Jews Lying (Video)

Youtube title: JEWS caught lying on TV(1). The Un-ed-JEW-cation of a nation#117

Less than 30 minutes.

A narrator shows news stories that involve Jews. He claims that Jews are laughing at the Goy behind their back by repeating the same numbers and double letters over and over to make the gentile think that crimes that never happened are real.

I’m not going to say that I’m convinced by his conspiracy theory, but it does make you wonder if he’s on to something. The crisis actors elicit a strong reaction from the narrator.

Lots of cursing:

“You piece of shit Jew. You piece of shit Jew faggots.”


I saw this video at GLP, but moderators there deleted the whole thread. That’s not proof that GLP is controlled by Jews and their lackeys, but it is suggestive.

7 thoughts on “Jews Lying (Video)

  1. Wow great job this poster does! Filthy rotten JUs got nothing better to do! They are of their father Satan a liar from the beginning!

      • P Justice ..I can see clearly now ..Go to “Crisis Actor” article on Saboteur and use those principles! Mother a Jew, father a Jew but first name Christopher ..3 names on tombstone 2names have same first that is definitely a fake set up too!

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