Student Group Demands Ban On Sombrero-Wearing White Students And Sombrero Sales All Over Town

I’ve been told when I was younger that I looked like a mean redneck. Maybe a young white guy who has that mean redneck look could visit college campuses while wearing a Mexican sombrero and poncho, then dare social justice warriors to confront him like a white male student is confronted in the embedded video below by a loud-mouth nonwhite SJW.

The problem with the white male student in the video is that he’s not mean and rude enough to the nonwhite group harassing him. A cheerful “F*ck off, b*tch” is called for when whites are harassed by entitled nonwhites, but too often our race wants to argue with them in a polite way while they aggressively bully us.

Watch the five minute video and see what not to do when confronted by these tyrants who need to get the f*ck out of the States NOW.

Daily Caller

A student group at the University of New Hampshire is demanding that officials at the taxpayer-funded school forcibly prevent white students from wearing sombreros and ponchos because white students wore the Mexican-themed garb on Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican holiday

The group is also demanding that stores in the surrounding town stop selling “items like ponchos and sombreros.”

The student group, which calls itself “All Eyes on UNH,” alleges that white students participate in the “the normalization of racist behavior” when they dress in Mexican-style attire, according to a document unearthed by Campus Reform.

The 444-word set of demands by “All Eyes on UNH,” which alleges to speak for all students on campus, is entitled “University of New Hampshire Community Addresses Cultural Appropriation on Campus.”

“On May 5th, many students at the University of New Hampshire participated in cultural appropriation by dressing up in woven ponchos and sombreros in an attempt to celebrate Cinco de Mayo,” the statement says. “May 5th has become an annual day drinking event at UNH.”

Several white students apparently donned garb celebrating Mexican culture on Cinco de Mayo.

A University of New Hampshire student, Danique Montique, approached a white student on Cinco de Mayo because he was wearing a red, yellow and black blanket-like shawl with white fringe at the bottom.

Montique, who is black, then loudly bawled out the poncho-wearing student.

“It’s not your holiday, sir!” she scolds. “That’s stuff for you white people to figure out or fuckin’ know,” she also declares.

3 thoughts on “Student Group Demands Ban On Sombrero-Wearing White Students And Sombrero Sales All Over Town

  1. Hey ‘student group,’ Spaniards invented the sombrero, and Spanish. Those white students have every bit as much right to wear them as you.

  2. Ban the sale sombreros and the ponchos in that town. Go all the way with the ban and keep whites out of Taco Bell and other Mexican restaurants. Reciprocally, keep the Mexicans out of McDonalds and any white restaurants. The Mexicans can’t use any white inventions either.

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