Video Showing White Supremacists Lynching Black Female on Facebook Sparks Outrage


A Facebook video depicting a black woman being lynched by a white man dressed in a Confederate battle flag t-shirt went viral on Friday. It’s not clear if the video is staged or shows an actual lynching.

Users who flagged the graphic video to Facebook community managers on Friday said the site did not take the clip down. Instead, sources who flagged the video told Mic, the video was marked as restricted for viewing by people 18 years old and up.

The 17-second clip, which appears to have been edited to obscure the face of the man pulling the rope to hang the woman, had been viewed more than 432,000 times by late Friday morning. It also had been shared over 14,000 times and drew more than 8,700 comments. The user who originally uploaded the video posted it Thursday morning with the caption, “I hope this is not real??”

The Facebook clip has rattled many on the site, including Black Lives Matter activists who alerted Mic to the video and joined others in trying to get the video pulled from social media.

(Editor’s note: Graphic description of the video, as well as an obscured screenshot, appears below. View with discretion.)

In the clip, a black woman who appears drugged or intoxicated kneels as two white men tighten a noose around her neck. The video then cuts to a man pulling the rope in as the woman dangles and gasps for air. A Confederate battle flag and a Gadsden flag are visible behind the dangling woman, whose body goes limp as the clip ends.

After several Facebook users reported the video, some received the following response from website’s support team and shared screen shots of their responses: “Facebook is a place where people can share their experiences and raise awareness about issues important to them. However, after hearing feedback from our community, we now limit visibility of this type of content to people older than 18.”

The message goes on to say that community managers would display a warning to users that the video contains graphic content. Facebook’s response to the video, which includes language verbatim from its online community standards guidelines, seems to be in conflict with its policy on violent and graphic content.

“We remove graphic images when they are shared for sadistic pleasure or to celebrate or glorify violence,” the policy reads.

A spokesperson for the company told Mic on Friday morning that Facebook was looking into the video.

Facebook recently hired 3,000 people to help the company stop users from broadcasting scenes of murder and sexual assault through Facebook Live, following the posting of a video showing the actual shooting of Robert Goodwin Sr. in April. The company has also drawn criticism for reportedly forcing users to remove art that depicts nudity and photos of breastfeeding mothers.

The origins of the video in question are unclear. However, the clip appears to be a shortened version of a longer video posted to the website DailyMotion in February. By Friday afternoon, the website had pulled the video.

In that version, the black woman is beaten and knocked to the ground. One man is seen urinating on the motionless woman, before she is picked up and the noose is fitted around her neck. The video was posted to a DailyMotion account titled “Confederate’s Revenge.” and includes a warning to viewers. “Torture a white kid? Be prepared for THIS!”

Mic reached out to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups and domestic extremists. A representative for the organization did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

I copied the video from World Star Hip Hop, where some commenters think the hanging is real, but most are angry at the black actress for her performance, expressing the view that it demeans intelligent black women.

Snopes weighs in, noting that the video does not show a black woman who was actually found hanging recently. Snopes goes on to reveal that the Negress in the video appears to be porn actress Trazcy Kush, pictured below.

Using Google image search, it’s clear that Trazcy Kush has sex on camera with a lot of white males. In the long version of the lynching video, the white “Confederates” urinate on the woman. No real southern man would do that. He would get to work by carrying out the lynching.

Verdict here: Fake fetish video.

21 thoughts on “Video Showing White Supremacists Lynching Black Female on Facebook Sparks Outrage

    • if it were fake why wouldn’t the actress come forward and say for herself that it is. No one has heard from this female to disprove it’s authenticity. why? because she is indeed dead. common sense. until she speaks up to it being otherwise this is REAL.

  1. Absolutely fake. The fraud is aimed at fomenting the ongoing race war. Paid actwhores playing the sadomaso game.

  2. Looks 100% fake. Garbage. Bullcrap.
    I was hoping it would be real.
    FB would ban it in one heartbeat.
    FecesBook is out to genocide whites and tarnish the Confederacy. The whites are probably antifa members.

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  4. Hilarious. Also that the Facebots are fooled. But will it help trigger the race war the Enemy so obviously wants?

      • It’s rabbi approved porKosher sauce. No mistake about.
        “Woo..those raysis whities…! Get more jewed goyim!”

  5. You will recall that within the last three weeks or so there was a youtube video of at least two black men crucifying a white girl on a cross. Gee whiz, I don’t remember much outrage then. Hmmm…oh yes, that was considered “art” or perhaps “hip hop”.

    • I remember the first hip hop “art” that red pilled me. It was that disgusting whore Madonna and her “Like a Prayer” video, released in 1989. In that sickening display, she turns her back on the White Man and worships a crucified nigger (oy veh) by sucking his toes. I remember such an overwhelming revulsion that I wanted to wretch on the spot. It is still on YouTube if you can stand it. But I warn you, it is stomach turning.

      Why do I recall this? Because nearly 30 years later, that shiksa piece of filth Madonna is the same POS that claimed she fantasized about blowing up the White House after Trump was elected. The Kabbalah loving bitch is a sworn enemy of the white race and her “art” deserves to be an exhibit only as an example of cultural depravity.

    • “An unbiased form of expression of contemporary artistic talent by underprivileged people” ..this is the zio PC defintion..

  6. I’m glad the majority think the above video is fake. I’m not watching it to find out.


    A fellow truther is in trouble in Ohio. You’ve probably seen Scottie Spencer’s bright bold graphics & quotes by Jews about Jews, all from their own mouths. He has produced a ton of them.

    He has a court date June 2nd, for a crime of using wash-away-chalk on sidewalks to write anti-semitic messages.

    report by lisa faulks 5/14/17:

  7. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, complete audio narration, 3-hours & 40-minutes:

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    • Weird, the video is not showing up, even though I refreshed page, emptied cookies/cache, etc.

      Here’s the link with spaces:

      https :/ /www .youtube .com /watch?v=ZI1A9MPcipM

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