ISIS Takes Credit for Manchester Suicide Bombing That Killed 22, as British Police Arrest 23 Year Old Male Suspect and First Victim Named



Following the murder of 22 young people in Manchester, England, on Monday night, many in Britain that you and I would call cucks are rallying to the defense of Islam.

Let’s look at developments over the last eight hours in a story that is still developing. This is full-blown white genocide.

Los Angeles Times

Greater Manchester Police say they have arrested a 23-year-old man in connection with the apparent suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in the English city.

Police say the man was arrested in south Manchester on Tuesday, a day after the explosion killed 22 people and injured 59, many of them teenagers.

They did not provide details.

On Tuesday morning, the Islamic State said one of its members carried out the bombing.

Prime Minister Theresa May said the investigation was ongoing and the threat level remains at severe.

“We struggle to comprehend the warped and twisted mind that sees a room packed with young children not as a scene to cherish, but as an opportunity for carnage,” May said in a statement.

Police also said officials arrested a man at the Arndale shopping center in central Manchester, but that arrest is not believed to be connected to Monday night’s attack.

President Trump sends condolences from Israel:

While many in Britain are fearful of being called “racist” if they speak the truth about Muslims:

A “superfan” is now the first identified victim. She seemed like a nice, nerdy girl whose whole life was ahead of her.

The Guardian

The first victim of the suspected suicide attack after the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester that has left at least 22 dead and 59 people injured has been named as 18-year-old Georgina Callander.

Runshaw College, where Callander was a student, released a statement, saying: “It is with enormous sadness that it appears that one of the people who lost their lives in Monday’s Manchester attack was one of our students here at Runshaw College […]

“Our deepest sympathies, thoughts and prayers go out to all of Georgina’s friends, family, and all of those affected by this loss.”

The former Bishop Rawstorne pupil was on the second year of her health and social care course at the college. The college said it was offering counselling with a dedicated student support team to people close to the teenager.

Parents of other missing concertgoers are desperately searching for their missing children.

As it was confirmed that children were among the victims of the Manchester Arena attack on Monday evening, parents continued to visit hospitals and post pictures of their loved ones on social media.

About 21,000 people, many of them children and teenagers, were in the arena when a bomb exploded in the foyer at about 10.30pm.

Britain is having an election next month. ISIS is trying to influence the election:

There are various conspiracy theories out there:

There are too many missing persons Tweets to include:

A rhetorical question with an easy answer. The hatred will end when the last white person is dead.

Not helpful:

Dog lovers, we need to protect our puppers by demanding that the world’s governments deport these scum:


Let me bring this post to a conclusion by reminding everyone that ISIS is the creation of the Israeli Mossad and the American CIA.

So, don’t dismiss the idea that Jewish and American operatives are just pulled a successful false flag. There’s no evidence for such a theory that I know of, but as events play out, be skeptical and look for contradictions in the official story, which will probably pin the blame on a Muslim.

UPDATE: The Standard reports that the dead bomber was known to police, but they did not consider him a threat. He possibly learned how to make a bomb in Syria or Iraq.

So, Teresa May, why was he allowed back into Britain?


CBS News reports that the dead bomber’s name was Salman Abedi.

39 thoughts on “ISIS Takes Credit for Manchester Suicide Bombing That Killed 22, as British Police Arrest 23 Year Old Male Suspect and First Victim Named

  1. “Alexandra Zarrah @Ali_ZONeill
    This poor little angel. Second victim confirmed as Saffie Rose Roussos, 8 years old. Remember the victims, not the perpetrators. #Manchester?”

    Yes i agree that this looks like white genocide. Kill young white females, even 8 years of age. Surely some of the girls injured or killed would have had Muslim parents?

  2. Cattle ranchers want to get rid of all wolves because wolves kill their livestock. Britain can’t seem to realize that Moslims are the wolves and British are the cattle. Wake up, save yourselves! There are wolves among you

  3. Let’s not forget that isis is a CIA/Mossad creation. What better time for a terror attack than in the middle of Trump’s grovel tour of occupied Palestine?


    There is so much here symbolized in this shooting, but to me it mirrors the microcosm of toxic male behavior in a group of disenfranchised males that is now being unleashed on a macro level. What is scary to me is how I am targeted individually and called rancid cunt etc and this goes unaddressed on this blog. In reality, I could care less because I can handle it, but these little girls could not.

    We as ‘whites’ have turned a blind eye to the unchecked and toxic male behavior in our own communities. Sure we can blame the Muslims and the Jews, but there is an underbelly in Germanics too that secretly believe that women should not live alone, go to concerts, work jobs outside the home etc.

    In short, the Muslim fires are being fanned by disenfranchised ‘white’ males who are not unlike their muzzie comrades.

    Mass shootings the majority of the time focus on WOMEN. Look at the pattern over the last few years.

    There is another element also that secretly supports this stuff, that being the LGBT community outliers. Not all but those who have embraced toxic masculinity to the point of butt fucking their bros or if female, possessing penis envy.

    There is no West. There is no East. There are only Nordics and non Nordics snd since the non Nordics have flourished on this shithole called Earth, so has their degenerate behavior that is directed at women, especially young ‘germanic looking white girls’.

    How ironic is it that Ariana is brown and her life is spared? It is fine for a brown woman to be strong and to strut herself on stage and to lament her ‘struggle’. But who is the TRUE target of the violence snd the hatred of disenfranchised toxic drunkard drug addled males of ALL persuasions and identities – the ‘nubile’ white woman. Because really, most of the douche heads today are not deserving of these girls because their minds and souls are so truly corrupt.

    End of days for us

    • Everything is about you. “What is scary to me is how I am targeted individually “. You insult other people to an extreme level and wonder why they react to you in a negative way.
      You say you are a Nordic.
      Slavs are only partly Nordic and the same goes for Germans. Slavs have a touch of the Orient in their veins. They have the fat Chinese lips and the high oriental cheekbones. They also have a bit of cruelty and callousness about them, since Lenin and Stalin killed all the best and kindest people – just as Pol Pot did.

      White men on this site are distressed and angry about these young female whites being targeted by Muslims. You blame the white men, just as so many women do these days.

      It was the Jews. They outflanked and outwitted white men generations ago. White men have been lambs to the slaughter for more than 100 years – killing each other in wars for the Jews. This bomb was not set by a white man, nor is any white man responsible for it.
      I share your gloom about the end of days – yet feminism, toxic white women and abortion are one of the key planks for the destruction of the white race. Women get abortions voluntarily and the man who makes a woman pregnant almost never demands that the female gets an abortion. A man has no right to make such a demand anyway. It is women that make this “choice” not men.
      Women putting careers beofre babies is the end of the white race. This is not the fault of men – except that they gave women too many rights. A mistake not made by the Muslim men and African men.
      Your rage is proof that the Muslims are right and they will win the demographic and religious struggle (not the bomber but the culture). Women should live in submission to their husband and never get divorced. There is a very low suicide rate among married Muslim women. Vs the high rate of “free” women in the West.

      • You missed the point of my post… reread please. I said a group of snd not all.,,

        It’s not about nationalities…. I have Rh neg blood from my Slav side… rh neg is not Asian but primarily Northern European.

        Just like there are Irish that claim
        ‘Whiteness’, but do the blood test with the alleles and all… I bet a good portion come up otherwise.

        Peace out

    • Ask yourself this:

      Why was not Ariana Grande targeted? Why did the police,most of whom are ‘white’,let this douche thru?

      There are traitors within the ranks of ‘white’ and they aim to kill off Germanic / Nordic looking women

      • Ariana Grande is a Coon and a US citizen. She was in on it, just like the Yank heavy metal band in Paris – none of whom got shot even though they were on stage with bright lights on them. What shooter in the audience could have missed all the band members unless the band were in on the plan.
        Ariana, tinted wog, is just a tool of the JWO like Madonna, Miley Cyrus and other female degenerates.
        Treason is well rewarded – though Ariana is not white so is not really treasonous to her brown skin.
        The future belongs to the Coons and the browns and the yellows.

      • I agree that she was in on it.

        Truthfully, I would never send my daughter to an Ariana Grande concert. I am older so I recall when REAL female artists were WHITE.

        Bonnie Tyler, Pat Benatar, Olivia Newton John, Joan Jett, Heart etc. Beautiful white women not turd colored hoez.

        Regardless, the future is not with the Browns – you’ve got that twisted. Things are peak anti white now, but all one has to do is look where the REAL $ is in the Kwa. DC was chocolate city and is now mostly white. Yeah some Ching Chongs and some Latinos are needed, but really, you are off point and are looking at it wrong.

        Look, the billies in the USA raised a stink about Markle and that Jew prince.

        You don’t know the Kwa honey.

      • Nice roll-call of women performers there Slav. Big Joan Jett fan, binary or not.

    • You are called a rancid cunt becuase your anti White rants make you a rancid cunt.

      You are the enemy of all White men, sounding no different then the sjw jews

      • I don’t believe in white. What has it done for me? Nada.

        Keep calling me rancid cunt. I really could care less what your opinion of me is. Guess I have struck a nerve with you. Good. Massage those two brain cells of yours and think.

      • FYI. When insults are in comments I take them out. Since I’m not at the computer all day, it sometimes takes a while. I may miss one now and then. I’ve taken insults out of yours and out of others, while leaving the relevant, on point thoughts intact.

      • Do you prefer dumb bitch or self centered whore?

        There is a pelthra of apt adjectives for jewish inspired feminist trolls

    • If White women didn’t vote these issues would be addressed but White women vote to support the far left. Add in the non White vote and the race traitor White man vote and they have the political power to ensure the jews anti programs proceed

  5. British PM….”Prime Minister Theresa May said …
    “We struggle to comprehend”.
    I also struggle to comprehend why white leaders allow unelected Jews to force the destruction of the West and civilization generally by allowing in millions of fast breeding semi human apes and monsters.
    I struggle to comprehend why any white people in France did not vote for Marine le Pen. Any white who does not vote against Immigration is a traitor to their own race and their own ancestors. Voting for a banker is a vote for personal and race suicide.
    Why is Britain not governed by the National Front, and Greece by Golden Dawn?

    • Because in the ‘west’, another manufactured descriptor, white women are the true niggers.

      Ariana Grande can be grand and strong, but not blonde LePen… nope.

      Interesting how the true criminals get their brown women to do their dirty work for them. This is because brown women like Grande would do anything for that White Dick. Yep. Gotta keep our white hoez in check with da brownz

      • Please note:

        White Dick does not equate Germanic or Nordic. As long as the dude looks white, it is alright to da hoez

      • “white women are the true niggers.”

        I am not sure where in the “west” you are, but here in the States it is the white MEN who are the true niggers. Just ask any white man who has had a custody battle in an American divorce court.

  6. “Prime Minister Theresa May said the investigation was ongoing and the threat level remains at severe.”

    Threat level remains at severe, eh? So does that mean the government has suspended it’s nation wrecking program of importing sand roaches? Of course not.

    “We struggle to comprehend the warped and twisted mind”

    Really? It isn’t hard for me to comprehend at all. They hate your guts. They want to rape your daughters and cut your throats. And when you kiss their brown asses, they see it as a sign of weakness (which it is) and hate you even more. Not hard to understand. Perhaps I should be the Prime Minister instead of an idiotic twit like Theresa May.

    Interesting was Trump’s comment. Condolences and sympathy my ass. He should have used that event to point out the TREASON of those POS judges that shut Trump’s executive order down.

  7. As expected there will be a vigil, in Manchester at 6pm. What good do these things do ? They just laugh at our people crying during these vigils.

    Action against Islam is the only answer. Stop immigration from muzzie countries and stop aid to those countries. Far better. Let them laugh at that.

  8. Turd colored hoe Ariana Grande set up these girls to be killed. She is in cahoots with TPTB along with its ‘white boyee’ police state in the genocide of ‘white women’. These white filthy hoez won’t be subjugated so they must be killed.

    Don’t laugh too hard Ariana, you will suffer too. If they do it with you in cahoots, they will do it to you.

    Karma is a bitch.

  9. One thing is for sure. The towel-heads’ kill ratio is sure out-pacing evil YT’s kill ratio of Mooslems.

    • Most Muslims are gay and unemployed so they will just kill each other off in bouts of toxic masculinity.

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