Paul Craig Roberts: Cover Stories Are Used To Control Explanations

The (((Deep State))) sets up patsies or influences weak-minded people to commit crimes that advance the purposes of the New World Order globalists. We’ve said that before here, but it’s always good to be reminded of it.

In this article, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts discusses the JFK assassination, noting that the Deep State has concocted a variety of alleged assassins in order to deflect attention from the fact that the hit on JFK was planned by the American military-industrial complex.

Paul Craig Roberts

Cover Stories Are Used To Control Explanations

Paul Craig Roberts

Years ago James Jesus Angleton left me with the impression that when an intelligence agency, such as the CIA, pulls off an assassination, bombing, or any event with which the agency does not wish to be associated, the agency uses the media to control the explanation by quickly putting into place a cover story that, along with several others, has been prepared in advance. I suggested that the new story that “the Saudis did 9/11” was put into play to take the place of the worn and battered first cover story.

When the Oswald cover story for JFK’s assassination came under heavy suspicion, other cover stories appeared in the media. One was that the Mafia killed JFK, because he was having affairs with their molls.

The fact that it made no sense did not stop many from believing it. It did not occur to people more gullible than thoughtful that a gangster would simply get another woman and not take the risk of assassinating the US president over a woman. The last thing the Mafia would want would be for Attorney General Robert Kennedy to bring the law down on the Mafia like a ton of bricks.

Another cover story was that Castro did it. This made even less sense. JFK had nixed the Joint Chiefs/CIA plan to invade Cuba, and he had refused air cover to the CIA’s Bay of Pigs invasion. JFK would certainly not be on Castro’s hit list.

Another cover story was that Lyndon Johnson was behind Kennedy’s assassination. As I wrote, there is no doubt that LBJ covered up the Joint Chiefs/CIA/Secret Service plot against JFK, as any president would have done, because the alternative was to destroy the American people’s confidence in the US military and security agencies. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court also covered up the plot, as did the Warren Commission, the media, and the Congress.

The “Johnson did it” story is the most preposterous of all. The Joint Chiefs, CIA, Secret Service, Chief Justice, Congress, and Media are not going to participate in the murder of a President and its coverup just for the sake of the VP’s personal ambition. The idea that so many strong institutions would permit a VP to murder a President for no reason other than the personal ambition of the VP is beyond absurdity.

Speaking of cover stories, I wonder if that is what we are witnessing in the leaked information to the New York Times about the Manchester Bombing. The only point of the leak is to set the story in place. The British complaints about the leaked information serve to disguise the leak’s purpose.

Setting a story in place early crowds out other explanations. Remember, the government claims to have had no warning of 9/11 but knew instantly who did it and set the story in place. The same for the Paris events, the Nice event, the Boston Marathon bombing, and I think all the others.

Authorities quickly come up with a story and names of those responsible. The alleged perpetrators or patsies, take your choice, are always dead and, thereby, unable to deny that they did it or say who put them up to it. The only exception that comes to mind is the younger brother who has been associated with the Boston Marathon bombing. Despite two police attempts to shoot him to death, he inconveniently survived, but has never been seen or heard from. At his orchestrated trial, his court appointed attorney confessed for him, and the jury convicted on her confession.

Remember, Oswald was shot dead by Jack Ruby before Oswald was questioned by police. There is no explanation for an armed private citizen being inside the jail with Oswald and positioned to shoot him at close range. Clearly, Oswald was not to be permitted to give his story. And no patsy since has either.

Regarding the Manchester bombing, Muslims, a thoroughly dislikable group who do not belong in the West, make easy patsies. So, who put Salman Abedi up to the bombing, if he in fact was the bomber?

Brits are too busy getting tattooed and preaching tolerance for their lovely Muslims to be asking the right questions.

5 thoughts on “Paul Craig Roberts: Cover Stories Are Used To Control Explanations

  1. Jack Ruby (his anglicized/Christianized name) was a jew. Never could figure out why he shot Oswald. Of course, there is a jew in every plot from Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” to Pajama Boy. Never fails.

  2. “So, who put Salman Abedi up to the bombing, if he in fact was the bomber?”

    My first question on the day. Regularly being brought to the attention of “Authorities” these days means “recruited”.

  3. Well, the Mafia does make sense because “Mafia boss Sam Giancana and other mobsters had been angered by the president’s brother, Robert, who as U.S. attorney general was targeting organized crime in a major prosecution effort.”

    I saw Sam Giancana admit it in jail during an interview some years ago. Of course, it would be one of his hit man, not Giancana. See link below. There are quite a few YouTube videos on Giancana and JFK but I’m not taking the time to look at all of them to find the interview if it’s there.

    It wouldn’t matter who admitted it or what proof was presented, no one would believe it anyway.


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