White History Destroyed: Jefferson Davis Monument Removed in New Orleans

Decent hard working white people built the City of New Orleans. They fought to save it from the British in the Battle of New Orleans as the War of 1812 wound down.

No matter.

The descendants of those builders are being unmercifully disrespected by the local politicians who pander to the chocolate residents of the City that Care Forgot, aka the Crescent City. Those white people have no right to a history, according to Mayor Mitch Landrieu and the rest of the cheap tinhorn sell out politicians who voted to remove all four Confederate monuments in the city.

Pat Gallagher, a thoughtful white woman, expressed her concerns well in the excerpt below, which is followed by photos taken overnight.


The city intends to take down the Jefferson Davis statue in Mid-City early Thursday (May 11). Its one of four monuments the New Orleans City Council declared nuisances in December and the second Mayor Mitch Landrieu will apparently remove, according to a New Orleans Police Department notice to a nearby school.

NOLA.com will post updates here overnight as events unfold at the monument site on Canal Street at Jefferson Davis Parkway. The most recent updates will be at the top of this page.

1 a.m.: Still no sign of a crane to remove the statue. Groups of monument supporters and opponents remain on the scene, but there have been no incidents thus far.

Pat Gallagher, who lives in Jefferson Parish, said she decided to go out to the intersection because she is concerned about the preservation of all monuments, both Confederate and others.

“I think it’s a slippery slope,” she said of taking down monuments. “It’s part of history — whether it’s good, bad or indifferent. You can’t change history.”

She expressed a special concern for monuments to those who served in the military, ticking off a list of wars and battles in which she said her ancestors have served, beginning with one who fought at Valley Forge and continuing through the Battle of New Orleans, the Civil War, World War II and a nephew now stationed in Afghanistan.

“This is about monuments to military men who fought for their country,” she said. “This is very personal for me. That’s why I’m here — to stand up for my ancestors — all of them.”

“I’m getting sick at heart because they’re getting ready to take this down,” she said, tearing up.

12:40 a.m.: Additional NOPD vehicles arrive on the scene, joining those already near the monument. They include K-9 units.

12:30 a.m.: Krista Jankowski of New Orleans, a member of First Grace United Methodist Church, which sits at Canal Street and Jefferson Davis, said she decided to come out to the intersection because she heard that the monument would be coming down and she has a special interest in seeing it happen.

The congregation represents a blend of two former churches, one predominantly black and the other predominantly white, that combined after Katrina.

“We’ve been talking about this as a church community,” Jankowski said of the monuments. “The church, for sure, is a place where we really try to engage with these kinds of conversations.”

Jankowski said she thinks the monument’s presence is problematic in its current state, with Jefferson Davis “glorified” atop a pedestal, especially in a city with a majority black population.

“You can learn just as much or probably more when it’s put in context in a museum,” she said.

7 thoughts on “White History Destroyed: Jefferson Davis Monument Removed in New Orleans

  1. This is a fact of outstanding gravity. Whilst statues of stalin, lenin & other criminals stay untouched, the zionist establishment is demolishing history on daily basis.

  2. The fact that such things are done at night is very telling. Who acts in the dark? Cowards. ‘Nuff said.

    • Right you are! just like antifa covering their faces; very brave indeed. One thing that bothers me is 99% of sheep here in Marxachusetts are on the side of the sjws and porch monkeys who are demolishing pieces of history.

      I fear ((they))) will succeed and the zionist will get their dream of a global totalitarian communist Jew World Disorder

  3. “Jefferson Davis “glorified” atop a pedestal, especially in a city with a majority black population.”
    Here is an idea. Put a modern nigger stature, rap crapper with baseball cap etc and Nikes, higher than Jefferson Davis, and a fountain of yellow piss pouring from his cock on to the head of the white man 24 hours a day. Win win, everybody is happy, both Jews and Blacks.

    This is inspired by the wonderful work of Jew art “Piss Christ” where a Jew soaks a crucified Christ in his own Jew piss. This was shown around the world as a work of “art”.

  4. In a nutshell white people build industrious civil societies with a proud Christian ethos, black people come in with their degenerating culture of song, dance and unqualified claims for equality, blackening all that was illuminated to the abyss of porno graphic ghetto culture. While jealously blaming the intelligent tastefully cultured white man for them being hereditary vulgar, black and breeders of degeneration all around them. They make the white man pay with the currency of white female booty to hinder all future white progeny that will give any cultural contrast to their future degenerates. To the self respecting God fearing whites this causes white flight, with the untainted proud white pioneers dynamically restarting all over again in another suitable location. Hence the whole scenario is replayed over again with black following white and then wishing to spread it’s hereditary malaise. With one draw back, Mr Jew is naively and inevitably given full remote control of the whole production to parasitically make the whole project fail to his advantage in his plan for racial miscegenation without revealing his own camoflaged dark fallacious plans of racial superiority and quest for domination..ps I am not a white person.

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