ICE Makes an Arrest at the Denver COURTHOUSE! (Video)

Hysterical Mexican women screaming nonsense and a wetback fighting ICE. What more could anyone ask for? Published on youtube May 9, 2017.


Video 3 of 3:

9 thoughts on “ICE Makes an Arrest at the Denver COURTHOUSE! (Video)

  1. The gall…even resisting arrest and for having a mouthy broad claiming ICE with legal authority doesn’t have the right!

  2. Probably all court houses and police stations are the perfect place for ICE agents to check ID and arrest wetbacks.
    As soon as the cops or magistrates/judges let some tinted fellow go, ICE can grab him.
    Also ICE could have a list of all people being released from prison, and wait at the gate for all wetbacks and other foreign blowins.
    ICE may also find quite a few prison warders and court officials are illegals, grab em all.

    One more – check out all gardeners and wetbacks leaving rich houses looking like servants. Grab them, deport them and arrest their employers as criminals.

    Finding illegal wetbacks in the USA would be like shooting fish in a barrel. Most have to work and most work for cash, no taxes or documents, and under legal minimum wages. I.e. massive crime and arrest the criminals who hire them. The USA is an unique first world country in that it encourages massive criminality and has done this for decades. The theory is that these lower wages make the USA more competitive, so two blind eyes are turned. The truth is that rich people like to pay low wages.

    • I don’t know the whole story, but I think this guy had a court date for some reason and ICE found out. Denver is a sanctuary city so how ICE got a heads up. I don’t know. I’m pretty sure that at least some of this stuff went on under Obama, but without a peep from the protest groups that are in fighting mode now.

      • It’s why White Nationalism is a scam. If you are on the lower rungs, other whites have no problem with ignoring or neglecting you. At least antifa tries to destabilize the government.

        I hope the pure Trumpists and WN’s beat the snot out of each other. It was hilarious at NOLA.

  3. Who is Who?

    Do ICE agents always dress in casual street clothes (vs. uniforms)?

    So the illegal guy was the one on the ground, & when he finally sat up a bit, he looks bald with WHITE/GREY hair all around the sides of his head? So he’s an older guy?

    Which means, he’s probably been an illegal here for a LONG TIME.

    And to the crying female illegal saying, “You can’t do that,” oh yeah?

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