Migrant Privilege: Germany Confiscating Homes to Give to Illegal Sand Monkeys

Everything for “refugees,” nothing for the German people.

Excerpt from the Gatesstone Institute

Authorities in Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany, have begun confiscating private dwellings to ease a housing shortage — one that has been acutely exacerbated by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to allow more than two million migrants into the country in recent years.

City officials have been seizing commercial properties and converting them into migrant shelters since late 2015, when Merkel opened German borders to hundreds of thousands of migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Now, however, the city is expropriating residential property units owned by private citizens.

In an unprecedented move, Hamburg authorities recently confiscated six residential units in the Hamm district near the city center. The units, which are owned by a private landlord, are in need of repair and have been vacant since 2012. A trustee appointed by the city is now renovating the properties and will rent them — against the will of the owner — to tenants chosen by the city. District spokeswoman Sorina Weiland said that all renovation costs will be billed to the owner of the properties.

The expropriation is authorized by the Hamburg Housing Protection Act (Hamburger Wohnraumschutzgesetz), a 1982 law that was updated by the city’s Socialist government in May 2013 to enable the city to seize any residential property unit that has been vacant for more than four months.

The forced lease, the first of its kind in Germany, is said to be aimed at pressuring the owners of other vacant residences in the city to make them available for rent. Of the 700,000 rental units in Hamburg, somewhere between 1,000 and 5,000 (less than one percent) are believed to be vacant, according an estimate by the Hamburg Senate.

The measure was applauded by those on the left of the political spectrum. “We are doing everything we can to ensure that the refugees are not homeless during the coming winter,” said Senator Till Steffen of the Green Party. “For this reason, we need to use vacant commercial properties.”

Others have argued that efforts by the state to seize private property are autocratic and reek of Communism. “The proposed confiscation of private land and buildings is a massive attack on the property rights of the citizens of Hamburg,” said André Trepoll of the center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU). “It amounts to an expropriation by the state.” He said the proposed measure is a “law of intimidation” that amounts to a “political dam-break with far-reaching implications.” He added: “The ends do not justify any and all means.”

The kebab so-called refugees quickly turned into sexual predators once in Germany. And now Frau Merkel is giving them houses which could be used by indigenous Germans. Only a regime change is going to clear the air in a country that is committing national suicide.

19 thoughts on “Migrant Privilege: Germany Confiscating Homes to Give to Illegal Sand Monkeys

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  2. District spokeswoman Sorina Weiland said that all renovation costs will be billed to the owner of the properties.

    Really? What the fuck? It’s not enough that they’re pretty much taking the owner’s property, but they have to bill him for renovations too?!?!?!?!?! this is worse than communism. Then the state at least had the decency of actually renovating it with it’s own money and people.

      • I was talking with a social worker in a housing authority office who admitted in whispers that this is happening here in the former USA but no one is allowed to speak out loud

    • The whole article is bullshit.It’s fake news used by right wing extremist which sadly spread over the internet.Nobody is confiscating homes for regugees.But yes a real problem is that many home owners have a lot a vacant houses on purpose although they are desperately needed.They are just too lazy to rent them and are dillapidating the houeses and flats.That’s why Hamburg is claiming them to rent or sell to Germans(not regugees) who need this housing.Because the owner derelicted the houses on purpose ,he has to pay the renovation costs..

  3. Please, oh please Germany, spawn another Hitler who will motivate the German people to initiate a tidal wave of non-Caucasian blood. It is either that, or you will die.

      • Britain wanted war with Germany, because Germany’s rebirth in the 30’s threatened England’s hegemony. The Brits could have stayed out of WWII after they won the Battle of Britain. Hitler wanted the Russians and Slavs pushed out of those provinces that bordered Germany for the lebensraum. The Soviets invaded Finland in 1939 with the goal of conquering and absorbing Finland into the Soviet Empire. The Soviet Communists (established by jews) were active in Germany in the 20’s-30’s and trying to establish Germany as a Soviet puppet state. Hitler knew that the Soviets would eventually invade Germany. The Soviets also invaded Poland in 1939 with the goal of keeping a portion of it. Germany invaded Poland with the aim of re-uniting with the Germans in Danzig who had been deliberately cut off from Germany as part of WWI’s punitive measures. The Poles were murdering those Germans before WWII. A new Hitler would curb-stomp the muds and unite the Caucasians.

  4. Communism will solve Germanys housing problem, even one billion Coons can move to Germany and Communism will solve the situation.

    There are two methods. Khrushchev quickly built large numbers of low quality 5 storey buildings with a planned life span of 50 years. These are now 60 years old and 99% are still in use. They are nicknamed “Kruschchovkas” and I type this from inside one. There are no lifts as lifts were only compulsory with 6 stories and more.

    Stalin had an even more elegant and simple solution. His 1930s apartments were roomy with high ceilings and typically 2 and 3 storey buildings. The Stalinist apartments are comfortable and large. Stalin killed tens of millions of people to solve the housing crisis, also to give Jews some work to do which they enjoyed. “Self-actualising”.
    Germany will also do this, and will kill tens of millions of whites to house lazy, violent, disgusting black nigger scum from Africa. Well done (((Merkelstein)) you Stalinist commie rat.

  5. Taking private property by force…Zimbabwe did that and found itself on the German led EU sanctions list……bloody hypocrites!! Germans wake up..

    • The EU is now trying to sanction Hungary, though I’m not sure what for exactly:

      As for Germany, their updated 2013 law is preposterous! What a nightmare it must be to live there.

      In USA, it was Ted Kennedy in the few-some years before he croaked, who first said the Americans with extra rooms should be required to house immigrants. That was a huge stink across the internet when he said that.

      Then within a few years thereafter, the commie-USA-“Census” began sending out non-census nosy questionnaires trying to get as much details about every home & the people within as possible. That, too, made huge irate waves across the internet. I forget the name of the form. Maybe they are still sending it.

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