Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Cassius Dio


Cassius Dio or Dio Cassius[note 2] (/ˈkæʃəs ˈdiːoʊ/; c. 155–235)[note 3] was a Roman statesman and historian of Greek origin. He published 80 volumes of history on Ancient Rome, beginning with the arrival of Aeneas in Italy. The volumes documented the subsequent founding of Rome (753 BC), the formation of the Republic (509 BC), and the creation of the Empire (31 BC), up until 229 AD. Written in Ancient Greek over 22 years, Dio’s work covers approximately 1,000 years of history. Many of his 80 books have survived intact, or as fragments, providing modern scholars with a detailed perspective on Roman history.

3 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Cassius Dio

  1. “Ate flesh of their victims, belts out of the entrails.”

    Sounds like what (((they))) falsely accuse Nazi’s of doing. Lampshades from their skin.

    (((They))) accuse others of what they are guilty of doing.

    • That happened to me when I was fired by the university after 30 years with no blemish on my record. The Mexicans, a feminist, and a Jew lawyer made up stuff that the Mexican president was doing. I’m pretty sure about the Jew lawyer too but have no evidence on him other than his beady eyed look and his lies.

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