign.

    • Good comment Arthur. The top two photos say it very well. Patton said after the war “We fought on the wrong side”.

      Arabs and Africans must have living space (lebensraum) and free welfare in all white countries. Lebensraum is the top priority which nobody voted for. Whites are the new subhumans (Untermensch) who get all the dirty jobs while blacks and Muslims watch TV or hang about in gangs and do crimes. Multicultism is good, like all cults! White women must work and not get married. and be pimped and raped if the invaders want this. Muslim women and Black women must have as many babies a possible, and white taxpayers will pay the bill. This is a good thing, apparently. Free food and medicine for all Botulism and Black countries so they can make four billion more black bastards by the turn of the Century. This wonderful thing is a net increase, even after the deaths of any now alive. By 2100 white skin will be as rare as rocking horse shit.

      Juden Uber Alles!

  2. On the sixth hour of the sixth day of the sixth month, Millions of Europeans began slaughtering each other for 666 Rothschild Satannish. Now we enjoy the free dumb to have our women raped, shut up about it and pay to feed and house the rapists. Like Winnie the Pooh-head Dead said” Never have so many rapists raped so many English girls because of so few cucks dumb enough to shoot down Aryan Pride.”
    Gawd bless sneezy blue gums and fake sciency sheeit. Racism y’all. Yep, space isn’t as good as diseased mudhole full of rapity rapists and monkey virus vectors.

  3. I take nothing from the men who did their duty and/or died in the process, but the truth is that they did fight for jew interests who influenced Roosevelt and who were embedded in our government. If they could have seen the present day results of their actions, they all would have layed down their weapons, shook hands, and gone home.

  4. You’re fooling yourself. Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh tried to tell them but they wouldn’t listen. Lindbergh’s baby was kidnapped and murdered to shut him up. They blamed a German, but we all know who did it. Henry Ford was finally silenced by the War, when FDR used the War Powers Act to take over Ford’s business for munitions and arms manufacture. If he hadn’t played ball, he would have lost everything and been branded a traitor by jewsmedia. His Dearborn Independent Paper told THE WHOLE STORY, but Americans wouldn’t listen cause they didn’t believe it. Like Goebbel’s said, people like White Christians cannot believe that anyone would be immoral and EVIL enough to use such BIG LIES. The enemy uses the Big Lie even about the BIG LIE which they claim came from Hitler and the NSDAP. The dumb and lazy just don’t even bother to check if these Serial Satanic Liars are telling the Truth. Most simply do not care, but fortunately only a SMALL MINORITY which is ANGRY ENOUGH TO FIGHT is necessary at this point. Talk and voting are pointless. If voting actually changed anything, they would ban it. Trump is a member of The Club of Rome. He’s nWo, and has been for a Long Time. He wouldn’t have had TV Shows in jewsmedia if he was the Loose Cannon he makes himself out to be…

    • “Lindbergh’s baby was kidnapped and murdered to shut him up. They blamed a German, but we all know who did it.” I had the same idea recently and was waiting for an on topic chance to bring it up. Yes I think the Jews killed his child in reprisal for him telling the truth. In addition there were many Jew gangsters in those days, who somehow became Italian when (((Hollywood))) glamorised their activities.

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