Roseanne Barr: Kathy Griffin is a Conspiracy to Distract from the Murder of Seth Rich


Jewish comedian and actress Roseanne Barr, a strong Trump supporter, nailed it with her Tweet noting that the Trump beheading controversy involving Kathy Griffin is a psy op–a distraction away from more important issues.

The same could be said about the so-called hate crime that involved two stabbing deaths in Portland, Oregon, allegedly by a Trump supporter.

It’s funny how when events are about to take us to the doorstep of Hillary Rodham Clinton a big distraction comes along and we forget what’s really significant.

If the Seth Rich murder can be tied to the Democrat party, some very big politcal names will be going to prison, possibly including Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Pop Culture

Roseanne Barr is weighing in on the controversial photo that is taking the Internet by storm this week that shows comedienne Kathy Griffin holding a beheaded Donald Trump. The 64-year-old actress claims that the stunt is distracting the media from a separate issue.


The sitcom star was making reference to the 27-year-old Democratic National Committee employee who was fatally shot in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington D.C. last year. The circumstances surrounding his death have led some to believe that there was foul play involved in his murder.

Roseanne clearly is under the impression that Kathy Griffin – who is an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump – diverted the attention away from the Seth Rich investigation by posing for a gruesome picture session with photographer Tyler Shields.

After sharing her opinion on the issue, her Twitter feed erupted with thousands of reactions and responses.

As you might imagine, Roseanne’s tweet about the Kathy Griffin photo was met with a mixed reaction from her followers. While some voiced their agreement with Roseanne, others lashed out at her with opposing views on the issue.

One fan threw shade at the actress by slamming her and her Roseanne revival series by writing: “I look forward to your show’s future re-cancellation.”

Another commenter who agreed with Roseanne wrote: “I would not be at all surprised to find out it was all a set up to chg the narrative. Lets get back on track folks…”

44 thoughts on “Roseanne Barr: Kathy Griffin is a Conspiracy to Distract from the Murder of Seth Rich

  1. Good for Roseanne; she was looking good in that photo from a few years ago. I haven’t seen her lately.

    (When that photo came out, word was that wearing animal-skin print — as with her gloves — is a signal of an MK-Ultra Slave.)


    Another crazy tries to jump the bike rack barricade at the WhiteHouse, per ABC approx. 2pm today:

      • More correctly (I just went & checked), the explanation for wearing animal print clothing is that the person is/was supposedly a “Project Monarch – Sex Kitten (Beta Programming).”

        Pinterest has a TON of photos of celebs wearing animal print & saying they are Sex Kittens/slaves.

        It’s hard to imagine Roseanne was ever a “Sex Kitten.”
        However, she HAS been outspoken that MK-Ultra rules Hollywood (articles/videos dated 2013 & 2016 show up in google re that); & that Hollywood “lives in fear” of their “bosses” & that’s why nobody speaks up about these things; she also mentioned the “banksters” in this 5-min. video:

        “Roseanne Barr Exposes Hollywood and Media Brainwashing – MK Ultra”:

  2. This guy is Boston Globe:

    • Yes. (((Roseanne Barr))). Do whites have no voice of their own? Jews control the narrative and they control the (((news))). They even control the (((Internet))).

      • If the idea was to deflect away from Seth Rich and the DNC, this whole thing has been successful. Griffin may walk away with $$$ under the table, paid to ruin her career for a few months until she “courageously” bounces back.

      • Good thinking. I had had a similar thought, that she was getting paid off big to decapitate Trump. Maybe Soros likes Griffin!

  3. In other “celeb” news: Clint Eastwood turned 87 today, 5/31/17. And in an article I read within the past 1-2 days re Eastwood’s next movie re the France train attack, he refuses to bow-down to PC-elite who are bashing him for “depicting Muslims in a bad light.”

    I also just saw that Roger Moore (James Bond 007 & The Saint) died last week, 5/23/17. Born 1927, so he was 89-90!

  4. Jim Stone is full of it… From his site:

    “COVFEFE: Don’t sweat it. It is a Hebrew word Trump typed, which in the context stated meant that the media will never tell the truth and it will make things difficult but we will succeed anyway.”

    Covfefe no more sounds like a Hebrew word than WordPress. If anything, it sounds French, but looks more like a screwed up spell-check typo. Put it in a Hebrew-to-English translator & no such thing!

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