Welcome to Southern California (1945 Color Educational Film)

As one commenter wrote, this film shows the beauty that we’ve lost.

No blacks, no Mexicans, just healthy looking, prosperous white people everywhere. Most of the comments are about race, some from racists, some from egalitarians who favor diversity.

A number of commenters suggest that the film actually shows the area in the early 1950s. I’m certain they are right because of some of the cars even though the publisher dates it to 1945.

Perceptive comment:

Yeh, and now Los Angeles is an overpopulated gang infested Hell Hole to live in. The Mexicans, Queers, Dopers, Liberals and the multi-cultural philosophy of the Democratic party have done a great job in destroying what use to be a great city. The smart people have left or are planning to leave.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Southern California (1945 Color Educational Film)

  1. An interesting subtext to this video, especially while thinking of how we lost southern California, is the utter uselessness of post-WWII conservatism and the Republican Party.

  2. How can any white person watch that video and not have the thought that something is terribly wrong. How can “diversity is our strength” have any credibility? Boggles the mind.

    I was fortunate enough to have grown up in S. Cal in the 70’s and 80’s. Awesome memories. S. Cal in the 40’s/50’s was the closest thing to heaven.

  3. There are many of these videos on YouTube. I watch them from time to time. Some are home videos, others are old travelogues they used to show in movie theaters. Take some time and enter into the YouTube search bar, “Los Angeles 1960’s, Ontario, California 1940’s, Disneyland Grand-Opening, San Francisco 1950’s” or other cities like Chicago, Detroit, or St. Louis, and you will find gems that will bring tears to your eyes of what America was once and has been lost forever, unless we eliminate all non-Caucasians from America.

  4. I miss it too, so much. If I can just bring a smile or two with this ‘Member Berries” vid from South Park:

    RIP White World

  5. Great old-time film & scenery; love the old familiar narrator voices.

    I went through Coastal California by car in 1975, from below San Diego & up to wine & farm country, including the Pacific Coast Highway. I remember being in awe at how pretty the highways were, with beautiful colorful flowers lining the roads. And, of course, the Pacific Coast Highway was magnificent!

    Went to the San Diego Zoo; Balboa Park, etc. Never had a fear in the world, maybe due to youth.

    Went down into Baja for an Easter weekend celebration down there. That’s the main place I ever saw a bunch of Mexicans, naturally.

    Bypassed LA, however; didn’t stop over there. The 8-lane highways were a freakout. Hung around “farm country” for about a month or two in the Spring (sis was living there at the time). Spent a day in San Fran. Again, I never remember seeing “multicults” anywhere.

    Visited Hollywood, Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach, etc., in a later trip with friends. If Mexicans were around, we didn’t notice. All the surfer guys were white. 😉

    Last California visit was in 1997; Pacifica where another relative was living. Loved that little coastal town; & across the mountain where there were a string of towns along that highway, San Mateo, Redwood City, etc. I forget them all. Did see more “multicults” that time around.

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