Uh-Oh. 75 Year Old Democrat Jew Joe Lieberman Reportedly Frontrunner for FBI Director


Problems with Lieberman:

1. He’s a Jew. Jews already control everything else.

2. He’s 75 years old. He too old and won’t last long in a job where the appointment is for 10 years.

3. Lieberman has no law enforcement experience.

4. Lieberman is a Deep State democrat.

5. Lieberman is a pal of insane McCain.

6. He has dual citizenhip, American and Israeli. Hell, he’s probably a Mossad agent.

7. Lots of Trump supporters will become ex-supporters if Lieberman is the pick.

NBC News

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said he is “very close” to choosing a new FBI director with at least one senior White House official putting the odds of a selection as early as this Friday at “better than 50-50”.

Speaking to reporters at an off the record lunch, and reiterating the comments on camera moments later, Trump called former Sen. Joe Lieberman his top pick. Multiple officials tell NBC News that Lieberman is the current “frontrunner” for the job.

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This video talks about Lieberman’s emails. It’s decent, but really, you don’t need to watch it to know that Lieberman is a bad choice.

If a person could be optimistic, he’d say Trump is playing a game with the Deep State. If Lieberman is his choice, a person might conclude that Trump gave in to the Deep State.

For now, I’m sitting on the fence.

7 thoughts on “Uh-Oh. 75 Year Old Democrat Jew Joe Lieberman Reportedly Frontrunner for FBI Director

  1. Jews are 2% of the population. Do they not have enough power already?
    Stop the pretense and appoint an Israeli only citizen to this job – not a dual citizen faker.
    Netanyahoo should choose the appointee and all other top US Govt jobs.
    The USA is a Colony of Israel, why not admit it?

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  3. Uh huh…I mentioned this likelihood on this site two weeks ago….it’s oh so obvious what’s happening in the US,even though I’m sitting in an oppressive state thousands of miles away…it’s almost as if I’m reading it from a previously determined script. How come the good citizens of the US can’t see it? Blows my mind……

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