Forgotten History: Confederate President Jefferson Davis’ Adopted Black Son AND Mulatto Wife


I saw a reference to Confederate President Jefferson Davis having an adopted black son and thought it was a mistake. After all, the “evil racist” is being dumped in the trashcan of history by liberals and blacks.

Conservatives won’t stand up for him either. Only the alt-right holds out and defies political correctness.

I’ll bet none of the cowards who are willing to see our history obliterated knows this story.

As I rounded out my research for this post, a huge SHOCK was revealed. Brace yourself, for if true, every liberal in America should be apologizing to the memory of Jefferson Davis.


Jim Limber, also known as Jim Limber Davis, was a mulatto boy who was briefly a ward of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States of America. He was under the care of the Davis family from February 1864 to May 1865. His real name may have been James Henry Brooks.[1]

On February 14, 1864, Varina Howell Davis, wife of Jefferson Davis, was returning home in Richmond, Virginia, when she saw a black boy being beaten by a black woman. Outraged, she immediately put an end to the beating and had the boy come with her in her carriage. He was cared for by Mrs. Davis and her staff. They gave him clothes belonging to the Davis’s son, Joe, since the boys were of similar age. When asked his name, he just said “Jim Limber.”[2]

Davis arranged for Jim to be freed from slavery. It is unknown if Davis actually adopted him. There was no adoption law in Virginia at that time, so any adoption would be an “extralegal” affair.[3]
Jim was with the Davises when they were forced to abandon Richmond before the Union Army captured the city in April 1865. When the Davises were captured by Union forces in Irwinville, Georgia, on May 15, Jim was separated from them. Some recounts of the story say this was due to a swift kidnapping of Limber by the Union Army, while other accounts say that the Davises recognized a Union general they knew well, Rufus Saxton. The Davis family never saw Jim again.[2][4][5]

Jim briefly lived with Saxton in Charleston, South Carolina, but was eventually sent north for education until he was old enough to support himself.[6] Though it is mentioned in some of the more sympathetic biographies of Jefferson Davis that he never stopped searching for Jim Limber, this search seems to be recorded only in oral history as it is not mentioned in his voluminous surviving correspondence for the last two decades of his life in which mention at all of Jim Limber is fleeting.

In 2008, the Sons of Confederate Veterans offered a $100,000 statue of Jefferson Davis to the American Civil War Center in Richmond. A life-sized Jim Limber is depicted on the statue, holding one hand of a life sized Jefferson Davis who is holding the hand of his son Joseph with the other hand. The statue was completed in fall 2008[7][8] and while it was initially accepted by the center, the deal quickly fell through and is now on permanent display at [9] Beauvoir, Davis’ Mississippi home.[10]

First, let’s take a look at a photo alleged to be of Jim LImber, the mulatto.

It is alleged at realhistoryww that the boy was the actual blood son of Jefferson Davis.

Did Jefferson Davis have a black son?

Let’s take a look at the demonized man and his wife:

My God! Jeff Davis was married to a mulatto woman, according to the linked story above. The woman in the photo who was Mrs. Davis certainly is NOT a pure Caucasian.

I accept that the president of the Confederacy was married to a part black woman, who bore him six children.

You may interpret this information differently, but for me it utterly destroys the conventional anti-white, anti-South Yankee scribblings that attribute some sort of hatred of blacks by white southerners as a motivation for southern independence. I mean that the First Lady of the Confederacy looked and surely was part black. That would make Michelle Obama only the second black woman to be a first lady on American soil.


Learn more about the Davis family at Wikipedia.

11 thoughts on “Forgotten History: Confederate President Jefferson Davis’ Adopted Black Son AND Mulatto Wife

  1. LOL!! White Nationalism is destroyed once again.

    He had a hot wife!! There is nothing wrong with men going with other races. It’s all about class. The southerners banged whom they wanted. They just didn’t want to lose their livlihood. I was right all along. I don’t give a rat’s ass about WN. I want my rightful place that I earned when I beat Goldman Sachs in a trade, only to have those jew bastards steal it all! Only losers worry about whom other people bang.

    • People who decry miscegenation got into fistfights over this monument. That is hilarious beyond infinity!! And they fought their fellow Trump supporters! I have never laughed so hard in my life!

      • Even you sold out to the jew with your Trumpism. Are you loyal? Why should I be. Frankly, my life gets easier if I go democrat. I don’t care about IQ, it gets used to cheat other whites.

  2. The greater glory belongs to the second statue that will replace the first. An exact copy or one even more powerful in it’s statement @ White history and the people who lived it.
    No loss that the oak was felled. Another will grow from the roots that are not seen. These are sound and deep and can’t be set fire to.
    All the destroyers are shallow in thought and have no substance; they will blow away.
    All those Blex in school, all those white libturd creatures in Uni; what good are they? At best they are robots to be used and discarded. Or zombies, to be teased to death.
    After harvest when the good grain is removed the unwanted chaff is allowed to blow away in the wind.
    There’s a whole lota winnowin’ agoin’ on. As it should be. A lot of waste; too bad. Ce la vie. What’s left is the best.
    The next war, anywhere, as wanted by Zio US, will remove the strongest, healthiest, brightest, just the best White young men and women. No doubt, the good ole, flag waving, patriotic, self-righteous, spreading the gospel of American freedom boys and girls, will enlist to do their duty for God knows what.
    Hopefully, they are waking up to the BS, and will turn their backs on the psychopaths who want them dead.

  3. The South had the greatest military leaders of the war but was always going to lose due to having less men and a lot less money. Davis was not a great leader.
    Whites and blacks should never live together. Miscegenation is a horrible crime against nature. Mate a donkey and a horse and you get an ass, which luckily is sterile. Mulattoes are not sterile, yuk.
    Yugoslavia had the right idea. Ethnic cleansing is the only way.

    From the Who, 1971….
    “”Won’t Get Fooled Again”

    We’ll be fighting in the streets
    With our children at our feet
    And the morals that they worship will be gone…”

    I interpret this that our do gooder lefty kids will have no choice but to fight and kill the Coons that they have been taught at school (and on TV) to love. Coons will be hacking up any whites, including libtards, with machetes. In the future race war, skin colour is the uniform and leftie Coon lovers can not change their skin colour.

  4. “A more accurate depiction of the daguerreotype of Jefferson and Varina Davis. Many other photos circulated around the web show Varina Davis with slightly different facial features, suggesting that she may have been of mixed race. While Varina Davis may have been of mixed race, it is unethical to try and rewrite history by editing photos of individuals to prove a suspicion.”

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