Berkeley Antifa Professor Who Used Bike Lock to Attack Trump Supporter is Arrested, Held on $200,000 Bond


4 Chan members figured out who had tried to kill at least one Trump supporter last month. They used photos taken at the site of pro-free speech rally to track down the identity of their man.

Contrary to reports last month that Eric Clanton had been taken into custody, he has remained free for over a month.

Today, his freedom ended.

East Bay Times

BERKELEY — A former Diablo Valley College professor was in custody Wednesday evening after his arrest Wednesday afternoon in Oakland, according to county records.

Eric Clanton, 28, was being held on $200,000 bail after he was booked into Berkeley City Jail Wednesday evening. He was arrested on suspicion of use of a firearm during a felony with an enhancement clause and assault with a non-firearm deadly weapon.

Clanton faces a 9 a.m. Friday arraignment hearing at Oakland’s Wiley W. Manuel courthouse.

A former Diablo Valley College staff directory Web page said Clanton, who earned a bachelor’s degree at California State University, Bakersfield, and a master’s degree at San Francisco State in philosophy, worked at the school since 2015, teaching an “introduction to philosophy with a background in teaching ethics, critical thinking, and comparative philosophy East/West” with “primary research interests” of ethics and politics.

Employee records for 2015 and 2016 listed Clanton as a lecturer with the California State University system and a philosophy instructor with the Contra Costa Community College District, according to Transparent California.

Berkeley police were not immediately available to confirm any connection between Clanton’s arrest and social-media-fueled accusations within the last month about attacks during at least one of a series of protests earlier this year.

Watch the cowardly communist scum carry out his attack:

The alt-right is grateful that a sewer rat has been neutralized:

8 thoughts on “Berkeley Antifa Professor Who Used Bike Lock to Attack Trump Supporter is Arrested, Held on $200,000 Bond

  1. It is very likely that he disposed of the weapon. So police will have found he has a new bike lock, or none at all. This may help convict the guy. It is not easy to lose a bike lock without losing a bicycle at the same time. Even then the bike lock is damaged/broken – not stolen.

    Also as he was wearing a mask, his penalty should be much greater. This showed intent to commit a crime such as the one that he did. Honest people never wear masks hiding most of their face, unless it is minus 20 centigrade outdoors, or law enforcement types in corrupt/dangerous jurisdictions such as Mexico.

  2. One terrorist arrested. Now watch hidden hands providing him with cash to defend himself in front of a democratic judge.

    Trump should find out who these hidden terrorists are and get them charged also.

    • Since he appears to be a communist Jew he will get a slap on the hand! I hope the guy he hit presses charges and then files a civil suit against this Mangina. I would love it if he went to prison and became forcibly “gender fluid” know it’s all the rage amongst the commy Jews!

  3. The more things change, the more they stay the same. The SA was formed in response to Bolshevik antifa scum like Eric Clanton. I would love to see the SA and the SS resurrected to deal with this filth again.

  4. Good for them. Identified by the Online Amateur PI Brigade. Fairly hefty bail. Hope he gets some time in the slammer.


    Have you seen this twitter? Big Beds for Big Dogs. They have some cute photos of Big Dogs in their Big Beds… Big Barker Beds:


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