Ireland’s New Prime Minister is a Brown Half-Hindu Sodomite


I hereby declare Ireland to be a bunch of politically correct faggots.

Ireland, you’ll be a nation of turd world street shitters in 20 years. Good luck to ya, ya dummies.

NBC News

DUBLIN — When Leo Varadkar’s Indian father, Ashok, moved to Ireland in the 1970s, he chose one of Western Europe’s most socially conservative countries to call home.

Thirty-eight years later, his youngest child is set to become the once-staunchly Catholic country’s first openly gay prime minister, its first of Indian descent and the youngest person ever to hold the office.

Varadkar’s election as leader of the governing Fine Gael party on Friday means he will almost certainly succeed Enda Kenny as prime minister in the coming weeks, marking another symbolic moment for Ireland.

“If somebody of my age, of my mixed race background and of all the things that make up my character can potentially become leader of our country, then I think that sends out a message to every child born today that there is no office in Ireland that they can’t aspire to,” Varadkar told Newstalk radio this week.

The fact the milestone of electing a gay premier is barely mentioned in local media and has taken place — in the words of one former government minister — “without anybody batting an eyelid” shows just how far Ireland has come.

Ireland has come far. About as far down the multicultural toilet as a country can go. No nation can long survive the level of depravity seen in Ireland today.


Instead, after six years of Kenny’s steady stewardship, the focus has been on the stark change of style likely to follow the election of a minister known as a straight talker. Colleagues giddily proclaim that their new leader has the ‘X Factor’.


Varadkar had not been born when Kenny, 66, was first elected as a member of parliament and comes from the generation hit hardest by Ireland’s economic meltdown. He owned an apartment that fell into negative equity at the turn of the decade.

He will also be a year younger than France’s Emmanuel Macron when he attends his first EU leaders summit later this month. But Varadkar has been quick to point out that the favorite to become Austria’s new prime minister, Sebastian Kurz, is eight years younger.

“He’s a once-in-a-generation politician,” said Fine Gael member of parliament Jim Daly, echoing the comments of most of his colleagues who have placed high hopes in Varadkar.

Such a dramatic change of style could go two ways, analysts warn. Varadkar’s tendency to shoot from the hip can backfire. As a novice minister he said Ireland would likely need a second bailout six months after signing its 2010 EU/IMF package.

Colleagues were furious and Ireland went on to exit the bailout on schedule in 2013.

“When you’re Taoiseach (prime minister), you can’t speak as open and freely as when you’re a maverick, straight-shooting minister. If he doesn’t temper his more colorful contributions, that could actually become a liability quite quickly,” said Theresa Reidy, a politics lecturer at University College Cork.

She said that although he has held three cabinet post since 2011, Varadkar is relatively inexperienced. With the exception of Kenny, every prime minister since the 1960s either served as finance or foreign minister prior to taking office.

Kenny sat in parliament for 35 years before his elevation. Varadkar was first elected in 2007.

Seen as being on the right wing of the centrist Fine Gael, Varadkar also upset Ireland’s left with a recent publicity campaign highlighting social welfare fraud.

And his management style will be tested by Fine Gael’s weak minority government that is backed by independent lawmakers and facilitated by the main opposition party.


11 thoughts on “Ireland’s New Prime Minister is a Brown Half-Hindu Sodomite

  1. Well, the Irish are not noted for their intelligence, like one of the many old Irish jokes aimed at their stupidity. ” What does it say on the bottom of an Irish milk carton? Open other end!”
    Budum budum.

  2. The irony of all of the reacting to Catholic priests buggering boys and nuns mistreating girls. The (((media))) has been at the forefront tipping shit all over the Catholic Church. (The same media never mentions Rabbi crimes against children). So now a bum bandit wins the PM job. Ireland is the dopy country that allows crooks like Apple to pay 1% Corporate tax instead of the 20% or 30% that an intelligent country requires. Some of the world biggest companies use Ireland for this tax dodging purpose.

    “turd world street shitters in 20 years.’
    They are half way there. Ireland is dirtier and smellier than Northern Ireland – which is run by the British. This is the type of effect that you get in Africa when the whites leave. Mind you, when shitskins take over, UK and Ireland will both be filthy and stinky. Maybe they are today.

    Ireland has done well by free money from Europe, paid in the form of Volvo busses and the like. Has Europe done well out of the same deal? With Ireland a low, low tax haven country that makes Luxembourg and Switzerland look like heavy tax places.

    • The standard of living in the South is about 30% higher than in the North and the rest of the UK. Not through free EU money but from our own endeavors.We are net contributors into the EU.

      Varadker was elected Prime Minister by his parliamentary party in the same way as Therese May was in Britain. There was no general election. In an election his party would receive, at most, 30% of the vote but, under our system, that would be enough to make him PM if an election were to be held in the morning.

      However, that even 30% would vote for this sodomite is indeed stomach churning. In fact far more would approve of him while not actually voting for his party..

  3. Europe is a lost cause. To win it back would require a great deal of Narional resolve and blood letting. Neither are going to happen in the face of cultures so broken they can not be repaired. Within 2 generations they were liberated from Nazi dominance only to submit to Mohammeds crazed followers. Perhaps Europe is too weak to resist any predator.


    Whites have been made really mentally ill by the other mentally ill whites–the Judaists.

  5. Heard this on the radio today while traveling. Ireland is f*cked. The Irish are fooked and are fook-heads for voting in this queer.

  6. I’m Irish, and totally ashamed of this disgusting appointment. The atmosphere here is very hostile to any criticism of his appointment.

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  8. I’m from Ireland and ashamed to say I’m Irish these days. Imagine what Putin and others think of this guy and Ireland lol. We are an embarrassment a laughing stock of the world the saddest thing is the Irish today think there great 😊. Next on the agenda is abortion which I have no doubt the ignorant backward inbred people of this country will support it. I’ll die happy with a clear conscience before God knowing I voted no to everything Europe threw at us. No longer the isle of saints and scholars now the isle of sodomites a multicultural Cess pit. Well done Ireland

  9. I’m Irish. I notice your policy Forbids Insulting Other Commenters. Well … By the way, this person was not ‘elected’. There was no public vote. He was literally selected.

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