Why Liberals Are So Physically Monstrous And Repulsive

In the insane asylum that is America today,the crazies have turned that which is ugly into a cult of acceptance and inclusion.

No one is allowed to say out loud that ugly is ugly. Since the truth might hurt someone’s feelings, the truth must not be spoken.

Return of Kings

Universal and eternal beauty standards exist: men should be tall, muscular, visually successful etc. Women should be young, fertile, have long hair, feminine faces, big breasts, balanced, round buttocks among other things. Optimum beauty can be synthetically engineered as we know what are its key elements.

Liberals are not born uglier. They voluntarily remain ugly or become uglier to fit a narrative. “Appearance is ideology”. It takes a special kind of hypocrisy to call something that is universally seen as ugly “beautiful” and vice-versa. Now let’s get to the roots of liberal ugliness.

Socially privileged people or those born with no deformity won’t have to work as hard to reach attractiveness as they know that they have a safety net. They can spend more time at university, listening for hours to liberal professors who never worked a day in their life and believe in social justice. They will let themselves go and become ugly if they believe that “beauty is what is inside”.

It is much harder to work out and watch what you eat than become a fat sod and claim that you are attractive and attack people that still think normally and state the fact that you are ugly.

This is where the “snowflake” moniker comes from: “I am special, look at me” or “I don’t fit the mold, check out my new tattoo”. They see that they do not reach the universal standards of beauty so they want to change its definition and punish those who challenge them.

Right-wing people, because they decide to accept life as it is (even if they hate it), know that nothing comes for free and that effort is always needed.

One of the core values of the Left could be summed up with “I do not have to make any sacrifices, things will be given to me and people will accept me as I am.” Due to biology and reality, we know that this is impossible.

Quite often, liberals justify their failure to succeed in the current system because of someone else holding them down. They have no one else to blame but themselves and still try to bring others down to their level. The people that call for change are almost always the ones that fail in the already existing order.

The Left made the refusal of reality their standard. Looks matter, money doesn’t make you happy but is still essential, not everyone is equal, one cannot help the whole world, etc. Those truths can not be accepted as it would crush social warrior’s very existence

Liberals can call a morbidly obese woman with a shaved head and large tattoos “beautiful” or “inspirational”, just like an onlooker will pretend to find modern art beautiful just to be part of the circle of smug liberals when that “art” is often nothing more than an actual pile of shit.

Equality is a false god.They cannot admit they are wrong or the narrative would collapse. Effeminate men with perceived low social status are not attractive to women just like masculine women obsessed with being strong and independent are unattractive to men.

By advertising their ugliness as beauty and showing media support to ugly people, liberals convey the message that ” they can see past the physical aspect and be SO progressive”. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially in their private life. But they must sing their false song when they are broadcasted. Following the laws of the sexual market, if their survival depended on it, ugly feminist land-whales would quickly learn that it is an advantage to look good.

“Liberal” beautiful celebrities only act liberal. They do not want to share their wealth with the poor, open their house to refugees or go for a walk with bodyguards that advocate for gun control by remaining unarmed. They only follow what they are told to do, to get attention and surf the wave of political correctness. Or their bosses will blacklist them and destroy their careers.

23 thoughts on “Why Liberals Are So Physically Monstrous And Repulsive

  1. Interesting. A turd is still a turd even if you spray it with gold paint and perfume.

    I would suggest that “snowflake” has a different meaning based on my gut feeling.
    A snowflake is white, beautiful but extremely fragile, especially in the wrong environment. It can melt even before it hits the ground.
    Snowflakes are only strong when surrounded with other snowflakes and no heat. Then they can jointly destroy the White Star RMS “Titanic” and drown 1500 white people with ease.
    Feminism is an iceberg that has killed a hundred million whites, especially via abortion. Perhaps as many more were not conceived due to (((Family Planning))).
    (((Self actualisation))) has prevented the births of millions of intelligent white people.

    The good news is that even ugly fat women can get pregnant – and do. Some men are so desperate they will shove they cock in to anything vaguely resembling a woman. Beer goggles help.

    • I don’t disagree with everything you said BUT you get more bees with honey. Women, like men, have egos that need protection. Many white men in the past dogged their women out and threw them under the bus. Unfortunately the younger men today are paying the price for the bad behavior of their forefathers. Toxic masculinity = feminism= lesbians.

      • Germanic Slav, you make an excellent point and I totally agree with you. All the best, be well.

      • Germanic Slav: If I hadn’t been falling asleep when putting this post together I would have put more male feminist photos in. The source, ROK, only used women’s photos, but the same point could be made about men.

      • There has never been a more pampered creature then White women but I get it we do horrible shit so go live with the fucking niggers

      • Minority women get way more props and gibs in the Kwa. It is next to impossible to fire those bitches yet white women get fired all the time after maternity leave, etc.

        It is you that give good white guys a bad name. I have known many white men that would share my POV.

  2. http://relevanceandsignificance.blogspot.com/2017/05/problems-of-mutant-ism-in-decadent-and.html

    Decadence sets in when people have it too easy.

    Most forms of decadence are obvious and come to a ready end because decadence invites demise and downfall.

    But sometimes, decadence is contained and institutionalized, and this kind of decadence can even be mistaken for something of value because of the culture, ritual, and ‘legitimacy’ about it.
    It can gain validation and power.

    Consider the decadent culture of dog-breeding.

    There was a time when dogs were appreciated for what they could do. They had to run fast, hunt, retrieve, fight, herd sheep, guard the house, pull sleighs, or etc. So, even though dog breed were different, they were healthy and sound as organisms. Their existence and legitimacy depended on essential utility than decadent futility.

    But over time, dogs grew less useful as mankind became more mechanized, secure, and urbanized. So, many people just raised dogs as trophies and prizes and oddities.

    The healthy and purposeful breeds were perverted in their traits. Their traits were exaggerated or caricatured. The resulting extreme traits had no purpose and could even be unhealthy to dogs, but they were perpetuated(and made even more extreme) to serve the vanity of owners who had nothing better to do. Some owners had a perverse knack for grotesque and unwieldy traits. But some people acquired certain strange breeds because the Establishment deemed them to be ‘valuable’, ‘worthy’, ‘special’, or ‘expensive’.

    The ancestor of the bulldog was a tough and healthy dog. But the later bulldog as show-dog was a genetic perversion with over-sized head, cumbersome limbs, and flat nose that made it difficult to breathe. Such dogs were totally useless, but owners wanted them because of their cartoonish features. And the Establishment deemed such a breed to be of ‘value’ as status-item.

    The Chinese court bred totally useless dogs like the Pekinese, the canine equivalent of bound feet. Small, neurotic, inbred, and nuts. They were ‘toy dogs’. Totally useless but fun for the owners. It served the owners’ decadent whims.

    And consider something as ridiculous as the Sharpei. Just awful.

    Even the original dachshund wasn’t what it is today. They were bred to be shorter in limbs and longer in body to attack burrowing animals in holes. But over time, they made the legs even shorter and body even longer, leading to all sorts of spine problems.

    When dogs served a real purpose, they had to be healthy and functional. But as dogs became show-objects of vanity, they were designed for quirks, oddities, and eccentricities. What mattered was less the health or function of the dog than the ‘charm’ of their peculiarities.
    Some of these prized peculiarities could be harmless enough, like colors and patterns on the fur(though extreme-inbreeding to maintain those traits could lead to problems), but others were obvious genetic disasters, which, sadly enough, were lent legitimacy by the Establishment that determined the relative ‘value’ of dogs. And many people bought such dogs as ‘status’ symbols. Since such dogs were associated with ‘status’ and ‘privilege’, many rich owners preferred genetic disasters to healthier and sounder dogs lacking in ‘pedigree’.

    We are seeing the same development with this gender-bender craziness. When life was tough but meaningful, humans knew it came down to men and women, family and children, health and sanity. Sure, some people were born weird and could be tolerated as such, but they were at the periphery or fringe. If a guy wanted to bugger another guy or if a guy wanted to wear a dress and act whoopsy-doo, that was his problem. Most people understood the true meaning of life as shown in an Akira Kurosawa film or John Ford movie. It was about struggle and choosing the essential right over the wrong. There was a time when most people had a definite role in life in terms of survival, health, morality, and meaning. Life was about core values and essential needs.

    But with massive increase in prosperity where even poor people get fat and where ‘leftism’ turned into celebration of vanity & narcissism, humans are becoming like the degenerate breeds of dogs that developed later when dogs became less purposeful and turned more into props and prizes. We went from Kurosawa and Ford to Tarantino and Takashi Miike the horrible freak.

    So, the various healthy and virile breeds of dogs were turned into mutants of the original.

    Look at the mutative degeneration of the bulldog. Once a well-proportioned and powerful animal later turned into a gross mutation of its former self.


    And what we are seeing all over in pop culture and political culture is the rise of the mutants.
    Now, it was always understood that arts and pop culture tend to attract the eccentric and strange. That much was long accepted as part of the creative scene. Still, such peculiarity was seen for what it is. People figured some creative folks have talent but are just weird, like Michael Jackson or Boy George. That is why I wasn’t particularly offended by either in the 80s. I liked some of their songs. And even though they were funny-wunny, I figured it comes with the territory in the creative realm. It’s like David Bowie was a serious weirdo but very talented.

    But over time, this weirdness got politicized into some kind of ideology, and millennials were raised with the notion that gender-mutation is some kind of New Normal, a noble ‘human right’ or even holiness, something even deserving the blessing of the church.

    The world seems to be heading toward the rise of clones and the rise of mutants.
    Bio-engineers are working on clone-beings. Since bio-engineers will predetermine the IDEAL traits, clones will can be very similar to one another: intelligent, healthy, fit, attractive, emotionally stable. So, in one way, the future of clone-ism seems to be anti-mutant-ism. (I mean if a future couple wanted to a perfect designer-baby, how many would want someone like Chris ‘Leave Britney Alone’ Crocker or Trigglypuff?)
    And yet, at the same time, our ‘progressive’ culture encourages mutative-identities of batshit crazy neurotic derangement. Mutationism favors the weird, ugly, demented, unstable, wacky, tardo, gargoylean, putrid, repellent, gross, degenerate, sorry-ass, and etc.

    In some cases, we have a combo of both clone-ism and mutantism, like in that Martin(e) Rothblatt the ‘transhumanist’. On the one hand, he seems to eagerly anticipate cloning or bio-engineering technology that will allow the creation of ideal humans from scratch genetically. But lacking such technology, he has made a total whacko of himself by pretending to be a ‘woman’ with make-up and dress(and maybe surgery?)

    Clone-ism narrows the range of ideal traits. It weeds out the dumb, ugly, unhealthy, and demented. It will favor Sean Conneries and Pierce-Brosnans over Elephant-Boys and Crackhead-Bobs.
    In contrast, mutantism widens the spectrum of ‘acceptance’ and ‘normality’, like what was presented on Bill Nye’s (sex)junk science. So, some fat ugly guy with hair on chest who say he’s a woman and wants to be called ‘them’ and wants to play with dolls and pretend to be 5 yrs old is part of the ‘new normal’.

    Clone-ism and mutantism are opposites, but they are allied at the moment because they both go against the spiritualist and humanist mode of what constitutes meaning and purpose.

    Mutantism is nothing new. It always existed because some people were born strange. It’s like the Kyoami character in RAN. A nutjob. But then, nutjobs can see things from interesting angles hidden to conventional perspectives. So, they could have special value too… as long as they know their relative position in society. The oddness of angle leads to abnormality and even subversiveness but also offers glimpses that often eludes the normal eye. The problem sets in when this odd angle is made the main angle. That’s like using the triangle in an orchestra as the main instrument.

    Kyoami has his place and even value in RAN because he knows what he is, and others know it too. He is a weirdo, a jester, and clown. But because he’s an outsider, he catches things that insiders often miss. He has his own kind of wisdom.
    And this mutual understanding between normal and abnormal used to define society where most people upheld the True Normal but could also be tolerant of and even appreciative of the weird and strange.
    But now that this mutant-ism has been promoted as the New Normal, nothing makes any sense. If nuttery is the ‘new normal’, what is truly normal. And if the outsiders now have the insider-view, what can they offer us? I mean the value of the outsider’s view is from the outside. When the outsider serves as the insider, his view is neither insider nor outsider.

    Weirdness has value in uneasy relation to normality. The value of Harold and Maude, for example, depends on them being surrounded by ‘normal people’. Normality may be limited(and hypocritical and corrupt) but it has a fuller grasp of the essentials of life and society, like family, law and order, military and defense, and spiritual tradition. In contrast, weirdness is innately dysfunctional and has value as counterpoint, contrast, and alternative. It’s like the Adult World may be compromised and all in THE CATCHER IN THE RYE, but if everyone was like Holden Caulfield, there would be no social order, period.

    Mutants will always exist, and on occasion, they may offer something valuable. But it’s not something we should be encouraging and not something that should be promoted as the ‘new normal’, and certainly not something that deserves the benediction of spiritual authority.

    Also, if weirdness is encouraged and popularized, it devalues genuine weirdness and what it has to offer. It’s like, once the underground scene was ‘upgraded’ to appeal to the bobo-yuppie crowd, it lost its authenticity and own kind of integrity.
    In the past, those with gender-issues had REAL problems. They couldn’t help being what they were despite pressures of normality. So, their difference had meaning and even value. But now, thanks to gender-bender-mania promoted by PC and Pop Culture, every confused kids going through adolescence fantasizes he or she may have issues too since it’s the ‘new normal’. As such, both the meaning and value of the Normal and Abnormal are lost.

    • I saw a story online comparing same breed dogs a hundred years ago and today. The dogs have suffered at the hands of eugenicists. For the most part they looked healthier in the past.

      “Weird” people were rare when I was a kid long ago. I wish I could return to those days.

    • The English bulldog was breed from American Pit Bull Terrier type dogs for looks after the English outlawed bull baiting but you hit on one of my pet peeves.

      Many working dogs would fail an AKC confirmation show but have no problems working the field, chasing down felons etc etc.

      Seems to me damn near everything is either all show and no go or all go and no show. Bodybuilders look strong but are weak and fragile, power lifters, strongmen, shot-putters are incredibly strong but just look big.

      Society has a real problem with this fact vs fantasy thing right now

    • andreaostrovletania, I liked your ideas. The dog breeding story is true. Everybody wants to show off these days, with their pet at least. As for humans, many here on this site blame the four by twos, Hymies, Yids, Kikes, IkeyMos. I think TV is a big part of the modern degeneration of humanity. Along with fast food and the breakdown of the nuclear family. Outsourcing real jobs to China and replacing them with make-work jobs for women and tinted people.
      So the Jews did not do all of this, but a lot of it.

      People have an instinctive need to belong to a tribe so many join a subculture. So a biker gang, or the art-house crowd, or the druggies, rap crappers, hippies, alcoholics, metal in the face, tattooed ladies, beached whale feminists are all being different while all conforming and wearing their own “tribal” uniform.
      Truly unique people are rejected and very likely alone and despised. Unless they get lucky like some computer geeks or authors etc.
      The weird freaks you refer to are ironically only trying to fit in. I used to see a 6 feet tall weird tranny almost every day. The tranny was never alone. It is a normal healthy man who is despised and rejected these days, a man who wants to make and lead a normal family.

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  4. I am athletically built, I got legs and ass and can get laid. Truth is, so many of the white men I am around are fat, have man boobs, etc and really many cannot stimulate me intellectually . A lot of stupid white nogs out here with dicks

    • And people say women don’t care about appearances. HA!

      Not that i have a problem with it. It’s just rather annoying when everyone says it.

    • Germanic Slav, another excellent point. When I was a young man I was blessed to be 6′ 3″ with a handsome body but I had to work at keeping my weight in check because I love food. Today obesity has become a major problem especially in the west and forget about appearance, obesity is a health crisis. Anybody who suggests obesity is beautiful or positive is an idiot or child of Satan. Everyone needs to fight obesity starting with children and some parents need to have their children removed for negligence.

      • If those fatties are getting laid, it says more about the men (I’m assuming) laying them. Even if the “laying” was dildo-based they’d still need a second pair of hands.

  5. “Why Liberals Are So Physically Monstrous And Repulsive”

    Because liberalism accepts them as normal. It’s a herd mentality. We’ve had obese people for eons, but, they lived in shame. Now, they’re so angry about being discriminated against all their lives, they flaunt it similar to gays coming out! The problem here is just as gays do, they broadcast themselves in ridiculous dress and behavior in large liberal cities where even only one or two would never be accepted in a conservative community. Most people want to be liked by someone. Obese people need confirmation. Underneath it all, they really do hate themselves for being fat.

    There are reasons women are fat; depression, low BMR, addictive behavior, low self-esteem, low self-control, low activity level, neuroses, same found in men, too. Acceptance creates a dangerous environment where getting even more obese is OK and possibly encouraged.

    The Women’s Fat Acceptance movement started in 1967, no surprise there! (((Another))) opportunistic way to kill off Whites…men don’t want them = no babies, and medical conditions that shorten lives.

    • (((Another))) opportunistic way to kill off whites …
      Very perceptive. I hadn’t really thought about it that way, but it rings true.

    • USA fast food is full of fat, sugar and chemical additives and is very fattening. The food is tasty – both sweet and salty at the same time, which we humans know to be good to eat – and designed to be addictive. No wonder the USA is full of chunksters. The fast food industry is essentially evil. As people get lazier and do not cook, they eat more and more fast “food”.
      I note in Sydney that home delivery of fast food (pizzas etc) is also more common every year. People are too darn lazy to even go and get their fast food.
      Couch potatoes rule.

  6. Iirc there was a study showing “conservative” people had a strong revulsion trigger and where more easily revolted by ugly, gross, perverted etc etc which would explain things too

  7. They say that beauty is only skin deep. True. Skin someone and see how beautiful they are. Inner ugliness will seep out and affect one’s outer appearance.

  8. I’m sure those ladies in the photos DO love to eat.

    Yet long-term-stress is also a fat-grower due to > cortisol.

    There’s another “white elephant” in the room causing fat these days > EMFs & their byproduct, “Dirty Electricity.” (Everything electronic that uses adapters &/or switch-mode-power-supplies, turning DC into AC, causes Dirty Electricity in the power grid.)

    Research Article
    Evidence that dirty electricity is causing the worldwide epidemics of obesity and diabetes
    Samuel Milham [MD, MPH]

    Pages 75-78
    Received 25 Aug 2012,
    Accepted 18 Jan 2013,
    Published online: 19 Jun 2013

    The epidemics of obesity and diabetes most apparent in recent years had their origins with Thomas Edison’s development of distributed electricity in New York City in 1882. His original direct current (DC) generators suffered serious commutator brush arcing which is a major source of high-frequency voltage transients (dirty electricity). From the onset of the electrical grid, electrified populations have been exposed to dirty electricity. Diesel generator sets are a major source of dirty electricity today and are used almost universally to electrify small islands and places unreachable by the conventional electric grid. This accounts for the fact that diabetes prevalence, fasting plasma glucose and obesity are highest on small islands and other places electrified by generator sets and lowest in places with low levels of electrification like sub-Saharan Africa and east and Southeast Asia.
    See also SamMilham dot com.

    If you google for EMFs & Diabetes, there are a ton of articles about that as well.

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