(((Germanic Named))) Woman Teacher kills herself day after being accused of ‘inappropriate physical relationship’ with student


Everyone in Arvada, Colorado is feeling sad because a pedophile teacher killed herself as police were closing in on her.

If a man had done the same thing, the entire planet would be cheering.

Double standard? Much!


A teacher took her own life a day after it was alleged that she had an inappropriate physical relationship with a young student.

Gretchen Krohnfeldt had been suspended from her job at the school in Denver, Colorado.

The following day, the 47-year-old mother of three took her own life in front of police officers who were approaching her home to question her as part of an investigation, CBS News reports.

Ms Krohnfeldt was reportedly suspended after a fellow member of staff reported witnessing an “inappropriate interaction” between her and a former student at the Drake Middle School.

Police were informed and launched an immediate and ongoing investigation.

“On Monday, May 8th, a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officer was made aware of a possible inappropriate relationship between a female employee at Drake Middle School and a male student,” Arvada police said in a statement.

A spokesman added that the boy is now attending an Arvada high school, but had been in a physical relationship with the teacher since middle school.

Local media report the pair had met at Ms Krohnfeldt’s home, and that an employee saw an inappropriate interaction between Ms Krohnfeldt and the student months ago but only reported it to authorities earlier this week.

Students who attend middle school in the United States are usually between the ages of 12 and 14.

Ms Krohnfeldt’s death is being investigated by a coroner.

In a letter to parents and students, Drake Middle School said grief counsellors were available to see both students and staff upset by Ms Krohnfeldt’s death.

“Our hearts go out to her family at this painful time,” the letter said, “and I know many will feel this loss deeply,” it said.

The identity of Krohnnfeldt’s boy toy is not being revealed by authorities. His public statements would help in understanding what drove the bitch to enter into a long-term sexual relationship with a 12 year old boy.

Black boys mature faster than white youths. Jewish women are obsessed with black lovers. If her boytoy was black, Gretchen could pretend she had a lover of legal age since he would be physically and sexually mature.

Someone on the ground at Drake Middle School knows the scoop. They should reveal everything they know to help the public understand the modern teacher’s sexual infatuation with underage youths.

9 thoughts on “(((Germanic Named))) Woman Teacher kills herself day after being accused of ‘inappropriate physical relationship’ with student

  1. These stories are bullshit. We are going through a fascist time where ‘white’ women in professions are being targeted such that they will be rendered impoverished. Sort of like the purges of women in NAZi times in Germany because white Germanic men are too phallic centered and ‘me’ centered to get women.

    Think about it: white women must be bullied from jobs and rendered impoverished. Why? Because white men want it that way.

    How is this helping ‘us’? Stupidity reigns supreme.

    • Where you and I disagree is whether these stories are true. I think they are. You seem to think they aren’t.

      As to driving women out of the workforce, the NWO doesn’t want that. They want women in the workforce and in charge of men in order to emasculate the men.

      • They only want the younger &/or healthy women in the workforce. They’d just as soon kill off all older women &/or those with disabilities. I suspect they use the SSD rolls to find such women (maybe men, too). Slow-kill radiation is one way they are currently doing it, & some not-so-slow, but SAD > Sudden Adult Death.

        I just read a recent news story in the papers up North. A NURSE, only 59 years old, who had a smart meter & wanted it GONE, tried to remove it herself. She got in trouble for it & they had a case against her, which was never finalized because within 1-2 months she supposedly “FELL DOWN” in her home & then DIED of a stroke. Her brother, in charge of her estate, wants nothing to do with any of it, he just wants “closure” & to get on with his life. (What a CREEP. Typical spineless selfish ignorant beta male.)

        No way a woman ONLY 59 years old is going to drop dead of a stroke AFTER a supposed fall. The only “sickness” she had was being radiated to death, slow-kill. Pulsed-Microwave Radiation from smart meters CAN definitely make you feel “wobbly” where you can barely walk straight depending on how strong they have ramped up the amps (electrical current). And PMWR definitely causes hypoperfusion, interfering with blood flow to the brain, hence STROKE OUT.

        The f/k/a US Dept. of Health, Education, & Welfare (HEW) knew this back in 1973. They attended a seminar in Krakow, Poland, re Microwave Radiation:

        From the summary on page 331:
        *”The specificity of the clinical symptoms of microwave effects was illustrated in several groups of occupational exposure according to the clinical picture. Autonomic disorders and cardiovascular and hemodynamic functional disturbances were emphasized. … The problems of the mechanisms operative in disturbances of the nervous system may be explained by the rectangular branching of vessels leading to the brain stem and to the temporal region, with slowing of the blood flow and decreased oxygenation.”*


        “Biologic Effects & Health Hazards of Microwave Radiation
        Proceedings of an International Symposium
        Warsaw, 15-18 October, 1973
        Sponsored by:
        The World Health Organization [UN],
        The U.S. Department of Health, Education, & Welfare [USA],
        & The Scientific Council to the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Poland”
        [published by] Polish Medical Publishers
        Warsaw 1974

        (There’s tens of thousands of newer research reports, but that one I read recently so it was fresh in my mind.)

  2. Personally, when it comes to any teacher having sex with a 12 year old student I don’t care what their gender, race, religion or culture is. Never an excuse for this horrendous, disgusting and perverted act and ALL should be punished to the maximum and removed from society. Glad she hanged herself because that is a favor to civilization!

      • I agree with you 110%! These deviates are beyond treatment or redemption and must be eliminated. They need to be put down like bad dogs, my apologies to dogs.

  3. You might be right, Paladin! She does look Jewish with died red hair and brown eyes.

    So, I Google the German nose and what do I get…a lot of close-ups of German Shepherd noses!!!! Germans have the Greek or Roman type nose as do all Europeans.

    Here’s evidence Krohnfeldt is Jewish.

    Germany, West Prussia, Jewish Citizenship Register, 1812

    Citizenship & Naturalization Records

    Name: Jacob Marcus Krohnfeldt

  4. She definitely looked Jewish & the last name sealed it, unless it was her husband’s name(?) > “mother of three.”

    Being attracted to a YOUNG kid/male is beyond my comprehension. I just don’t get it at all. It must be a power trip of some kind.

    I didn’t notice that the article said HOW she killed herself “in front of police officers.”

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