Report: Trump Turning Against Son-in-Law Jared Kushner


Here’s more unsourced “gossip” that doesn’t deliver the goods in the headline. It’s probably put together over happy hour drinks and reporter gossip at a Washington bar.

What this type of story does is to implant the idea that Trump is unstable or mean. It’s part of a larger strategy to delegitimize the Trump presidency and demoralize us deplorables.

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a real negative against Trump other than firing the cruise missiles at Syria. However, that action plus tough talk on Korea may have helped take the pressure off the president that was being applied by the neocons. Every other “crisis” has been manufactured by the New York Times or Washington Post.

Hot Air

Good news for nationalists. Last month it looked like Kushner had won the power struggle with Steve Bannon, leaving populism sidelined and globalism set to dominate Trump’s administration. The catch for Kushner and Gary Cohn, leaders of the “Democratic” wing of Trump’s advisors, was that that probably also left them on the hook in Trump’s mind for all of the political misery he’s experienced over the last few weeks, self-inflicted or not. Either he’ll give Bannon another shot now or he’ll purge everyone and start fresh with a “dream team” cabinet — Giuliani, Chris Christie, Gingrich, Roger Stone, Corey Lewandowski. Alex Jones for press secretary. Maybe bring back Mike Flynn. Total base strategy. He tried things the establishment’s way. Now it’s his way.

Expect H.R. McMaster to be liquidated in the purge too:

There is a fear among some of Mr. Trump’s senior advisers about leaving him alone in meetings with foreign leaders out of concern he might speak out of turn. General McMaster, in particular, has tried to insert caveats or gentle corrections into conversations when he believes the president is straying off topic or onto boggy diplomatic ground.

This has, at times, chafed the president, according to two officials with knowledge of the situation. Mr. Trump, who still openly laments having to dismiss his first national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, has groused that General McMaster talks too much in meetings, and the president has referred to him as “a pain,” according to one of the officials.

Those are two short paragraphs but they jibe with what Eli Lake reported last week about McMaster being on thin ice. Per Lake, Trump blew up at McMaster for going over his head and phoning South Korean leaders to reassure them that Trump was wrong when he said that country would need to pay up for the THAAD missile defense system. McMaster also reportedly irritated the president “by not giving him a chance to ask questions during briefings, at times even lecturing Trump.” Our NSA is an academic who seems convinced that his boss doesn’t understand much about foreign policy and national security; our president is an alpha male who doesn’t like being made to feel like a subordinate, however legitimate McMaster’s concerns. (Three officials told the Times that Trump couldn’t have leaked “sources and methods” intel to the Russians because he’s “a hasty and indifferent reader of printed briefing materials” and “simply did not possess the interest or knowledge of the granular details of intelligence gathering” to do so.) This relationship can’t last for very long, at least not this way. Either McMaster’s going to back off and risk Trump committing more miscues or he’s going to continue to be pushy to try to shepherd Trump through his natsec interactions and he’ll end up being fired for it.

Raw Story is reporting much the same thing.

I’m not sure what the significance is of this picture of an empty chair next to Jared:

14 thoughts on “Report: Trump Turning Against Son-in-Law Jared Kushner

  1. “according to two officials with knowledge of the situation”

    Officials…Democrats term for ‘no one.’ More fake news.

    Look closely at the photo, particularly the distances between the plates claiming Jared is sitting next to an empty chair. The distance of all of the plates on the table looks pretty equal to me. Now notice that the gal is sitting at the plate next to Jared’s. Another plate couldn’t possibly fit between Jared and the lady.

    The wooden thing between Jared and the gal looks like the arm of a chair. Is it the arm of Jared’s chair or the gals? There should be two arms, hers and his…but, then there should be an arm on the other side of her chair if it belonged to her chair. It looks more like the arm of his chair since it appears his left elbow might be resting on it and she could be sitting on a chair without arms since there is no arm on her left. Not losing any sleep over this, though.

    They could have spread the plates out to make up for an absent person (empty chair), but then why wouldn’t they remove the chair? The plates show there’s no space for an empty chair since moving the plates closer together for the so called absent person would have been much too cramped, everyone almost sitting on each other’s laps.

    Mystery solved! Lol!

    • One more observation. The gal’s chair is moved or she is sitting slightly away from the table and her plate making her look like she is farther away from Jared (space for another chair) than those sitting close to the table facing their plates.

      • I guess that like cops have to meet a quota of tickets that reporters have to do so many stories and Tweets. Since most of them hate Trump, they just make junk up over drinks. That’s my theory anyway.

      • The empty chair they are referring to is on the other side of Jared, not the side where the dark-haired lady is sitting. I saw another angle of the same photo & the empty chair was on his other side.

        Re cop ticket quotes vs. anti-Trump-MSM-story-quotes, good thinking. 😉 Maybe they have a contests going on in the newsrooms.

      • Here’s yet another photo of the table, but this is still not the one I saw earlier. In this one, a view from the other end, the empty chair is still not clearly seen:

  2. Re the empty chair next to Jared, I saw that as well, somewhere, but they had the photo from a different angle where the empty chair was clearly visible.

    I don’t get it either. Whoever had tweeted it, asked, “Ivanka?” (I can’t find the tweet now.)

    As for the “scoop” re Trump dumping Jared, I just don’t know (haven’t seen that anywhere else lately… not yet, anyway). Many tweets today/tonight were also saying Sean Spicer was not himself, was subdued, & asking if he got a “Trump beatdown,” etc.

    Too much crazy going on!

      • Agree that’s probably their motive, to make him throw up his hands & walk out. But in his “business motivational quotes” from prior years, he always stressed Never Quitting. So I hope he doesn’t (I don’t think he would, but maybe they do).

    • Very perceptive, Sob-A-Tear. Does look like there are more sitting on the other side of the table, possibly, several empty chairs on Jared’s side.

      I counted 8 plates, 6 people sitting on Jared’s side of the table, but look at the shadow alongside Trump’s face…probably not a person.

      There are 8 men on the other side, possibly 9, see hand in the lower left side of the first photo.

      At first, to me, it appeared Tillerson was not sitting directly in front of his plate, making it look like he’s possibly next to Jared, but could be the photo’s angle.

      I agree, it does look like there’s a space on Jared’s right, but I think there’s more than one empty chair, so I wouldn’t have implied anything suspicious.

      No one has been served yet, so it’s possible one or two hadn’t arrived yet.

  3. “Expect H.R. McMaster to be liquidated in the purge too…”

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