News Roundup: The Best and Worst Stories of the Latest London Terrorist Attack


The Sun reports that terrorist Rachid Redouhane was married to a Scottish mudshark. The filthy whore bore him a child who has been left behind to take revenge on England when it grows up.

I’m with Trump. The families of these terrorists should automatically be killed. Trump has probably walked back that statement, but he was right the first time.


In some kind of bizarre effort to create sympathy for the Muslim devil, the Sun reports that he made a special trip to kiss his mixed breed baby goodbye.

Who gives a fuck?

In better news, The Sun reports that a middle-aged white man, Roy Larner, has been dubbed The Lion of London Bridge for taking on the three Muslim knifemen with has bare hands.


The book is a joke given to him by friends.

The Sun also reports that an Australian woman who died in the attack, Kirsty Boden, also acted heroically, running toward where the attack was taking place, trying to save lives.


Heavy reports that one of the killers was in a British TV documentary called The Jihadist Next Door. In spite of the publicity from that program, nothing was done to rein in the bastard.

You can watch the frightening documentary on youtube:

CNN is reporting that evil Sadiq Khan, mayor of London, is calling for the British government to cancel American President Donald Trump’s upcoming visit to Britain.

Apparently, Trump offended the Musloid mayor by mocking him in a Tweet yesterday. Khan might as well hold up a real sign (below is faked) saying Allahu Ackbar. He’s full of it when he says there’s nothing to be worried about.

Sky News is reporting that the third and last terrorist has been named as Youssef Zaghba.


He’s mixed race, half Italian and half Moroccan. Congrats to mudshark mom. You deserve to see your filthy son dead after mating with a North African scumbag. As always, my policy would see you summarily executed, along with the immediate families of all the terrorists.

The other two terrorists have been named as Khuram Shazad Butt and Rachid Redouane. To one degree or another, all of them acted suspiciously. Last year Zaghba had a one way ticket to the Middle East and a backpack, where it is believed he was headed for Syria.

Really, if you come down to brass tacks, there is no Muslim living in the West who can be trusted. I’m sure some of them are decent people, but the risk to public safety isn’t worth what little they offer to Western civilization.

A long process of sending them home would start with barring them from receiving benefits, from opening mosques, from wearing hijabs, and so forth. Let them self deport.

19 thoughts on “News Roundup: The Best and Worst Stories of the Latest London Terrorist Attack

  1. ” Kirsty Boden, also acted heroically, running toward where the attack was taking place, trying to save lives.”
    She is not a dead hero but a dead fool. She increased the death toll rather than reducing it – she was an easier target than an adult male. Women should never run towards a terrorist attack, or any male on male violence – until they are sure it is over. Fighting men using knives is for men. Real men only, no metrosexuals or poofs. The only exception is if a woman knows her own children are being attacked. Then all bets are off and I would back the womans chances in the fight.

    Also why would any decent Australian visit the shithole that is London 2017? Actually my own family members like to go there. They pretty much all vote Left and love Coons and hate my opinions – but never go to Africa. They love Muzzies but never go to Muslim nations. Whereas I have been to African and Botulism nations – in the past, like the UK and the USA.
    Even in the 1970s there were way too many Coons and Pakis in London.

    • I also think your little group was behind the stalking and harassment I received the first two years at my new address

      • I think your lesbian nemesis who has finally left me alone for a while now was behind any problems you may have had. None of the commenters here is part of any group. Neither am I.

        This is a pro-white website, not anti-anything, devoted to exposing the truth in an effort to prevent the extinction of the white race (as you say, dispersed European peoples) and the extinction of wildlife, such as elephants, tigers, etc.

        I want your children and grandchildren to have a decent life and I want the animals to have the same.

        Is that so bad?

      • To Germanic Slav. I have no idea who you are and I do not care. I am sick of the garbage you post here and your attacks on the posters, especially those brave posters that dare to call you out.

        I post 95% of my comments on topic. You post 95% of your comments about you. Do you not realise how nutty you are? The world does not revolve around you. Your moods are of no concern to me, or to the world in general, Your thoughts are often batshit crazy, and almost always angry and blaming. You rarely participate in a helpful way. It is all about you and your special rh neg blood even though not one person here gives a shit about that subject.

        I am not a member of any group including the alt-cuck.
        Like (((Groucho Marx))) I would not join any club that was prepared to have me as a member. I am an outsider, a free thinker, and like it that way. You learn very little about other people from their posts, as I observe when you attack someone like me for no good reason. You know nothing and remember even less.
        I agree that your nemeisis here is most likley another female. No I am not a single mother of three small children. Your rh neg blood and high IQ was not helpful there. I have three kids who are all adults with jobs and I am a man in my 60s. I am not Jewish as you claim. You are aged about 47 and are losing your looks and your sex appeal – my guess and estimate based on your posts.

  2. This site is not pro anything except pro American and western woman bashing. It also is connected to gangstalkers that harass women who are perceived as nonconformists within their communities. It targets women who are just regular people trying to get through and tries to shun them.

    I am anti white because white is a lie made up my men in the manufactured West to propogate while their own blood women get slaughtered and denigrated.

    I am anti deception and there are many deceivers and liars on and around this site

    • You have your chance to respond as you like to anything posted here so long as you do not engage in ad hominem attacks on other commenters or the publisher.

      You say that white women are bing denigrated? Well, so are white men. So how about joining in a little solidarity with us.


        Solidarity is impossible for an ADL troll, who creates lists for certain organizations.

        It won’t be long and the ADL will be struck off the intelligence agencies contractors list. Exactly how the SPLC was removed. Both Jewish organizations that encourage terrorism and harassment of white people

      • Harley-

        How many years have you. Web stalking me now…. hmmmm since the spring of 2013…, what is that 4 years now?

        Get a fucking life honey.

      • Harley your angrywhitemen site is a leftist site that hates white men and the alt right especially. So why post it on this site? Are you a troll?

    • well, if youre Germanic. then you are white. Obviously, you are either a] neither, but a white hating jew, or b] as Jesus said, a ‘two fold more son of hell’ who hates him/her/it-self and all white folk, especially men apparently.
      Does the $plc pay you per post?

      • Wow. I wish I got paid to post.

        Nope. No connections to the SPLC here.

        I am not ‘white’. It is a bogus descriptor. It is a word used to concoct and then keep in line a class system.

        Nope. Just a regular person fed up with the bullshit.

  3. Do you see the names of these folks. What kind of perverted names are these. Rachid Redouhane, (Rachid, RED). Kirsty Boden, (CHIRST AND DEN), Sadiq Khan (DICK AND CON) ,Khuram Shazad Butt, (RAM, Z -zoniest and Butt. Remember that u-tube That was on here a week ago. Check this out.

    • I watched your video. Your man with the glasses has some good ideas to spot trolls – like begging for money. However he is crazy. He says the stars do not exist and the sun is very close. He says David Duke is a Jew and Bro Nate is a troll for Jews, because both said vote for Trump. Bro Nate always said that Trump was a fake, a Jew lover and a bad egg. Bro Nate just knew, like Duke and the alt-right, that voting for Trump was better than voting for Hillary, or not voting at all.

    • Good question, there can often be a hidden motive in free entertainment or infotainment or news etc. “No such thing as a free lunch”.

      However check out any site with the word Storm in it and you will see an amazing shitfest of hate between the posters. I looked at Darkmoons site a while back and was shocked how much hatred she allowed between the posters.
      Saboteur is unusual in that he deletes most of the leftist Antifa trolling and Jew trolling, yet he has a soft spot for women – his Achilles heel which most men have. Maybe he hopes to shove it in, to put it coarsely. Paladin has no ads and no revenue and never asks for donations. Do the links generate revenue – look in to it, Paladin you may be missing out on some cash.
      I will ask Paladin – why not, brother? Why do not shill for shekels like Henry Makow, Infowars, Bro Nate and just about 99% of the people on the Internet? Bro Nate bleats for cash “or I will have to shut down”.

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