High School Senior Suspended for Cleverly Coded Message That Spelled Out “I hate blacks.”

A Wisconsin school district is all in a snit because a kid at their school hates blacks. It’s another case of a yearbook being “tainted” by racism. Some parents are virtue signaling, demanding that the offending yearbook be recalled and destroyed. The clever troll has not been named, probably because he’s a minor.


MENOMONIE — A Menomonie High School senior has been suspended indefinitely after a coded racist message appeared in the school yearbooks that were distributed Friday.

The coded message was not flagged during the editing process of the yearbook because it was disguised as a quote in a section of the yearbook called “Senior Notes, ” according to community member Melissa Smith-Tourville. The first letter of each word in the student’s quote spelled out “I hate blacks.” The student message said, “Ib has a tiny earning, but leaves a crisp kid satisfied.”

The message was discovered after the yearbooks were distributed, and administrators suspended the student. Principal David Munoz sent a letter to the school district community, which was circulated via social media.

“Menomonie High School is a diverse and inclusive school that does not condone racist comments, bullying, or any other forms of discrimination,” Munoz said in the letter.

Schools Superintendent Joe Zydowsky said the student called the coded message a prank.

“We think it is very inappropriate, and we do not condone it,” Zydowsky said. “We take it very seriously.”

Smith-Tourville said the yearbook needs to be reprinted.

Smith-Tourville, who has children in the school district and has had children of color attend Menomonie High School, said she believes all copies of the yearbook should be returned and destroyed.

“If the school district can’t afford to reprint it, I bet our community would come together to do a Go Fund Me (campaign) to reprint the yearbook,” she said. “This is outrageous. Our students should not have to have it permanently etched in their yearbooks.”

Smith-Tourville said school officials were correct to reprimand the student, but she is concerned about Munoz calling the incident a senior prank in his letter and glossing over the issue of racism.

“As a community we have a responsibility to speak out when our students are not feeling safe,” she said, noting children of color have to deal with racial discrimination in school. “There should have been a firm communication this is unacceptable hate speech and will not be tolerated at Menomonie High School.”

Smith-Tourville also was concerned about a student’s quote from Adolf Hitler in the yearbook stating: “The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.” She said it is important to look at how a marginalized person may react to having a quote like that in the yearbook.

A group of concerned community members were organizing on social media a demonstration to show support for students of color at Menomonie High School at 2:30 p.m. Monday. They plan to have people stand outside the high school with signs expressing support for students of color. They plan to stand on the public street so that buses and students leaving the parking lot can see the signs.

I wonder why schools don’t want to talk about this?

10 thoughts on “High School Senior Suspended for Cleverly Coded Message That Spelled Out “I hate blacks.”

  1. LOL well at least one yankee has some common sense

    I grew up in a sundown town. Never needed to say anything like that becuase it was a a given

  2. “Adolf Hitler in the yearbook stating: “The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.” She said it is important to look at how a marginalized person may react to having a quote like that in the yearbook.”

    No group is more marginalised these days in the west than white males and especially older white males. So Hitler’s truth always makes me bitter. He did not win, Hitler was not the victor. The Communist Jews won WWII. The Pacific War was fabricated by Jews in the US Govt. Mao won China with the help of US Jew traitors in the US Govt. One Jew traitor was appointed the first head of the IMF. Stalin got much of the European land mass handed to him by the West. The Jews are and were the victors – and they did not tell the truth.

    Hitler’s quote is not offensive at all. It is not racist just a simple truth.


    Sue the libs! What he did was totally legal, under the first amendment. It is called freedom of speech.

    So he should sue the school.

    The school claims to support diversity and inclusiveness, and that includes race conscious people.

    • Right, being racially aware has been criminalized by the school. The boy did nothing to hurt anyone. It’s a power play by nogs and other nonwhites is what it is. “We feel hurt. Give us somebody’s head on a post.”

      • How do they know that the boy did this intentionally or intended it to be a prank? Irrelevant regardless. The senior notes were for the seniors to write their thoughts/feelings, blah, blah, blah. This kid will go far.

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