Flint Official Resigns After Blaming City’s Water Crisis On ‘F-cking N-ggers’ Who ‘Don’t Pay Their Bills’


Now let”s see. Bill Maher has faced no real consequences when he used the N-word, but he’s a Jew, so it’s OK.

But, goyim Phil Stair uses the word and it’s bye, bye Phil.

Phil told the truth when he said that blacks do not pay their bills. That’s a fact.


A Flint, Michigan official who works for a publicly-funded bank in Michigan recently blamed the city’s own residents for the years-long water crisis, saying they are “f-cking n-ggers” who don’t pay their bills.

Phil Stair, a sales manager for the Genesee County Land Bank, was being interviewed by environmental activist Chelsea Lyons, who caught his racial slurs via what appears to be a surreptitious recording. In the conversation, obtained by the blog Truth Against The Machine, Stair allegedly said:

“Flint has the same problems as Detroit — f*cking n*ggers don’t pay their bills. Believe me, I deal with them.”


In classic fashion, perhaps sensing the causally racist faux pas, Stair immediately went on to note that he doesn’t really like to use the n-word, because, well, some of his friends aren’t even white. He explained:

“I don’t want to call them n*ggers, sh*t I just went to Myrtle Beach (with) 24 guys, and I was the only white guy. I got friends — I mean, there’s trash and there’s people that do this sh*t. They just don’t pay their bills.”

Though swept off the headlines in recent months, the Flint water crisis is still ongoing, as residents are even now instructed to boil or filter all water used until all the city’s lead pipes are replaced–a process that’s expected to drag on until 2020 at least.

Update 6/5/17 1:17pm: According to MLive.com, Stair has resigned in the wake of the controversy surrounding his remarks.

Heavy offers 5 Fast Facts about Phil Stair and Flint, Michigan.

Heavy features the following audio of the Phil Stair interview. SJW Chelsea Lyons gets him rolling.

7 thoughts on “Flint Official Resigns After Blaming City’s Water Crisis On ‘F-cking N-ggers’ Who ‘Don’t Pay Their Bills’

  1. He should have been alerted by the huge tatt on her right arm.
    “environmental activist Chelsea Lyons, who caught his racial slurs via what appears to be a surreptitious recording.”
    Nice ethics, Chelsea!

    How does firing this guy for telling the truth help the environment? He will be replaced by a nigger and the environment will get worse. Is that what Antifa Chelsea wants? She is obviously a SJW who does not give a fuck about the environment, only about political correctness.
    Note to men. Do not trust women you do not know, they are not your friends, and they are out to harm you.

  2. Methinks that Miss Lyons exhibits classic physiognomy of the jewess. Thus, no surprise regards here underhanded recording of the evil YT guy telling her the truth which her kikess mind can not cogitate. And yes, the niggers owed millions upon millions of dollars in unpaid water bills knowing that evil YT could not and would not shut off their water.

      • She is easy, but she is not cheap. “My body, my price”.
        I sometimes wonder how many sneaky apolitical men join the looney left, antifa and the Greens just to shove it in to females like this one, she is a real hornbag for her age. However as usual I did not watch the video. I tried, it is 20 minutes long.

        BTW, who pays the cleanup costs for the former heavy industry of Detroit and Flint? Answer – nobody, it is not cleaned up, that is not the US way of doing things. China is making the same mistake. Make cash today, and wreck your environment for hundreds of years. The damage is greater than the profits made. Oh well, as long as we have our cars and our electronic knick knacks all is good?

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