Hero Stray Dog Rescues Woman After She Crashes Vehicle on Remote Rural Road

Dogs are AMAZING! Watch the video if you don’t believe me.

This is an older story from 2010 that was published at the source site on May 4, 2017. The story was new to me. Maybe you will enjoy it as much as I did.


Woman crashes car on rural road. Then stray dog comes out of nowhere to rescue her

Those who have ever owned a dog know just how brave and loyal these animals can be in emergency situations. As it turns out, those qualities sometimes apply to dogs that are complete strangers to us as well. That was the case in a story out of Pavo, Georgia, when a stray dog miraculously saved a woman from what could have been a fatal car crash.

The day had begun like any other. Shannon Lorio, a 36-year-old woman living in Pavo, was out for a drive on some winding country roads. As she came into a curve too quickly, she felt her car fishtail before careening down an embankment and into a ditch. During the crash, Lorio was thrown from the front seat through her back window and onto the trunk.

Needless to say, Lorio was dazed and unsure if she’d be able to walk. “I was bleeding from my face and my nose,” she said. Because she was in a remote area, there was no guarantee that any passing motorist would see what had happened to her. It was at that moment that something incredible happened: a stray dog appeared seemingly out of nowhere and began to lick her face.

Once they were acquainted, the dog pulled Lorio by her shirt collar 50 yards up a hill and through briars until they were back on the highway. Once they got there, the animal stood watch over her until they were able to flag someone down for a ride back into town. Though the dog’s previous owners had given him up to a nearby animal shelter, after the incident Lorio renamed him Hero.

Though Lorio says she couldn’t adopt Hero herself because she already had six dogs of her own, she did give the little guy a big bone and a stuffed animal to play with. “That dog is always going to have a special place in my heart,” she said. Though Hero returned to the shelter, he has since been picked up by dog trainer Heidy Drawdy who plans to work on turning him into a search and rescue dog. Lorio and Drawdy will no doubt be in touch.

4 thoughts on “Hero Stray Dog Rescues Woman After She Crashes Vehicle on Remote Rural Road

  1. Heartwarming story although I fail to see why the woman can’t take on one more dog – the one that saves her life – if she already has six, hardly a big addition is it? However, great that the dog will get a chance to have a better life and continue to do some good like this.

    Animals are often worthier specimens of decency than what passes for humans these days.

    • Absolutely agree twice that poor dog has been let down by people and then they want to train him for search and rescue presumably of more people! People got some gall & no heart…

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