White-Women-Owned Portland Burrito Shop Forced to Close Amid Accusations of Cultural Appropriation

Two young white women (they appear to be liberal hipsters) have learned that Mexicans rule their liberal Oregon city.

The brouhaha over their using authentic Mexican recipes to make tortillas for their burritos has forced them to shut their business.

While I have more sympathy for the Christian bakery that was driven out of business for refusing to bake a “gay” wedding cake, these ladies also merit our attention.

Fox News

Just one week after Kooks Burritos in Portland, Ore., was featured in a profile for local publication Willamette Week, the pop-up Mexican food cart has closed down amid accusations that they ripped off their recipes.

Kali Wilgus and Liz “LC” Connelly, the two white women who started Kooks earlier this year, have been accused of stealing their techniques from the “tortilla ladies” of Puerto Nuevo, Mexico — because Connelly told Willamette Week that they gathered their recipes and tortilla-making processes during a holiday road-trip to the Baja California village.


“I picked the brains of every tortilla lady there in the worst broken Spanish ever, and they showed me a little of what they did,” she told the site. “They told us the basic ingredients, and we saw them moving and stretching the dough similar to how pizza makers do before rolling it out with rolling pins.”

In the profile, which first ran May 16, Connelly also claimed that, when the Mexican cooks wouldn’t give up their trade secrets, she and Wilgus “were peeking into the windows of every kitchen, totally fascinated by how easy they made it look.”

Connelly then said she used a trial-and-error process to recreate a tortilla with the same flavor and texture after returning to Portland. She and Wilgus then opened their weekend pop-up inside a taco truck on SE Cesar Estrada Chavez Boulevard, and began serving their Mexican-style tortillas filled with California-inspired ingredients.

Though the eatery had been open for several months, the owners of Kooks were only recently accused of cultural appropriation by The Portland Mercury and Mic.com based on Connelly’s revelations.

“Because of Portland’s underlying racism, the people who rightly own these traditions and cultures that exist are already treated poorly,” The Portland Mercury said, calling the closure of Kooks a “victory.”

The article continues,”These appropriating businesses are erasing and exploiting their already marginalized identities for the purpose of profit and praise.”

Although whites are still a majority in America, the war on whites is in full bloom. Everywhere, everyday, there’s some new denial of the right to be white. In this instance, whites are denied the right to make ethnic food. Next, whites will be denied the right to eat ethnic food. Ultimately, whites will be denied the right to earn a living and to eat.

The time for resistance is now. Remember Kooks!

15 thoughts on “White-Women-Owned Portland Burrito Shop Forced to Close Amid Accusations of Cultural Appropriation

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  2. I went to the Social Security office in my Neighborhood to get a new card as my old one was torn. The place has been replaced by young Mexican men and women. They are probably paying them less and no pension. They are giving all the government jobs to them. We should protest against that. Mexicans do not belong in our government jobs. Unless the government is Mexican.

    • Right. Therein is the rub. Mexicans will work for less and for no pension because it is better here than in Mexico.

      Pensioners are killing this country and pensions are a thing of the past. You can blame the Mexicans but really blame the fat cats that cashed in on pensions decades earlier.

      We gen x and younger whites are so fucked

  3. So these Enterprising young ladies copied something that had no copywrite, and got run out of business because of they were “culturally appropriating” someone’s food.
    How soon can I get on the cultural appropriation bandwagon:
    Blond hair on Mexicans (not a good look)
    Mexican owned businesses of landscaping.
    Mexicans utilizing public schools
    Mexicans driving on white built roads
    Mexicans living in white owned homes
    They always show up at my yard sales
    Collecting social aid from the government that came from white peoples’ taxes
    Right, I keep forgetting, it’s ok when someone steals from white people, not the opposite. (Sarcasm)

    • The whole idea of civilization is built on the idea that tribes learn from each other. Bread was first made by the ancients. Then bread recipes were passed from one culture to the next over thousands of years. The never of Mexicans to claim that white flat bread is theirs and their alone. Actually, it may not be Mexicans making the claim but rather white and Jew social justice warriors.

      The ladies should have fought back and stayed open.

      • I can almost guarantee it won’t be Mexicans making the complaint, it will be the jew egging on a SJW, always is.

  4. I never buy fast food. I generally do not eat Asian. Muslim, Mexican, Coon food. Never if I am by myself.
    For me multiculturalism stinks, so why embrace it? Fight it instead with loyal buying habits. Shop at shops owned and staffed by white people – if you are lucky enough to find one.
    Be white and buy white.
    Do not eat Mexican shit even if white people make it.
    One day we will all be forced to eat tinted people food, made and sold by tinted people. Until that day comes I will continue to eat like a White Man. The packaged food, drink, alcohol I buy is all made in White Countries. Quality costs a penny more, but you will be less likely to spend the night on the toilet, or in some colorful cases with the sluice gates open at both ends. This is the joy Westerners get when they are silly enough to go to India as a tourist. I do not know if Mexico gives tourists the shits but i imagine it would.

  5. How about everyone else stop appropiating white culture then, from anything that works with electricity, to the cars they drive and other things.
    This “appropiation” bullshit is the biggest sack of festering crap i’ve ever seen.

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