Dusky Driver Mows Down Pedestrians in Times Square, One Dead, 22 Injured



One of the problems with Latinos is that they exhibit a high rate of mental illness that leads to violence. The race realist would say that Latinos should have their own country (Mexico, Dominican Republic, etc.) where they can deal with their own kind as they see fit.

The killer in this story is probably going to cop an insanity plea. That will mean that he’s going to be out on the streets at some time in the future. Where his mental illness will come back and be played out a second time.


NEW YORK, May 18 (Reuters) – A former U.S. Navy sailor slammed his car into pedestrians in New York City’s packed Times Square on Thursday, killing an 18-year-old woman and wounding 22 people, and authorities said there was no indication it was an act of terrorism.

Witnesses said the motorist mounted the sidewalk in a burgundy Honda sedan and sped along more than three city blocks, knocking people over before the car hit a pole and came to rest at 45th Street and Broadway in Midtown Manhattan.

Police who took the driver into custody identified him as Richard Rojas, 26, of the New York City borough of the Bronx. They said he had been arrested twice for drunken driving in 2008 and 2015, and once earlier this month for menacing.

There was “no indication” it was an act of terrorism, Mayor Bill de Blasio told a news conference at the scene.

Initial reports of the incident brought to mind vehicle attacks on pedestrians like those seen in recent months in Britain, France, Germany, Israel and Sweden.

“People were being hit and rolling off the car,” said Josh Duboff, who works at the nearby Thomson Reuters headquarters. He said he leaped out of the way to avoid being struck.

Shoes were scattered on the sidewalk. A woman’s body lay covered with a bloodstained blanket. A police officer kept vigil nearby, sadly shaking his head.

The dead woman was named by police as Alyssa Elsman, an 18-year-old who was on vacation with her family from Michigan.

Car goes airborne in Times Square:

Friends of Rojas are interviewed:

Libtard MSNBC calls it an accident:

Raw footage of the crime scene:

Disturbing video:

As liberals step forward to defend the killer, never forget the victim.

We will remember!

See more photos and information on Alyssa at Heavy.

14 thoughts on “Dusky Driver Mows Down Pedestrians in Times Square, One Dead, 22 Injured

    • Hahaha. I just deleted a comment calling me a “fucking Nazi piece of shit.” Isn’t it amazing how some people can’t handle the truth. Latinos are three to a dozen times more likely than whites to commit crimes (depends on the crime) but demand that we turn the country over to them.

      By the way, for any SJWs out there, don’t bother wasting your time leaving negative nasty comments. They don’t bother me in the least. I just click the trash button while LMAO.

  1. Of course, I knew it was some mud-blood who perpetrated this crime. Anyone like to argue that we are all equal, one big happy melting-pot (more like chamber-pot) of non-Caucasian sh*t? This is rhetorical to all Saboteurs.

    • I agree. I saw this yesterday in regards to Chris Connelyl. Thought you would like to see as I can not think of any other reason he would kill himself. He had everything going for him. See you in heaven Chris. Watch the Video. It says it all. I wonder why when I go on saboteur365 I never have any problems. But when I try to download anything to Facebook or my email my computer shuts down and freezes. I do not have anyone but me finding these cool sites. Maybe I am being directed by our almighty God. I just feel and understand what is going on and try to let others know what I feel. I think this is good but maybe I should not share what I see. Please let me know what you think. I am awake and see everything. May our God Bless us all. Even the evil ones that do not know any better. 8)


  2. We had one of these in Melbourne a few months back. Also some brain-f**ked mystery meat. Ours came from somewhere in the Mediterranean, not sure which side, possibly a Mid-East/Greek blend.

  3. From flyover country to demise in Times Square–junk culture kills! I can imagine the trial: “Your honor, my client is nuckin’ futz.” “Well, that’s all right then. Sorry to have inconvenienced you. Next case!”

  4. “There was “no indication” it was an act of terrorism, Mayor Bill de Blasio told a news conference at the scene. ”

    Sure looks like hatred for white people to me, Bill.

    But it must be remembered that Bill is a white hating, nigger loving, oil drilling, mudskipping, low life POS sellout to the blood of our folk. Anything he has to say is a total waste of oxygen.

  5. “killing an 18-year-old woman and wounding 22 people, and authorities said there was no indication it was an act of terrorism.”
    Why New York I wonder, when many cities are available. New York was chosen for the inside job of 911, so brownskins may find that NY seems just the right place to kill people – and get on the media worldwide.

    Perhaps the Coons and shitskins are merely enacting “Shock and Awe” to teach the West, by irony, that White is Good.

    The media will cause untold deaths by publicising cases like this. Govts can confiscate every gun in the world and car rampages on pedestrians are going to increase.

    Perhaps one good thing may come from this perversion of car use. The mass worship of the automobile may decrease and instead turn to revulsion. Perhaps private automobiles should not even be in Manhattan at all. Etc. Though large busses and trucks are much more damaging as proved in Nice, France.

  6. Possibilities:

    1_One of Rojas’ friends said Rojas was never the same after he got out of the Navy. Maybe Rojas was raped in the Navy, maybe more than once.

    2_Demon possessed. His friend said he distanced himself from Rojas when Rojas began writing demonic messages on social media.

    3_Schizophrenic. Rojas said he heard voices. “Men tend to develop schizophrenia slightly earlier than women … males become ill between 16 and 25 years old…” > Schizophrenia.com. Rojas is currently age 26.

    4_All of the Above.

    5_False Flag. Though I don’t see the point for such “small” false flags… unless “they” are trying to demonize driver-driven cars > to replace them with automated self-driving cars where the driver is no longer in charge.

    6_The Russians caused it but it’s Trump’s fault.

  7. I’m not sure “mental illness” is appropriate when it comes to dark skinned primates from the Turd World. What about violence and emotional rage is actually different from their normal behavioral patterns? Rational behavior is the norm in White Western Societies, but it would be a mistake to apply it to the Jungles of Brown Genetic Failure with the stability and politics normally associated with lower primates. When you see a dark husky primate beating their own children like a government mule, you realize that the only thing we have in common with them is two legs and life on land. You could probably say the same for toads really.

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