Latino Scumbag Sentenced for Throwing Boy’s Chihuahua Off Balcony


The ancestors of the dirtbag who threw a tiny doggo off a balcony in California were cutting the hearts out of living victims. Mexicans, descendants of the Aztecs, seem to have a mean streak in them. All manner of human and animal cruelty is a part of their culture.

The perp here won’t get much respect in prison for harming a dog. If he tries pulling his macho man act in prison he may end up on the receiving end of a shiv. If he lives through prison, then back to Mexico with him.

Long Beach Press Telegram

A 24-year-old man who admitted to throwing a 10-year-old boy’s assistance dog off of a Long Beach balcony was sentenced to three years and eight months in state prison on Wednesday, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

The dog, 1-year-old Chihuahua named Pearl, survived the fall but is still recovering from her injuries, according to authorities.

The defendant, 24-year-old Jose Yvani Herrera, pleaded no contest to felony cruelty to an animal moments before Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Judith L. Meyer sentenced him during a hearing Wednesday, according to prosecutors.

In addition to the prison time, Meyer ordered Herrera not to own, care for or live with any animals for 10 years, the district attorney’s office said in a statement.

Prosecutors said Herrera threw the dog off of a balcony on May 7 at a home in the 200 block of Artesia Boulevard where he lived with his ex-girlfriend, her 10-year-old brother with special needs and their 41-year-old mother.

The mother told police that Herrera had picked up the dog and hurled it, according to authorities.

Pearl suffered “significant injuries to her eye,” prosecutors said. Officers arrested Herrera at the scene without any trouble, according to authorities.

Because the dog needed specialized medical care from the fall, Pearl is recovering with Long Beach Animal Care Services instead of the family.

Herrera has a previous conviction for second-degree robbery in 2015, authorities said.

Hey, Jose! Don’t ever go to sleep, amigo, because I’ve smuggled this monster into prison, and she’s coming after you as you catch some zzzz’s.

5 thoughts on “Latino Scumbag Sentenced for Throwing Boy’s Chihuahua Off Balcony

  1. I have a dog. I love dogs. They are like sweet innocent children (even when they misbehave). If I was in charge, anyone who intentionally harmed an animal would get a sentence of hard labor on a prison farm. Make the bastard pay for the animal’s care too. I would want Pearl to recover in air conditioned comfort while that POS Herrera is forced to pick beans in the hot sun. THAT my friends, is justice.

  2. All Mexicans and Central Americans who are not pure-blood Spaniards, are mixes of their savage Indio ancestors. Those murderous, mud-blood genes, plus low I.Q.’s, were passed down the ages. All of them are still murderous savages. Where you have a mud-blood Mexican or Central American, you have Mexico/Central America.

  3. “throwing a 10-year-old boy’s assistance dog off of a Long Beach balcony ”
    I would like all assistance dogs to be confiscated in a Govt buyback scheme, or “put down” humanely. If the dogs must live, at least the name should be killed (banned) and they can be renamed “pets” which is what they used to be called.
    “Assistance dogs” is a canary in the coal mine that our civilisation is tottering on the brink of the precipice, or is it a balcony.
    Throwing white men off balconies will be legalised before too long. Then made compulsory.
    Speaking of carers, there is a huge number of people “employed” as carers in Western socialist utopias and this cost is added to the GDP as though something economically productive is being done. “Nobody cares”.

    • Although there’s no bigger fan of puppers than me, I agree that the service dog craze says something extremely bad about Western society. Basically, to me it says that society is weak and kowtows to the weakest members. Puppers are pets and should not be abused by being drafted into this “service dog” mentality where they have to work instead of just lounge around being themselves.

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