Who is Behind the Mass Nonwhite Immigration into America?

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11 thoughts on “Who is Behind the Mass Nonwhite Immigration into America?


    No other ethnic group in the world has this mental illness that they must import more ugly looking, more violent, more despicable, more gutter, more sewer-like people into their better looking, peaceful, wonderful, civilized nations like the Judaists do.

    Even 3rd world gutter countries do not want more gutter coming into their country from neighboring ones. Even they have more culture and common sense.

    Here is just one of many links proving the mass mental illness that is unique to the Judaists:


  2. Perhaps the main cause of Jewish hatred for the white race is that Jews are an exceptionally ugly people.
    They must feel like white people trapped inside a nigger or Semite body.
    Obama could explain what it feels like. Lloyd Blankfein (GS) is an example and most Hollywood producers fit this ugly role. So wealth and power are some compensation, while banging shiksas.
    To desecrate the white race for ever must be satisfying for the Jews.
    However they have a lot of allies these days thanks to Jews controlling the transmitted output to glass toilets for many decades.
    Most whites agree with the Jews. Most whites will not vote for white nationalist parties under any circumstances; they would rather be raped and bombed. The election results in Holland and France prove that.
    The reality is that only a violent revolution by whites can stop the Jews and their World Money Order. Real money would also end Jew power – i.e. no more Federal Reserves and fake money loaned at interest. Real money will end the population bomb in the worst countries e.g. Africa. There will be no more foreign aid as all Western nations have no surplus to give as aid. Real money means no borrowing without providing real security. Thus future aid to Africa means giving away one’s own wealth for ever, as there is no way to pay back debts at a national level except selling the farm to say China.
    Yugoslavia style ethnic cleansing also can end Jew power, if Jews are kept out and cleansed. No doubt Jew bankers have crept back in to those 7 nations which were once called Yugoslavia.

    • Check out the pics of Kissinger and his wife?
      He’s like a squat toad, in black. She’s? like a long cadaver in black.
      Where these freaks the original Munsters?

  3. This is a bit off subject, but you might be interested in reading this. An admitted Buddhist tweeted this to David Duke.

    The link in the tweet is also below. He posted it on Quora…which is about 90% liberal. The double link is for you to read it first, then decide if you think it’s worth posting here. Very worth reading.

    It’s very long but this fellow gets it.



  4. Quote:Who is Behind the Mass Nonwhite Immigration into America?
    Let me guess ?? Would it be the Irish, by any chance ??

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