Have A Laugh GIF: Making a Milkshake

4 thoughts on “Have A Laugh GIF: Making a Milkshake

  1. Look at the signs advertising shakes, hot-cakes, and coffee. Hot-cakes and coffee for twenty cents. Realize that the Christ-killers destroyed the value of our money.

    • That is hilarious, even without any audio whatsoever. Just watching someone else laugh makes us laugh! I love “old days” stuff.

      The other sign on the wall said SQUIRT’s ROOT BEER, 5-cents per Glass! So true about the money fraud & “inflation”! We would all be zillionaires living in castles & mansions if “inflation” was never concocted.

      A gallon of gas for the car, circa 1975, was 33-cents.

      A brand new car in 1970 (a Ford, a total lemon) was $2,000.

      In 1973, a brand new small Dodge was $3,000 (with Mitsubishi engine) which lasted 12 years. The engine was great, it never died, but the Dodge-body rusted to hell & back. Every time it rained, all four floorboards would be soaked in puddles, & the trunk was like a swimming pool. 🙂 Even the steering wheel would drip water after a rain. The pains of not having a garage in Florida.

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