The New Hitler: Self-Proclaimed Nazi Changes Name to Hitler

I’m not sure that this particular fellow accomplishes anything positive for the Caucasian race. However, it’s a free country and if he wants to change his name, it’s better than him having his penis removed to change his sex.

Associated Press

HUNTERDON, N.J. (AP) — A self-proclaimed Nazi officially became Isidore Heath Hitler with a name change that took effect this week. ( ) reported Hitler’s name officially changed from Isidore Heath Campbell on Monday, the anniversary of World War II’s end in Europe after Germany’s surrender.

“It’s great. My driver’s license is changed over, my insurance, my registration, all that I needed is changed over,” he said. “I’m the new Hitler.”

He said his initials, I.H.H., stand for “I Hail Hitler,” and that he gave a prayer for the Nazis on the day his name officially changed.

Hitler first gained national attention when a supermarket refused to decorate a birthday cake for his son, who’s named Adolf Hitler Campbell after the Nazi leader.

Hitler said he now wants to regain custody of his four children, who are all named after various Nazis and white nationalist groups.

During a family court hearing for his youngest son, Hitler reportedly entered a New Jersey courthouse dressed in a Nazi uniform.

Court records show Hitler was ordered to seek counseling. But he refused because he says his psychologist was Jewish.

The new Hitler has an attractive girlfriend. She looks like she openly prefers bad boys.

7 thoughts on “The New Hitler: Self-Proclaimed Nazi Changes Name to Hitler

  1. The least he could do is get himself a shirt that represents NSM since they took the swastika out of there logo. People like him make the white race look stupid. More concerned about a name rather than his 4 children . He is a disgrace. To the white race. Guys like this is why people do not take the white race seriously. Those four kids should be the most important thing in his world instead he’s running around trying to be someone he will never be. Couldn’t come close no matter how hard he tries. All while his children suffer more than likely placed in a non white home.

    • He’s a disgrace to National Socialists everywhere. People identify so called .Nazis as tatood thugs always ready for a brawl,with no real understanding of what National Socialism is. In this day and age,your doctor or even the delivery driver could be a National Socialist,and you wouldn’t even know it. Three guys at work are,they took me completely by surprise and only started talking about it when they got to know me reasonably well.

  2. “Hitler said he now wants to regain custody of his four children, who are all named after various Nazis and white nationalist groups.”
    This was LOL funny to me (warped sense of humor). He will not get custody of these kids in 1000 years, about One Reich.

    His battle dress uniform looks two sizes two large. Make that three. It looks Photoshopped. He is wearing what looks like an Iron Cross which he has not earned – though wearing one of these uniforms in the Jew S.A. Court system takes a lot of guts.

    I am surprised that any State woudl allow anyone to take this name. He could have become Adolphus Hitler. Adolf Hitler for short.
    I admire the mans commitment, stick to it ism, and guts, and yet he is not doing hsi own side any favors. The Jews would love him, and he is in no danger from Jews because he makes Nazis look stupid. Might the Jews be paying him cash to do this?

    “Court records show Hitler was ordered to seek counseling. But he refused because he says his psychologist was Jewish.” Truth really is stranger than fiction. Yes he has scored a great hornbag to shove it in, so maybe it is worth taking a far, far, far right strategy in order to create white babies. He has made four already unlike most MGTOWs.

    Notice how (((Associated Press))) finds this nothing, fluff, nonsense newsworthy, but not when Coons massacre whites.

    • I have mixed feelings toward him. It seems like you do as well. He’s not exactly a credit to Hitler or to the white race, but the harm he does would appear to be minimal. At least he has been able to attract two women, the mother and the cutie in the pics with him. Many young males in the U.S. today suffer from cold sheets because of women’s hypergamy.

  3. Here is an action plan to counter the harm done by Mr Hitler.

    Become a regular unpaid volunteer and visitor to lunatic asylums, and only meet those who will be released within 12 months and who tend to annoy strangers by walking up to them and talking nonsense. Convince these loonies that Communism is the best and only system and that Jew Commies are great.

    An old gag…. 300 babbling, arm waving crazies are rounded up on the streets of Sydney and flown to New York in one jumbo jet. They are all released at Times Square at the same time. What happens?
    No one notices.

  4. Tiene cojones grandes!
    I often wonder where Europe would be if WW11 had gone the other way. It’s a certainty that the flood of economic migrants and the wholesale destruction of culture here wouldn’t be happening. Nor would there be mentally ill men in dresses, along with their ‘rights, out in public.
    If they could speak, what would the fallen allied and axis dead be saying now…

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