Manchester Suicide Bomber Leaves 19 Dead, Scores Injured and Missing

The “Trump caused this” meme is starting to develop tonight. We’ll have to see how much traction it gets.

Panic after the explosion:

Ariana Grande statement:

Fan video moment bomb went off:

Fox News interview with concert goer:

Stefan Molyneaux is upset with London Mayor Sadiq Khan and calls for doing what it takes to prevent terrorist attacks. VERY POWERFUL:

Excerpt from The Independent

Nineteen people have been killed and at least 59 people left injured following an explosion at Manchester Arena which is being treated as a suspected terrorist incident.

The death toll makes the attack the deadliest attack on British soil since the 7/7 bombings.

Children and teenagers are feared among the dead and injured because of the very young demographic of the pop star’s fans, with desperate parents and relatives waiting through the night for news of loved ones.

Footage showed thousands of people fleeing the arena in a panic after an explosion ripped through the foyer as people milled out of the arena at 10.33pm.

Eyewitnesses said the explosion was heard outside the auditorium after the artist had finished her show and left the stage. There was initial confusion on social media as to whether the loud bang could have been gun shots, or even a speaker exploding, but police confirmed the incident was being treated as suspected terrorism as the grim death toll was announced. Reuters reported that US intelligence sources believe the attack may have been the work of a suicide bomber, although this is unconfirmed.

Casualties were taken to five hospitals throughout the city, with unconfirmed reports from medical staff of ‘”shrapnel like injuries” being treated and of nuts and bolts found on the ground outside the arena.

A few of the more interesting responses on Twitter:

Most of the Tweets I’m seeing tonight are of the “Thoughts and prayers with the victims and their families.”

Enough of that sh*t.

If every British man would round up a couple of his buddies and then go out and beat the hell out of just one Muslim, this shit would stop. Let every Muslim male in Britain wake up with a black eye tomorrow and a warning to leave the country. Let every Muslim male be warned that the next Britain to die is going to lead to the deaths of 10 Muslim children. Let the British stand up and stop this “thoughts and prayers” nonsense.

Sadiq Khan has told the indigenous white Brit that he must accept the murder of his children as the price of multiculturalism. Prove that rag head piece of excrement wrong!

5 thoughts on “Manchester Suicide Bomber Leaves 19 Dead, Scores Injured and Missing

  1. David Frum. Now there’s a real piece of putrid filth. Its people like him and his kind that are the real causes of what we are being forced to live through.

  2. The video confirms that most fans are young females and also they are mostly white. If Muslim men blow up and cripple these young women, who can they shove their cocks in to?

    I do not know who put the bomb there but I do not think it is right to blame Muslims without any evidence. This is what the (((MSM))) does and we should not listen to those (((liars))).

    Who benefits? Will this help to escalate the war against Syria? Will it help to start a war with Iran? Is there any ethnic group which wants to pressure Trump right now when he is visiting Israel, what a remarkable coincidence? Why would Arabs want more war on Arabs?

    It is now known that the Red Brigades and Baader Meinhof gangs were used by the CIA etc to discredit Communism. Every bomb placed harmed the cause of Communism in the West – the bombs were not planted by Communists. History repeats. 911 was an extreme example of this. The real terrorists gained by the bombs they let off inside the Twin Towers and Building 7. Saddam and Arabs did not do it. 13 Saudi hijackers on board the 4 planes – and many of those Saudis are still alive today – a miracle.

  3. “Who benefits? Will this help to escalate the war against Syria?”
    Got it in one.
    It will also support the re-election of the incumbent Jew-felating “conservative” May Government, which leads onto Robert’s words above. Attacking kids is intended to stoke additional anger that can then be channeled. Its problem-reaction-solution all over again. I’m sure there was a dumb Muslim available to do the wet work, because they are mostly dumb and easily led, but I see no benefit for any Muslim group. I do see some for the Deep State though.

  4. Sure gonna be a lot of girls not getting any dates in the future. Men tend to shy away from girls with amputated limbs, missing eyes, and holes in their bodies (other than the one’s provided by nature).

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