We Wuz Kangs: Meet Philip Emeagwali, the Creator of the Internet


I kept seeing that an African Negro invented the supercomputer and the Internet, so I decided to check out Dr. Philip Emeagwali.

This graphic summarizes what I was reading:

Wikipedia is usually a reliable source, so I checked on him there. The problem was that this genius didn’t ring true.

Then I found Sahara Reporters, which confirmed that I was looling at what in my opinion is a Nigerian con man.

Let’s look at an excerpt:

How Philip Emeagwali Lied His Way To Fame

Debunking the many myths of Mr. Emeagwali’s “achievements” is one the easiest things to do on earth if you have a computer with Internet access. Let us start with his claim of possessing 41 (32 by some accounts on some hero-worshipping black websites) patents for various inventions. A simple search at the website of the US Patent and Trade Mark Office (here: http://tarr.uspto.gov/) reveals that Mr. Emeagwali has only one registered patent, for Emeagwali.com, his website. He has no other patent listed against his name. It is the same patent that most owners of independent websites apply for to legally protect their proprietary rights over the website and its contents. We can state conclusively then that Mr. Emeagwali has no patented invention of any kind, contrary to his and his supporters’ claim.

Specifically, Mr. Emeagwali claims to have invented the Connection Machine (CM-2). This false claim is displayed boldly and shamelessly on Emeagwali.com in the section on “inventions” and “discoveries.” Some black websites like this one http://inventors.about.com/od/blackinventors/a/black_historyE.htm credit Emeagwali with inventing the Hyberball Machine Networks (or the supercomputer). Both claims are demonstrably false. The connection Machine, which is capable of conducting simultaneous calculations using 65,000-processors, was conceived by Daniel Hills and built by Thinking Machine Corporation, which Mr. Hills, along with Sheryl Handler, founded in 1982. This information is widely available on the web. The so-called supercomputer is therefore clearly not the child of Mr. Emeagwali by even the most generous stretch of the imagination.

Internet Pioneer?

Mr. Emeagwali claims to have used the CM-2 Machine to carry out billions of calculations by connecting over 65,000 processors (computers) around the world. He claims that this was the rudimentary foundation of the Internet. It is on this ground that he has aggrandized to himself the title of “father of the internet.” But this is a barefaced lie at worst and an egregious exaggeration at best. And it is so absurd in its circular logic that it is hilarious. First, as stated earlier, Emeagwali did not invent the Connection Machine on which his “experiment” relied. Second, Emeagwali used more than 65,000 independent processors “around the world” (meaning on the Internet) to do his calculation. This means that the Internet already existed and that he RELIED ON it for his calculations. Unless the Internet he claims to have fathered is different from the Internet that already existed at the time of his experiment (and which we all know as the existing internet today), he COULD NOT have invented the Internet or fathered it. He could not have been using an internet that, by his claim, did not exist until he invented it. As this website http://www.boutell.com/newfaq/history/emeagwali.html makes very clear, Emeagwali’s research did not contribute to or help invent any of the known components of what we now know as the internet:

Philip Emeagwali did work in supercomputing in the [late] eighties……. But supercomputing and the Internet are very different areas. And Emeagwali did not contribute to even one of the hundreds of Internet standards, or RFCs (Requests For Comments), that were created in the early decades of the Internet—an open process that anyone could participate in. His supercomputing research was completely unrelated to the Internet.

Emeagwali’s research was thus irrelevant to the evolution of the internet. Emeagwali did his supercomputing experiment in the late 1980s. By then, the “core standards” and protocols for information and data flow on the Internet already existed. And although, improvements have been made to the template since then, Emeagwali did not make any of those improvements and cannot therefore claim credit for them.

Emeagwali’s tenuous—and fraudulent—claim to internet fatherhood rests on his assertion that “the Supercomputer is the father of the Internet,” “because both are networks of computers working together.” This, experts agree, is not true, as supercomputing is just one component of the Internet and in fact RELIES ON the rudiments of what we know as the internet to work. So, if anything, the internet concept is the father of supercomputing, not vice versa. But even if we accept Emeagwali’s wrong logic, the fact that he did not invent or pioneer supercomputing means that even on this flawed premise and logic he cannot be considered a father of the internet.

Rense also published an expose of the man they call a “fake computer genius.”

The controlled media, including CNN, picked up on Emeagwali’s antics and gave them uncritical prestige. Suddenly, we were hearing that Emeagwali invented the idea of parallel processing. He did not. We heard that Emeagwali invented the supercomputer. He did not. We heard that he invented the Internet. He did not. We were invited to believe that Emeagwali’s Gordon Bell Prize was some kind of major achievement, on a par with the Nobel Prize. It is no such thing. There are even pseudobiographical anecdotes about Emeagwali to be found online, many of them intended to convey the idea that Emeagwali is one of the most brilliant men ever to live, on a par with, say, Karl Friedrich Gauss. He is not.

While he was hyped with all this free Zionist publicity, he managed to get Bill Clinton to certify him as an official genius, which just goes to show you what a big liar Clinton is, in case you missed all those other lies he told us on television in the 1990s.

Going back to his one actual claim to fame, small as it is, Emeagwali would not even have gotten his fractional part of that Gordon Bell Prize if the judges had not succumbed to a desire to make a minority group feel “included.” The contest was for economic efficiency in high speed computing, and the competitors, a team from Mobil Corporation, produced an entry that ran twice as fast as Emeagwali’s, with significantly more cost efficiency. The judges didn’t want Mobil to have all the prize recognition, though, so they cut Emeagwali in for a share out of sympathy.

Yes, the Zionist press has been kind to Emeaggwali. They keep hoping to find that Magic Negro. The Kang has no clothes in this case. And once again the Zionist press is proven to be fake news.

17 thoughts on “We Wuz Kangs: Meet Philip Emeagwali, the Creator of the Internet

  1. Why does he seem like a government psy-op just to have one poster nigger there to point at when someone asks what did niggers ever invent?

      • It’s rather amusing how desperate they are to exaggerate any small thing a nigger did and then lie about how important it was even more. If it was true, all these movies wouldn’t even be needed.

        You know, it’s interesting how we need to be bombarded with movies about holohoax, niggers actually being humans instead of animals and actually inventing something or whatever other propaganda.

        Meanwhile, you barely see anything that says oh look at these white men and how many advancements they did, or about european culture or anything else.

        Truth defends itself, but for a lie they need to constantly tell you about it, otherwise who knows… maybe the sheeple will actually investigate it further. And that i think is the biggest problem tbh. That they don’t.

      • Remember Aristotle was an black African ?? Or is it an American African ??
        So was Newton, Mozart, Bethoven, Pascal, Laplace All black American !!

  2. This Nigerrian (sic) con man is a son of the Internet – not the father.
    The American military is the father of the Internet. It was all paid for by the DoD – the Department of Defense, i.e. US taxpayers. The three main contractors were Xerox, Intel and Digital Equipment (DEC). Xerox invented the mouse and icons etc at that time, late 70s and early 80s. Apple made the big bucks by stealing these inventions from Xerox. Apple the “innovator”. Then Microsoft stole the same inventions.
    The idea that the US military created the Internet to enable free flow of information worldwide is laughable. My guess is that USA intends to control the flow of information, for ever if possible and spy on all Net activity as the NSA does.

    One of the main ideas of the Internet – a white man idea – was to create a widely diversified network which could not be destroyed by bombs, power failures, sabotage, or hacking or foreign Govt action. That part seems to have worked out so far.

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  4. The negro is a mind-less and soulless animal. Every negro is a born liar and thief. These attributes are encoded into their DNA as is their capacity for hyper-aggressiveness and hyper-violence.

  5. ‘kinda reminds of plagiarist martin luther king jr. or that we all originated from black africans. Bullshit black “heroes” like king begets other bullshit black asses like Emeagwali. All them muh-dicks have is bullshit history, bullshit heroes, and (((them))) to push their bullshit on the rest of us.

  6. White guy who had the IDEA for computers & Internet long before they were built:

    Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider (March 11, 1915 – June 26, 1990), known simply as J. C. R. or “Lick”:
    “He is particularly remembered for being one of the first to foresee modern-style interactive computing and its application to all manner of activities; and also as an Internet pioneer with an EARLY VISION of a worldwide computer network long before it was built. He did much to actually initiate this by funding research which led to much of it…”

    (I remembered him in particular because it says he was the son of a Baptist minister, yet he himself was not “religious.”)

  7. Another interesting thing I saw 20 years ago: A PBS documentary from 1996, “Triumph of the Nerds,” re how personal computers began. It had interviews with all the “big names” when they were so much younger, obviously.

    The host rides around in a red convertible mustang, going to all the pertinent homes & places where personal computing supposedly got its start… In the garages & bedrooms of the “nerds” who lived on pizza & soda & stayed awake days on end typing code.

    He does mention PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) aka Xerox, but I don’t recall any mention of DARPA nor ARPA, etc.


    “Triumph of the Nerds is a 1996 British/American television documentary, produced by John Gau Productions and Oregon Public Broadcasting for Channel 4 and PBS. It explores the development of the personal computer in the United States from World War II to 1995. … It was first screened as three episodes between 14 and 28 April 1996 on Channel 4, and as a single programme on 16 December 1996 on PBS.

    “Triumph of the Nerds was written and hosted by Robert X. Cringely (Mark Stephens) and based on his 1992 book Accidental Empires. The documentary is composed of numerous interviews with important figures connected with the personal computer including Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Paul Allen, Bill Atkinson, Andy Hertzfeld, Ed Roberts, and Larry Ellison.

    It’s on YouTube, see next…

      • Whoever uploaded it to YouTube does not say the real title is “Triumph of the Nerds,” maybe to outwit Google’s copyright crap. But it’s the same documentary as I watched a little bit of it at the beginning to make sure; & sure enough, the same host with the red mustang.

        At the time I originally watched it, I thought it was fascinating; though I can’t say how much of it is really true vs. how much of it is “pablum for the masses.”

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