Video: Detroit Before and After Blacks (1950-Present)

Four minutes of shocking truth in video form. From the youtube information box:

Published on Aug 14, 2016
The leftists only added fuel to the fire…

The US national average is 4 murders per 100,000.

Cities with sizable White/Hispanic/Asian populations:
Seattle, WA: 3.9 murder rate
Portland, OR: 4.2 murder rate
San Diego, CA: 2.3 murder rate
San Jose, CA: 3.2 murder rate
San Francisco, CA: 5.3 murder rate
New York, NY: 3.9 murder rate
Denver, CO: 4.7 murder rate
Virginia Beach, VA: 3.8 murder rate
Raleigh, NC: 2.8 murder rate
Plano, TX: 1.4 murder rate
St. Paul, MN: 3.7 murder rate
Mesa, AZ: 2.8 murder rate
Henderson, NV: 1.1 murder rate
Chandler, AZ: 0.4 murder rate
Chula Vista, CA: 2.7 murder rate
Aurora, CO: 3.1 murder rate
Austin, TX: 3.5 murder rate
Arlington, TX: 3.4 murder rate
Anaheim, CA: 4.0 murder rate
Santa Ana, CA: 5.3 murder rate

Cities with sizable Black populations:
Atlanta, GA: 20.5 murder rate
Baltimore, MD: 33.8 murder rate
Buffalo, NY: 23.2 murder rate
Chicago, IL: 15.1 murder rate
Cincinatti, OH: 20.2 murder rate
Cleveland, OH: 16.2 murder rate
Detroit, MI: 43.5 murder rate
Memphis, TN: 21.4 murder rate
New Orleans, LA: 38.7 murder rate
Newark, NJ: 33.3 murder rate
Oakland, CA: 19.5 murder rate
Philadelphia, PA: 15.9 murder rate
Pittsburgh, PA: 22.4 murder rate
St. Louis, MO: 49.9 murder rate

Blacks appear to be diving into real animalistic behavior. They kill over 8000 of their own race every year and have the highest abortion rates.

They are running amok and many blacks are coming out publicly to decry this stupid behavior, as they’re sick of blacks blaming whites for what their own community does.

Decent blacks are sick of it and are tired of the mud these animals throw that clings on to them.

11 thoughts on “Video: Detroit Before and After Blacks (1950-Present)

  1. Pretty bad, sad.

    Nice old-time 1950s segment, though! I remember Thom McAn shoes, window shopping, church, picnics!

  2. I remember growing up in an all white crime free neighborhood in the 1960’s. It breaks my heart to know that millions of little white boys and girls will never be permitted to experience such a wonderful and magical time as I did.

    Such is the reason why I became a National Socialist and I will remain so until the day I die.

    • True, we left windows & doors open (before air-conditioning), even at night; & didn’t lock doors. Crickets were loud. No babies were stolen through the windows; no home-invasions.

      Played in the street until dusk. No drunks nor crazies zooming by.

      Smelly “mosquito trucks” would go up & down the road at night, spewing out clouds of insect repellent.

      After a great afternoon rain, frogs would be all over the road croaking their tune. No sidewalks up & down the street in those days, only ditches along the road. A treasure trove of tiny snails lived in the dirt in the ditches which we would hunt for after rains.

      Mom would hide in the closet when the Fuller Brush man would knock on the door because she didn’t want to listen to the sales pitches & have to say No.

      Tuesdays were hot-dog-days at school. 25-cents for two. All other days we took brown-bag lunches. Wore school uniforms which Mom made on the sewing machine. I only heard her say Sh** once & it was when the sewing machine was acting up.

      Lightning storms, Mom would take us all out to the car & we’d sit in the car in the driveway until the storm passed (rubber tires made the car safer during lightning storms than the house, or so she thought).

      Phone Numbers in those days had two letters at the beginning of them instead of numbers, such as AB#-####.

      Saturday afternoon matinees at indoor theater, great old-time adventure movies like “The Blue Rose,” “Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves,” “Sinbad,” etc. Cost 25 cents.

      Sundays after church, homemade fried chicken or roast beef dinner, iced tea galore; then Shirley Temple & Tarzan movies on the black-&-white TV.

      Sometimes grandfather would take us to the “pony rides”; real but small horses that would walk around an oval track.

      Raised Catholic, no meat on Fridays in those days. Often the folks had big neighborhood “Fish Fry’s” in the backyard instead.

      Big Family, so my father would buy “day-old bread” in bulk. He’d come home with the back of the station wagon full of bread, which was stored in the chest freezer.

      Anything for free… One time a barge carrying TONS of Ivory Soap sunk at night in the big river. My father heard about it somehow & we all went down there. I remember standing on the shore in the dark watching as the men fished out TONS of bars of Ivory Soap. Due to it having been wet with the wrappers still on them, the wrappers would NOT PEEL OFF thereafter but with great effort. My father brought home a TON of those bars of soap & that’s what we used for YEARS with the miserable paper wrappers stuck to them.

      Every Christmas my father would put the big Santa (made out of plywood, painted red/white, etc.) on the roof & would put a record player up there & blast the neighborhood with Christmas music all evening. (Christmas lights on the house as well.) The only other record I ever heard him play was Tennessee Ernie Ford, “Sixteen Tons & What Do You Get, Another Day Older & Deeper in Debt.” 🙂

      We used to go camping a lot (cheap recreation for a big family). Never had a fear in the world, even in the woods. Boiled Peanuts over the fire, etc.

      My father built the two houses we grew up in. The first one became too small. The second one (1960) had five bedrooms & two baths, & besides a living room, dining room, kitchen, it also had a fireplace, carport, porch, & utility room. He said it cost him $6,000 to build it. He also built the grandparents new house. They had to move from their own house across town because the DOT built the Interstate through their front yard. Learned in later years that grandmother about had a nervous breakdown over it because she didn’t want to lose her house.

      Parents did not cuss, smoke, or drink, yet we all ended up doing all of those things (in later years public school/high school). The baaad 60s were upon us. My sister became a hippie & got busted for smoking pot down at the river park with a bunch of other kids. She even did that “bra-burning” thing one time, which I thought was ridiculous.

      I used to tag along when she & her girlfriends would hitch-hike to the beach. (I would stand back off to the side, a total chicken.) One day hitch-hiking back home from the beach, a cop stopped & made us all get in the car & he drove us home & lectured us regarding hitch-hiking. Mother about had a heart attack, boy was she ticked from a cop pulling up in the drive with us in the car, embarrassing her in front of the neighborhood. 😉

      There probably were no more than a half-dozen or less black kids in the public high school & it was a rather large one. I barely remember any but I know there were a few. And only one suspected-homo kid/guy (rumors). And only one girl all the boys called a “slut.” These days it would be the opposite, probably. Everyone “gay” or “slut” & only 1-2 “normals.”

    • Very poignant memories that bring a tear to the eye. The world in which we live today is a f*cking nightmare compared to Sob-A-Tear’s recollections. Thanks to the Christ-killers, their hell-on-earth utopian agenda, and use of the mud-races as bio-weapons against us, we will never again see those times unless we exterminate the kikes and mud-races. Thoughts?

  3. When the vermin passed a law, I think in the 70’s where you had no choice to whom one
    sold their home to, that’s when this became a problem. Whites would have sold to
    Whites only. Your property, your business to control.

    • Ah ha! Anti-Discrimination in Real Estate. That makes perfect sense as to how multi-hoods began. I don’t know what year that began either, after the Civil Rights Act in the 60s?

      You know Trump’s father, up in NY, got in trouble in the 1970s for refusing to rent to blacks. They either got sued or fined by the City/County/State/Feds, whichever. I have heard The Don tell the story, that if they rented to blacks, then the whites would flee & they would have no tenants, & that’s why they resisted, because the whites didn’t want it.

  4. That’s what multiculturalism looks like. They ruin everything. It’s happened in every western country they have infested. Never their fault.

    • Check this short video… the EU today… amazing how fast they yank the cellphones backward, right out of the hand of the person using it. By the time the victim turns around to see who grabbed their phone, the multicult thieves are gone:

  5. Socialist PubliK Broadcasting’s This Old House current project is refurbishing 2 abandoned houses in Detoilet. I wonder is they have heavily armed guards on the site 24×7. The narrative is how brave and caring the porch primates have been taking back their shitty…..I mean city.

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