Christian college professor suggests murdering Republican congressman is ‘self defense’


A fifth rate professor at a small university has Tweeted calls for violence against a responsible conservative member of Congress. That’s Professor James McPherson, pictured above. He’s out of the liberal hellhole, Spokane, Washington.

Here’s the story of two Tweets that reveal the character of someone who in my opinion is a sociopath. Remember, I spent 30 years in academia at a tenth rate university surrounded by fifth rate minds infected by political correctness. Advocating the murder of conservative white men is something I’ve heard before. Most of the race traitors have enough sense to not put their sociopathy on display in writing.

The College Fix

Tennessee Rep. David Kustoff voted for the Republican bill that would repeal and replace Obamacare, known as the American Health Care Act.

A woman allegedly tried to run his car off the road because of that vote. She has been charged with “felony reckless endangerment,” the Weakley County Sheriff’s Department said in a Facebook post Thursday.

Scary stuff, unless you’re a certain communications studies professor at Whitworth University.

James McPherson, a journalism historian and author of The Conservatism Resurgence and the Press, responded to a Daily Beast tweet about the premeditated attack on a sitting congressman by calling it “self defense. #StandYourGround.”

He followed with another tweet asking others if the incident counted as self-defense, again using the #StandYourGround hashtag.

McPherson has taught mass media history and media criticism among other courses, and formerly chaired the faculty promotion and tenure committee at Whitworth, a Christian university affiliated with the socially liberal Presbyterian Church (USA). Before joining Whitworth in 2000, he taught at another Presbyterian school, the women-only Peace College.

In the past he has satirically called for “a group of heavily armed African Americans who would show up at random events to make sure order is being kept,” if not a “permanent, heavily armed African American paramilitary force ready to step in wherever the potential for unrest exists.”

McPherson’s suggested name for this force is “BEAFRAID” (Blacks Exercising Armed, Free, Responsible, American Interventional Defense):

Just think of the places the presence of BEAFRAID could be useful. Some that come immediately to mind: Confederate Flag rallies, NRA meetings, the 2016 Republican National Convention, Rush Limbaugh’s next wedding. …

As a white, middle-class, middle-aged American man with great ideas and at least a couple of black friends, I would naturally be an excellent choice. Unfortunately, with a full-time gig as a professional corrupter of young minds, I don’t have time to do take this on. But I think Rachel Dolezal might be available.

According to the sheriff’s department, Rep. Kustoff and his aide were leaving a “town hall meeting” at the University of Tennessee-Martin when Wendi L. Wright followed them in her car:

Wright placed the occupants in fear of being forced off the roadway. They turned onto Old Troy Road and into a driveway of a person they were familiar with. Wright exited her vehicle and began screaming and striking the windows of their vehicle and at one point reached inside their vehicle. She then stood in front of their vehicle in an attempt to keep them blocked in. … Wright was identified after she posted details of the encounter on Facebook.

Obami blog did a post on this turd last December. The comments are hilarious.

He’s a feminist! LOL

Even Larry Sinclair isn’t a motherfuckin’ feminist!

This guy’s got NAMBLA written all over his face.

Just being blunt, every man I seen who was a feminist sympathizer was always a spineless wimpy little coward who thought that if they could jump into supporting feminism they too could impress women enough and “might” get a little pussy.

sorry jamie, but real women see dudes like you as tools and fagots.

no, actually I’m not sorry. I have nothing to apologize for haha

McPherson threatened to sue Obami for his post, claiming defamation. I’ll bet the deranged fool is also going to threaten the College Fix.

McPherson ought to know that opinion is protected speech and can never be defamation under the law. But with liberal judges ignoring the law …

Link to McPherson’s WordPress blog

4 thoughts on “Christian college professor suggests murdering Republican congressman is ‘self defense’

  1. Another case of a cowardly,
    mealy mouthed, pseudo “intellectual” who has never grown up enough to work in the big people’s world! These balless worms who get their rocks off mentally screwing the youth of our country while hiding in a sick space (our JUed up education system) where they pretend to be smarter then everyone else. No one cares what you think …see you are IRRELEVANT in the real world! Step outside your protected world and see what real people think of your stupidity !

  2. Well, if that is the game he wants to play, then I advocate someone terminating this Christ-killer wannabe homo professor. Little drama queen faggot.

  3. Sadly, there really are libtard churches & denominations, mostly those known as “MainStream” (Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists). In this case, that weasle works at the “Christian university affiliated with the socially liberal Presbyterian Church (USA).” So that says it all right there.

    And he’s such an idiot-Commie. STAND YOUR GROUND refers to YOUR HOME, YOUR CASTLE, not out on the street running people off the road.

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