Two Marines Arrested After Unfurling Banner with White Nationalist Phrase


Two Marines were arrested after displaying a banner featuring a white nationalist phrase. 32-year-old Joseph Warner Manning and 35-year-old Michael Joseph Chesney were booked May 20 on one count of misdemeanor first-degree trespassing.

Cops said the two showed up at pro-Confederate rally in Graham, North Carolina. The pair allegedly climbed up to the top of a building, and depicted a banner with two phrases. Across the center, there was a quote from George Orwell’s novel 1984: “He who controls the past controls the future.” Then, along the edge was the phrase: “YWNRU.”

It stands for “You will not replace us.” The slogan is associated with white nationalist and so-called identitarian organizations. For example, Richard Spencer led people on a “You will not replace us” chant at a pro-Confederate monument rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. When used, it tends to signify a fear of immigrants, usually Mexicans or Muslims.

For Manning and Chesney, there may be more to it than a possible criminal conviction: the Marine Corps will investigate the incident.

“Of course we condemn this type of behavior,” Maj. Clark Carpenter told The Times-News in a Saturday report. “We condemn any type of behavior that is not congruent with our values or that is illegal.”

Both men are staff sergeants. Manning declined comment when reached by the outlet, saying he wasn’t allowed to talk about this. Chesney didn’t respond to their request for comment.

The “You will not replace us” chant from four months ago:

A flyer:

Another flyer:

A march:

6 thoughts on “Two Marines Arrested After Unfurling Banner with White Nationalist Phrase

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  2. It looks promising that Marines did it, and I hope there are much more Marines of same attitude. MultiDeCultural crap from America like a loosed sewage splashed across the Atlantic to Europe, and now ONLY Americans (Real Americans) could end this madness, as majority of nowadays Europeans are meek Lefturds, everyone can see it. Too many Germans became pussies and same with France, Sweden … and UK is fucked up beyond recognition. Rampant Islamization and Niggerization as it seems will not awake pussified masses from growing Multicultural coma.

    Luckily where I leave, there are only few Niggers and Muzzies, and even those few are too much for my taste. As taxiing of Negroid Africans to Italy is in the top gear, more of these Nigger-Turds will spill over No-Borders and would start piling up here as cockroaches. Speaking sarcastically, I “Can’t wait” to see if my countrymen would remain comfortable as they seem are now. People just wait as tranquilized cattle, until shit would start hitting fan and we would “unexpectedly” find ourselves “blessed” with overwhelming Negro-Eurabian diversity.

  3. ok…as long as the marines discipline and court martial any ‘blm’ types or anyone who openly supported bernie, as he is an antiamerican communist – giving aid and comfort to the enemy. We ALL know thats gonna happen, right?

  4. Good stuff. Hopefully, this attitude will spread through-out our military, though with as many non-Caucasian U.S. service-members, sodomite service-members, and brain-washed service-members, that will tough. Also, be aware that our military would be ordered to stifle us normal evil YT citizens to protect our government’s protected colored pets in the event of any disorder. I left the military, because it is preparing to incorporate transsexuals into the services. Our military’s agenda has been appropriated, compromised, and perverted. Our military no longer serves the citizenry but only the warped political wretches who direct it.

  5. What the hell are the slimeball communist jews at SPLC doing “advising” the US Marine Corps about anything! SPLC is a representative of a people who are foreign to America and who make themselves enemies to the people of the South, and the American nation. They act in a similar fashion to the Scalawags and Carpetbagger’s who savaged the Southern people following the Civil War.

    If you want to see the activities these traitorous misfits do, check the link within the article, or I’ll provide it here, and their part in it is described a little further down into the article: SPLC is like Antifa Central, about the last thing from being Americans. SPLC are and should be classified as being enemy terrorists because that is exactly what they are, at least when they are not spying and reporting on good Marines and real Americans. They do not even belong in America, and represent the views of leftists, communists and jews in Israel and not the views of real American people.

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