Scholar: Assault on Trump is greatest threat to our country

Some highly effective comments defending President Trump by Russian expert Professor Stephen Cohen in a Tuesday night appearance with Tucker Carlson.

Real Clear Politics

NYU and Princeton professor of Russian studies Stephen Cohen told FNC’s Tucker Carlson Tuesday night that the baseless accusations of treason against President Trump in the media have become a security threat to the U.S. and could potentially damage any hope of a diplomatic rapprochement, and alliance against Islamic terrorism, with Russia.

When asked if the president could have given unauthorized information to the Russians, Cohen said: “No.”

“Nor have I in all these decades ever heard an elected memnber of Congress say that we should have no relations with the Russians at all,” he explained. “Presumably that would also include nuclear weapons control?”

“When I see, I guess it was a Democrat… asking what are the Russians doing in the White House anyway? Well they’re dealing with President Trump over the national security of our nation. What’s at stake here is a proposal by Putin of Russia and Trump of America to join hands in an alliance against international terrorism. And if you had asked me a few days ago: What is the #1 threat to the United States today, I would have said international terrorism. I don’t know if you agree, it is certainly up there.”

“Today, I would say it is this assault on President Trump. It has been going on a year,” he said.

Link to Cohen’s Wikipedia page

Published on May 16, 2017

Prof. Stephen Cohen: President Trump is being accused of treason and there’s no evidence of this and it has become a security threat to the US #Tucker

Youtube comments:

Not one shred of evidence of this “Russian collusion” so far. None. Let’s prosecute the crimes for which we do have evidence: Clinton treason; DNC fraud; Clinton influence-peddling; Clinton perjury; Clinton team perjury; Clinton cronies’ obstruction of justice.

First credible ideology I have heard of WHY Trump is being lied about. And it is AMAZING how may people buy into the mass media propaganda spreading the lies and hate mongering. Smart Man Prof. Stephen Cohen. Very Smart Man. People would do well and heed what he has to say.

Trump still has my support,100%

CNN, NY Times, WaPo—- terrorist groups.

Democrats screwed everyone in the election, now their trying to undermine this country with obstruction in congress. They do not care about the American people, they only want regain power and maybe win an election. If a person cannot see this you’re very narrow minded.

Fk these liberals and democrats!. I am sick of it!. If they want civil war, then let’s give it to them!!!. Let’s kick their ass and get it over with!. The democrats need to be taken down… How dare them accuse our own President of treason

The assault on President Trump is all caused by criminal traitor’s who hate America and the scumbag MSM who cover up the criminal activity and doesn’t give a f*ck about the good American people.

These Leaks are a huge risk to our national security.. I can’t believe that the Left can jeopardize the safety of our Country just so they can attempt to discredit President Trump.. The timing is convenient.. Jusr before Trumps 3 Religion Tour to the Middle East .. Coincidence ? I don’t think so .

The MSM has defined itself as a National Security Threat. How do we stop the Orwellian NewSpeak Media?

The Trump-haters wanted whom, the criminal incompetent Clinton who wants an open border and WWIII? Big Government Bernie who was also for open border? Obama for catch-and-release was against national sovereignty too and I feel should have been impeached on that basis (traitor to the U.S.).

12 thoughts on “Scholar: Assault on Trump is greatest threat to our country

  1. Good article about/by Cohen. Glad someone can see things clearly. He sincerely looks pained by the attacks vs. Trump.


    “…the media began to portray him as some sort of evil mastermind — which he used to his advantage. Instead of attempting to debunk the theories and stories about him, he embraced them, with the rule of always attack and never defend.”
    –Referring to Roger Stone in the documentary, Get Me Roger Stone.

    Trump, during his campaign, used to say the same thing: Attack Attack Attack. He seems to have seriously “mellowed.” His tweets are very mild. Too much Pence influence?

    There’s a 17-minute video at InfoWars of James Corsi telling how to fight back. Corsi says he was TRAINED in fighting propaganda by the father of Propaganda himself, Edward Bernays! I never knew that, wow. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing, since Bernays was Freud’s nephew, puke on Freud!

    I’m only 5 mins. in; will report back.


      Corsi: I’m laying out the techniques that work & don’t work when you’re under a disinformation & propaganda campaign:


      They create a lie with no evidence; repeating “statements” ad nauseam, but the fact they have no evidence doesn’t defeat the MYTH they are telling.

      You cannot fight back with FACTS because they will say you are just telling conspiracy theories, that you don’t believe their {official, long-standing “respectable” MSM} news stories. So they demonize you, & now you’re just part of a “conspiracy theory.”

      Anyone who tries to prove they are wrong & straighten out their erroneous non-facts with real-facts will just be labeled a “conspiracy theorist” & the MSM will never report the facts you give, as they will never go against the NARRATIVE put out by the Deep State.

      Again, you cannot fight against the MEM (or MIM?, not sure what that stands for) with FACTS because those who believe the LIE will not believe you.

      Corsi continues: Subsequent articles he will show how you GAIN CONTROL OF THE NARRATIVE AGAIN, how you RECAPTURE THE NARRATIVE, & take it OUT OF THE HANDS OF THE DEEP STATE & how you take it over FROM THE MSM.

      What Trump is not doing very well right now is: He is NOT MANAGING THE NEWS. Trump has LOST CONTROL OF THE NEWS.

      Alex butts in: He used to be on the news ALL THE TIME, but they convinced him to back off, put away your phone, so they could eat him alive.

      Corsi: Next article/today will be, Trump has to RETAKE THE NARRATIVE by doing SOMETHING that changes the narrative altogether. [Me: That’s basically what Mitchell has been saying all along, throughout the campaign & ever since.]

      Example (per Corsi): When Trump bombed Syria, THAT changed the Russia narrative; it stopped. [Me: High Price Tag just to change a narrative … OR, as some suspected, it was a FAKE ATTACK from the GetGo. Maybe that’s why 39 of those missiles never even reached their target; maybe those 39 never existed to begin with!]

      Corsi says his next/today article will have more examples of what Trump could do to change the narrative; he says it is a methodology, that he’s laying out a plan > This stuff has been proven; the State Dept. has done it, it has been proven by the experts at the CIA, I’ve studied it for 30-40 years > How you CHANGE THE SUBJECT, SILENCE THE PRESS. It gives him time to reorganize the govt. & take control.

      Corsi continues (with Alex interrupting) that, basically, this is their BIG FISH ATTEMPT to get rid of Trump for good, they are betting everything on it, it’s the “Big Hitler” lie [Me: Corsi, unfortunately, then said two types of headlines re Jews that WE know are true, but he said them as NOT being true.]

      Corsi: As soon as we are debating it [the MSM lies], we LOSE. His next/today article will have a list of steps as to how Trump can CHANGE THE SUBJECT. One coming up is his foreign trip, a major foreign trip… (Alex interrupting, Why not just arrest some Russian spies & blame it all on them?)

      Corsi: You have to go OUTSIDE OF THE THEME. [In other words, Alex’ idea is a NO GO. (Alex interrupts again, Why not Charge Hillary, etc. etc.)

      Corsi: No, those are in the same “refuting the evidence” argument. You’ve got to jump/leap-frog it; you’ve got to FORGET ABOUT it. You change it by saying, We’re going on foreign trip, etc. etc. [he elaborates the steps Trump can take], EO’s, etc. He has to GAIN CONTROL OF THE NARRATIVE, the AGENDA. He has to make the DEEP STATE & the MSM FOLLOW HIM rather than LEAD HIM. Right now they are leading him.

      Alex: He’s always been great on that. Why did he, within 50-60 days, STOP leading the NARRATIVE?

      Corsi: Well, they are very good at this, the MSM, they laid the trap, Hillary laid the trap saying it was the Russians who did it. Even the Seth Rich 44,000 emails to Wikileaks does NOT REFUTE the RUSSIAN collusion argument. You cannot win that argument with the propagandists. You’re not going to win on that one. They will beat you; they will convince the people that hate you that, you know, the Jews are all evil & we need to kill them all. It’s a total lie, it’s propaganda, it’s evil, but that’s the same nature of argument that the Russian-collusion argument fits into, & he cannot beat it LOGICALLY. You can’t beat it with FACTS.

      Alex: (Interrupting again & names ideas of all the globalist evils that Trump could bring up against the MSM narrative.)

      Corsi: Alex, there’s NO ARGUMENT that you can use to win. You have to TRANSCEND ARGUMENT. There’s no argument that is a magic formula, no magic bullet. They are set up to beat EVERY ARGUMENT YOU CAN MAKE against this NIM [or NYM? again, not sure what they are abbreviating there].

      [Corsi then gives example of Goebbels saying how horrible Jews were, but that argument couldn’t be stopped by praising the brilliance of Einstein.]

      Corsi: It has to be stopped BY TECHNIQUES… [Then Jones says they will discuss that the next day/today; so they discuss what time Corsi will be on AJ today 5/18; they agree 12:30pm EDT.]

      Then Jones gives two items of info that he says he got from WH people:
      –That Trump never knew until recently that Kushner had met with Russians, ambassador one story, banker a separate story (shows headline), over 1.5 years ago.
      –That Rupert Murdoch is now telling Trump he is on his side, & that Trump needs to STOP the WH personnel TAKEOVER that is coming.

      Jones asks Corsi what he thinks of the Murdoch thing:

      Corsi: That’s good advice. I think Murdoch realizes he’s never going to capture a liberal audience; there is no liberal audience… MSNBC has that audience (shows Kushner headline re Russian ambassador). When you think about it, you’ve got leaders in the cable network drawing about 600,000 people & InfoWars is a challenge via stream… (1 million, Jones says). Precisely, this is what is not recognized… The Left, the MSNBC & CNN, how are you going to get further Left than those two; & to think you’re going to have SKY NEWS, I’ve watched many times in Europe, it’s OK but it’s international pablum, it’s like listening to NPR … it’s not the news people want… They want InfoWars, they want conservative, libertarian, they want the truth.

      Corsi: These articles I’m writing, they are not classified, but they are TECHNIQUES that were developed by the CIA, by the State Dept., by Intel Agencies going back to 50s & 60s.

      Alex: [LOL > >] Why are you bringing this out now? To show how much trouble the country is in?

      Corsi: …Because, I think, if Trump doesn’t understand these principles, the Left will have him impeached. … He’s got to fight back with TECHNIQUES THAT WORK. Yes, tell the truth about Hillary… but, Comey has NEVER PROSECUTED A SINGLE LEAKER, there’s been dozens of them …

      Alex: Time to take the gloves off?

      Corsi: Yes, we’re taking the gloves off… we’re beating them with TECHNIQUES that they have no way to respond to. Rather than playing their game, we’re using what’s been proved over 50-60 years as the only way to counter their propaganda. The Democrats are just like the Nazis, they’re engaged in a propaganda war… It’s disinformation, it’s the same thing the Russians did, the Soviets did, it’s disinformation. DISINFORMATION IS VERY POWERFUL, IT’S VERY TOUGH TO DEFEAT. You have to use the right techniques. THEY WANT YOU TO ARGUE WITH THEM ON FACTS. They want you to say, There’s No Evidence to Prove It. That won’t stop them. That just fuels…

      Alex interrupts AGAIN. End of video.

      • Typo at top, ROUGH transcript, not ROUGHT.

        It was interesting, but nothing that we already didn’t know, but good enough. Today’s AJ program w/Corsi re the actual TECHNIQUES should be even more interesting.

    • Corsi tweets after the above AJ interview…

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