Horrifically Violent N.O. Weekend Prompts “White” Democrat Mayor Running for President to Idiocy: “We must change who we are.”


Mitch Landrieu intends to be the Democrat presidential nominee in 2020. That helps explain his nonsense. He also reportedly has a black girlfriend and a child with her. Shades of Bill Clinton.

Except Bill Clinton isn’t part black. Landrieu is.


Landrieu, the “white” mayor of “Chocolate City”, has been too busy removing Confederate monuments to address the horrific crime levels in New Orleans. Even when he talks about crime, he speaks nonsense.

Hey Mitch, how many lives were saved by taking down our history, you putrid dickface?


New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu lamented a violent weekend in the city that made Saturday the record-setting day for shootings so far this year. Landrieu spoke during a press conference at the New Orleans Police Department Headquarters, held jointly with NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison.

“We’re going to have to change who we are, how we are and how we act,” Landrieu said.

Three people were shot dead and 10 people wounded by gunfire in five separate shootings Saturday (June 3), the highest number of people shot in a single day in New Orleans so far in 2017. As of Sunday morning, more than 300 people have been killed or wounded by gunfire in New Orleans — a rate of roughly two people a day.

Speaking at the news conference Sunday afternoon, Landrieu pointed to “the root cause” fueling violence in the city as access to drugs and alcohol, as well as a lack of reporting by witnesses to violent crimes.

“In this age of social media, it’s impossible to believe there are no witnesses to these crimes,” he said. “No matter how hard these men and women (within the NOPD) work, they cannot do their jobs if they do not come forward.”

Landrieu also sought to assuage any potential worries of terrorism amid an attack on London Bridge that left 7 people dead and nearly 50 others wounded. The perpetrators of recent violence in New Orleans, Landrieu said, most certainly live in the city and that the community must step up to assist police in securing justice.

“It occurs to me all time when we have difficult circumstances, when people get afraid, get uneasy with each other, we tend to point fingers,” Landrieu said. “But blame is a pathway to nowhere. Responsibility is always a pathway to a solution.”

Landrieu reportedly has a black mistress with whom he has at least one child. From the NOLA comments:

“We’re going to have to change who we are”…

-says the lying, clown of a chameleon who changes from a married man to an adulterer with a staff member,and has an illegitimate child. (Or 2)

Mitch has a concubine slave woman locked up in the Pontalba apartments!!!!!!

And the lap-dog media is SILENT!

Whose living in 1860 now Mitch Landrieu????????

Your a pathetic, thin-skinned, disgusting HYPOCRITE Landrieu

It’s gonna be amusing watching you, Wynton, Issacson, Baquet and Cummings standing around with your thumbs up your arse tying to circle jerk with a bullet-proof vest on.


Read more about corrupt, lying Mitch at The Hayride.

Even more at Tiger Droppings.

8 thoughts on “Horrifically Violent N.O. Weekend Prompts “White” Democrat Mayor Running for President to Idiocy: “We must change who we are.”

  1. Sorry asswipe, you cant change who negroes ‘are’. They are a different species and this is how they act. Period. The only thing that CAN be changed is their continent of residence.

  2. Mitch appears to have some sh*t in his cream. No surprises. NO is a cess-pit of miscegenation. Go there, and you will be horrified to see the extent. His quote about changing who we are. That is a laugh riot. Someone could make that out to be racist, because who they are (negroes or YT’s tainted with negro blood) can not be changed. I think Mitch boy just made a racist statement and needs to be held to account. BTW, they need to keep removing those awful/racist monuments, because the negroids keep shooting each other. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  3. Read those linked articles. Regards the entire Landrieu family/political dynasty, the articles revealed that Mitch’s grand-father was a negro who checked the black block on an early U.S. Census form, but later claimed himself to be white on a later census. So Mitch’s family certainly heeded the advice that “we must change who we are”. The whole Landrieu family appears to be the typical NO/Louisianan stereotypical corruptocrat family. The (((press))) will never investigate them or hold them to account, because NO/Louisiana politics is a cess-pit of corruption that rivals Chicago or NYC. Plus, because it is a chocolate city, nothing will ever come to light. Mr. Mitch sure likes himself them mulatto women. Again, he is a racist, because he did not mate up with a pure negress. New Orlean’s culture gives me the creepy crawlies.

  4. Amazing. The Mayor of a Chocolate City full of savage niggers telling them that they have to be responsible. That’s like telling my dog to be responsible and to clean up after himself after he defecates. Not gonna happen.

  5. One way tickets to Africa for all dark skins – or death. This is politely known as ethnic cleansing.

    ““We’re going to have to change who we are, how we are and how we act,” Landrieu said.”

    “In a race war, skin colour is the uniform”.

  6. Black? Naw! Get rich because black voters are too damned stupid to recognize a huckster in their midst! Blacks enjoy being crapped upon, otherwise they wouldn’t elect shitlord over and over.

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