Why We Need the Wall (Border Crossing Video)

There’s no fence and no wall and not even a creek to wade across at the spot along the Mexican border featured in this video.

In five minutes, you’ll get a feel for the hot, dry, dusty terrain and the Mexicans who live along that part of the border.

Published on May 8, 2017

In a display of just how lax border security is between Mexico and the United States, Joe Biggs and David Rodriguez traveled to the border between Anapara, Mexico and Sunland Park in New Mexico. This is a report for Borderland Alternative Media

4 thoughts on “Why We Need the Wall (Border Crossing Video)

  1. Most of the almost 2000 mile long border is not fenced or secured. How the f*ck else do people think millions of illegals invaded our country? Christ f*cking Jesus!

  2. One problem with that video is that the Mexicans in the video are likable. If there is one thing I hate it is a likable “minority” that I wish to keep out of the west. That is why I avoid all friendships with tinted people, yellows and Coons in order to maintain my world view.

    No sign of drug gangs etc. The other problem is that not a single vehicle arrives from either direction, so it truly is a remote location.

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