Bantu Charged with Slitting Throat of Leukemia Survivor Mom Denies Everything


The Bantu’s first instinct is to lie.

And then when that lie doesn’t work, he spits out another lie.

You know it’s true. And speaking the truth can never be “racist.”

Daily Mail

A man is charged in the death of a mother of two and actress after surveillance video of him pawning pieces of her jewelry two hours after her murder surfaced.

Dominic Sanders, 30, of University Park, faces first-degree murder, home invasion and armed robbery charges in connection with the death of Andrea Urban, 51, according to CBS Chicago.


Urban was found by her son Sasha, 17, on the floor of her kitchen in her home on the 700 block of Town Place in the Hinsdale neighborhood of Chicago on May 4.

She’d had her neck and throat cut with a knife, according to police.
‘This was a violent, horrific attack on a completely innocent victim who had every right to feel safe in her own home,’ said DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin.


Authorities say Sanders allegedly entered her home around 10am that morning and a struggle ensued and he stabbed her to death.

Sanders was seen on security cameras walking towards Urban’s home with a reflective vest on and walking away around 11am. Urban had texted a friend about 10:00am but then failed to show up at a friend’s house hours later, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Her body was found about 3:30pm by her teenage son. Her daughter, Daria, who also lived with her in the house, is in fifth grade. Both are reportedly being cared for by relatives.

About two hours after her death, Sanders was seen at a Melrose Park pawn shop selling rings that had inscriptions on them that Urban’s family were able to identify.

At first, cops say Sanders told them he was not at the pawn shop, but later said he had stolen the rings by reaching into Urban’s home through a front door and taking them from a shelf.

Police do not know if the pair knew each other somehow but have not yet been able to make a connection between them, reported the outlet.

Sanders reportedly had no fixed address and lived with various friends and relatives.


In the days following the murder, Sanders was active on Facebook, posting pictures of a car he called his ‘baby’ and making plans with friends and family.

Urban is described as an actress, leukemia survivor and medical marijuana advocate. She had lived in both New York and Russia before returning to her hometown of Hinsdale.

She was a local actress involved in theater groups, said a GoFundMe page. She would also read essays describing her 13-year battle dealing with chronic myeloid leukemia.

‘She was a free spirit, an actress, an advocate, and a fighter,’ said the page.

Sanders is being held without bail and his next arraignment is scheduled for June 19.

Naturally, he beez a good boy. He dindu nuffins.

Heavy has also done some coverage of this story that includes more pictures and more details on the life of the poor victim.

24 thoughts on “Bantu Charged with Slitting Throat of Leukemia Survivor Mom Denies Everything

  1. Two of the females murdered by dark skins in today’s posts appear to be liberals. Perhaps the message will eventually get through.

    • Looking at Urbans profile,I can’t but help wondering if there wasnt some sort of relationship there…if Sanders was planning a break in,why swan around in a high visibility vest?? Seems a very nice suburb, and the 11 am timing plus the fact both kids were out is just too much of a coincidence. Most perps would have scoped out the intended target first,but in a high vis vest? Unless he was simply an opportunistic predator perhaps.

      • Maybe the vest is a brilliant disguise – for a negro. In the movies at least, big heists are often conduced by robbers dressed as tradesmen (and security guards or cops) complete with marked trucks etc. So cops and guards are not suspicious. The more obvious, the less suspicious.
        BTW in Australia most outdoor workers must wear these vests whenever standing or working on a public road – this includes cops. High rise builders seem to wear orange or yellow vests also – so the crane driver does not drop a load on them. So the yellow vests are common everywhere including inside drinking establishments.
        I am sure an occasional unemployed faker wears such a vest to gain cred with those that actually work.
        So a nigger in a vest on private property looks like a legitimate worker. Maybe.

  2. Stupid is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome each time. It’s not that we’ve failed the Negro, the Negro has failed. It can not be assimilated, it can not conform to basic standards and it can not be expected to live in Western Culture with its rich resources. We are too diverse, we’re not even compatible. This will not and can not end well. It is time for a new approach and it will be a hard one. Let’s give them California, Oregan, and Washington to form a separate nation. Give them the autonomy they claim to desire and the freedom to control their own destinies free of White rule.

      • We gave them Detroit and Chicago. I don’t know how much more proof anyone might need.

      • They have been given entire, well run, countries . They always fail and always the same excuses. Slavery, racism.

        How do you keep black people out of your back yard?

        Hang one in the front!!

  3. This seems to be escalating…or is it because sites like this are drawing attention to the true underlying rates of Black-on-White crime?

    • Until more people became awake, black on white crime mostly seemed random. The MSM suppressed it. I often have to spend time tracking down pictures of the perps since the media until recently was afraid to run photos of black killers. It also helped that CBS and some other sites allow comments on race.

    • It’s been there all along. Hidden by the (((media))).

      Q….. What’s the difference between batman and a black-man?
      A……..Batman can go to the store with out robin.

  4. No mention of a job, husband or even father to the kids being around. The actress thing is BS my bet is divorced and living off alimony and child support. Perhaps a bit of insurance/disability as well due to the Leukemia. Not gonna claim she is/was a mudshark, not enough info to go on and she doesn’t really have the look but she was certainly a liberal and convinced of her own strong independence…. with other people’s money that is.

    At some point she came in contact with the murdering orc though and was quickly sized up as an easy victim with no male around to possibly interfere.

    • When I have time I try to do research before posting these stories. I believe it was on Heavy that I discovered that she was divorced in 2006. She did a commercial for a product I never heard of. That may have been in 2008. She was 39 and pretty at the time.

      Texas does not have alimony so I can’t identify with that, but it does have child support which takes about 20 percent of a man’s gross income per child. It’s also a community property state. Women usually get the house. I don’t know how things work in Illinois.

      • A Texan man with three kids would pay 60% and then pay his taxes and take home enough to buy rice only. A man with 4 or 5 kids would pay more child support plus taxes than his income. In Australia it is (approx) 18% for 1 child, then 27% for 2 or 33% for 3. A woman with 3 kids by three different fathers (common) gets more – 3 x 18% from each dad. This tax free money is in addition to the single mother pension. The payment is not tax deductible for the father. Dads who chuck in working and tax paying and go on welfare pay much less, about $5 a week per child out of their welfare check.

      • Andrea was my former sister in law. She pursued her dreams as an actress. Small parts and commercials are acting, and auditioning is a job itself. Her lukemia did not allow her to feel 100 percent, or even 60 percent of herself. Still she smiled, loved and wanted to help others. Her husband was also an actor. Living off child support and alimony? She is entitled to, the father lives in New York and pursues acting as well. Andrea also had disability, and i assure you, its not much. Her medication prices and treatements to stay alive were exorbitant. Blame the insurance companies for that. Im not sure what political views have to do with anything. I will tell you that she was kind, and friendly, loving and giving. If that makes you liberal, then we should all be liberated. She was gardening out front of her home, and went inside to make tea. This man entered her home and beat her, stabbed her, and slit her throat. The horror she suffered is beyond imagination. Her lovely sweet kind and good son found her, her blue eyes turned white because she had bled out. Can you imagine what vision will forever be in his head? Her daughter had been robbed of her mother, in the most violent way and there will never be coming to terms with this. This monster was an opportunist, a sick and vile living thing who took what he wanted and ripped apart lives in the most disturbing way. Now there is just anger. Now our tax dollars will pay to support this man in prison, where he will be fed and have access to drugs. He will be able to have visits from his mother, siblings, and family. He can get a degree, and find god should he choose. Out here in the free world, her family will now be prisoners of pain, the bars of our cell echo images of her fear, and horror, terror and screams. Dealing with people who have the nerve to say she should have had a job? THE MONSTER WHO MURDERED HER SHOULD HAVE HAD THE JOB!!! THe way she lived in our society is not your business Your words of judgement are the same entitlement her killer had when he decided to take what he wanted. HE deemed her life unnecessary to his desire. You have no idea what her family is going thru. What’s worse is you, like the murderer sound as if you have no empathy.

  5. If I lived in the burbs of Chicongo, I would definitely be looking for options out west. It is simply common sense to remove your family from the multicultural domain of savages.

  6. Paladin-

    This women are being targeted. This orc will participate in a dog and pony show trial and he will go to prison and then be released quietly with a sack of loot.

    These hate crimes are not just racial, but based on gender. These women (recall the woman in D.C. around Christmas … the yoga instructor… the one you featured( Now this more recent murder too in D.C.

    The nogs are brazen,but that is because they are a part of a bigger, down low phenomenon. They are being told to go after these women. These women are being targeted and are not random. The perps get away with these crimes because the Deep White Woman Hating Police State is incentivizing these men to do these crimes. These men are getting paid and if one follows the money it goes back to the Elite and the Shadow Government.

    So we have the bombing and killing of 22 Northern European girls at the behest of a Nog princess and then we have your day to day pick off of ‘bitches’.

    Before you know it there will be no women left on the planet period. Then all these wastes afflicted with Toxic Masculinity Syndrome (TMS) can hump rocks or each other.

  7. Paladin, I bring up the ‘old pussy’ thing because back in January I discovered someone had broken into my Facebook account and wrote ‘who wants this old pussy’. I could care less because I had only put up my account two months prior and I don’t do social media as really it is truly fucked up out here. I do word of mouth referrals for work or anything and I keep my social circle very very small.

    That woman in DC who was murdered in DC did Facebook and Youtubes. Recall this story:

    She announced her leaving for the party on Facebook. Bad move.

    We are truly in the Dark Ages. This could be a good time where like people can connect and instead social media has just become rife with sociopaths looking to victimize people.

    Social media = white woman genocide

    I wonder if this woman shut her social media stuff down to avoid being ‘found’. Wtf dude? There are so many more people out here more deserving of murder.

    As I said with the D.C. case back in December, these nogs are just the fall guys. There is a bigger clandestine mafiaesque situation here with the worldwide Deep Police State. They are doing some dirty work

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