FBI Arrests Jew Trump Hater Reality Leigh Winner for Leaking Classified Document


A 25 year old (((white))) female military veteran is under arrest tonight, charged with leaking a Top Secret classified document to the press.

All Trump haters should have their security clearances revoked. They would gladly put the public in grave danger so long as there was the slightest chance of delegitimizing President Trump.

The far left Mother Jones is reporting that the document is another of those reports (which are surely fake intel) that links Donald Trump to the Russians.

The name Winner is an anglicized version of the Ashkanizi name Weiner.

Excerpt from Heavy

A 25-year-old federal contract worker in Augusta, Georgia has been charged by the Department of Justice for taking Top Secret materials from her workplace and mailing them to a news outlet.

Reality Leigh Winner was arrested by the F.B.I. on June 3 and appeared in federal court in Augusta on June 5. She was charged with gathering, transmitting or losing defense information that could have been damaging to the U.S. It’s alleged that she took a Top Secret document, copied it and mailed it to a news organization believed to be The Intercept, NBC News reported, though the organization was not named in the federal court documents.

The Intercept had published an intelligence document on June 5 —
the same day Winner appeared in court — that’s in line with what’s said in a criminal complaint. The NSA document was dated May 5. The Intercept’s report described details about Russian efforts to hack voting systems in the U.S. about one week before the 2016 presidential election. The document said that it “raises the possibility that Russian hacking may have breached at least some elements of the voting system, with disconcertingly uncertain results.”

Winner was an employee at Pluribus International Corporation based out of Alexandria, Virginia. She was then assigned to a government agency in Georgia. She was employed at the facility since February 13, and held a Top Secret security clearance.

Pluribus is an analytical and engineering service that provides its services to federal, defense, security and the intelligence community. The company has 22 locations across the world, including three in the Republic of Korea. The one located in Georgia is in Fort Gordon.

Notably, Winner didn’t shy away from giving her take on politics. Just one day before the 2016 presidential election, she made a post to Facebook saying “on a positive note, This Tuesday when we become the United States of the Russian Federation, Olympic lifting will be the national sport.”

It also appeared as if Winner created a Twitter account under the handle “Sara Winners” to comment on a slew of political things, such as the North Dakota Pipeline and politics.

Her mother told The Daily Beast that Reality is “very passionate about her views.” But she said that she’s “never to my knowledge been active in politics or any of that.”

Prior to working for Pluribus, Winner was an active duty member of the U.S. Air Force. She was in the Air Force as a linguist, and speaks Pashto, Farsi and Dari, her mother Billie Winner-Davis told The Guardian’s Jon Swaine.

According to a search warrant obtained by Heavy, a special agent with the F.B.I. received information that Winner possessed and willfully sent classified information that was believed to result in damage to national security. The agency received the tip from the news outlet that received the document on May 30 saying that it may have received and classified information. The court document said that the reporting was dated by the NSA as May 5.

After launching an investigation, they found that Winner was one of six people who had access to the document in question on her computer. When investigating those six people, authorities found out that Winner had email contact with the news outlet on March 30 and then again March 31 from her personal GMail account.

In that email, Winner had asked for transcripts of a specific podcast, and a second email confirmed that she had subscribed to the podcast. She allegedly “printed, improperly removed and transmitted classified information from a defense agency of the U.S. government.”

After she printed the information, she mailed the document to the outlet, and the letter was postmarked with Augusta, Georgia, the criminal complaint said.

Authorities arrested her June 3 at her home, and she was subsequently interviewed by investigators. Winner admitted to removing the classified intelligence reporting from her office in Georgia, copying it and mailing it to the news outlet. She allegedly told agents that she knew that she wasn’t allowed to share the intelligence reporting that she obtained, and she was aware that using the information for a news report could cause damage to the U.S. by a foreign nation.

Winner was then taken into federal custody, where she remains as she awaits trial.

Although I appreciate Julian Assange, he’s Tweeted his support for Winner, a position with which I disagree.

Winner’s motive is not patriotism, but anti-Trumpism.

Throw the book at her.

Styx weighs in. He makes some good points you won’t hear anywhere else. Five minutes.



Link to photo collection at Heavy

Even more photos at the link to Heavy.

INFOWARS DOSSIER ON HER. Her Tweets are filled with hate for Trump and for America. From that link:

The most remarkable part of this story is how our nation’s standards have collapsed to the point where 25-year-old female social justice warriors are given access to classified information.

Infowars also reports that she was radicalized by Stephen Colbert and a host of other Hollywood filth. However, it’s also reporting that she’s white, refusing to call a Jew a Jew.

19 thoughts on “FBI Arrests Jew Trump Hater Reality Leigh Winner for Leaking Classified Document

  1. Not sold on the wiki leaks dude or thing

    It didn’t create any real problems for the deep state, did force some friends to relive some nasty shit

    This chick however busted a fuck ton of laws but in general women are security risks and none of them should be in the intell business

  2. How did this thing get a TOP Secret? I’ve had several secret clearances and went through the ringer to get those. A top secret is far more rigorous. But that was the days of wooden ships and iron men.

    She, it, trans-it, is not a natural born woman. Others have pointed out that her body has a narrow pelvis like a man and not wide as a woman would have for childbirth. Her, its, arms and shoulders are muscular as well.

    It speaks two rag-head languages at twenty five? Total BS.

    My experience at Ft. Gordon and Ft. Bragg was that the higher ranks were, at that time, filled with fags and degenerates. This thing is one such creature. One of the few good things that happened at Gordon was that the post Sergeant Major was running a whore house out of the senior NCO club. He also stole a lot of property as well. The powers the be forced him to retire, ha ha. He had the goods on too many would be generals.

    Ann Coulter is correct when she said that Trump is surrounding himself with too many generals. She said that if you want something done get corporal. Overdrawn but the point is well taken.

    • There’s so much weird about this story, I can’t sort it all out. Jew? Tranny? Top secret clearance? Possible set up? Is the company owned by Israeli Jews? I suspect so.

      I fear we’ll never know the whole truth about this case.

    • “if you want something done get corporal.”
      Is this a cunning link to the famous Corporal Hitler?

      The version I know goes “if you want something done, ask a busy person’. This is a very true saying.

      • You bring up a damn good point that escaped me. Hitler was a Corporal and a highly decorated one too. Ann can be very subtle maybe she was alluding to this fact that you mentioned.

  3. This “girl” is most likely a lesbian and possible tranny candidate. The jew thing may be true. He/she/ze/zir/xir/xe/it is a typical SJW. Being, at least I think, a female, she is a typical air-headed female who is easily influenced by radical ideas (think Barack Obama’s sh*t-house rat crazy, teen mud-shark mother who studied/majored in Russian in the early 60’s at the height of the Cold War and whose parents were Communists, and you get the idea). One thing is for sure. She is f*cked three ways from Sunday. Under Obama, she would have gotten a reward for what she did. Now that those crazed/incompetent niggers and sodomites are no longer in charge, there are real white men back in charge, and releasing classified info to the (((press))) and our enemies will no longer merit a wrist-slap. This stupid “girl” earned herself a rap that will follow her the rest of her life.

  4. Looks like a (((tranny))) to me. No hips and very male muscles. Maybe even a roids abuser. She shoudl get the death penalty for treason.

    Jew + Govt job = Treason

    (Why do I not get a PhD or Nobel prize for this, it is more certain than E + MC squared)

    When will the USA Govt realise that almost every traitor for the past 100 years has been a Jew? Such a USA Jew traitor caused the Pacific War and 36 million deaths, Harry Dexter White. Jew tritos stole the USA atom bomb and hydrogen bomb secrets and gave/sold them to the USSR and Israel. Maybe to the Pakis and Indians also.

    Can Israel trust their own Govt employees? I doubt it, if any money can be made or Communism served anywhere.

    • I hate to correct typos, but E = MC squared. Before some smart arse points this out.

      Also I forgot China. Which Jew gave/sold the atomic bomb secrets to China?

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