College football player charged with 2nd rape this month


Yesterday, a post on black Texas A&M professor Dr. Tommy Curry included a video of him babbling on about how whites are in effect degenerates or perverts or something because we express concern over black sexuality. Curry claims that white men raped black women and black MEN in the Old South. He’s full of sh*t to a large degree, of course.

You have to admit, even if you’re black, that it’s outside the bounds of normality for a black college football player to be accused twice in one month of rape. His sexuality is of interest to white people because he’s a dangerous monster, if guilty as charged. It’s not a white fascination with black penis and vagina that drives white interest in black sexuality. It’s the incredible dysfunctional, promiscuous, violent nature of it.

New York Post

LaDarrius Jackson was arrested on charges of sexual battery and false imprisonment on Wednesday, the same charges he’s facing from a May 1 arrest in a separate incident.

The University of South Florida football player who was turned himself in to police following an alleged assault that occurred on March 27, when a woman said Jackson forced himself on her after refusing to allow her to leave the room. He was dismissed from the team after this arrest.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the woman told police that Jackson, a 6-foot-4, 248-pound defensive end, was pressuring her to shower with him while the two were at her Hillsborough County, Fla., home. She said she denied his requests, but Jackson blocked her from leaving the bathroom.

To pacify him, she said she washed her hair in the sink without removing her clothes before Jackson grabbed her, took off her clothes and committed sexual battery as she protested.

The report said Jackson allegedly drove the woman to a pharmacy to pick up an emergency contraceptive, then made her take it while he watched.

This is the second set of charges brought against the 22-year-old Jackson. Before he was kicked off the team, the junior had been removed from all team activities following his arrest last week, after another accuser said that on May 1 he allegedly “pushed her on the bed, straddled her, rocked himself back and forth until he ejaculated on her chest,” the police report read. In that account, too, he allegedly would not allow the woman, a female USF student who was in her on-campus residential hall, to leave the room before forcing himself on her.

Jackson is a friend of Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston, who has referred to the two as “family,” and who was accused of rape while at Florida State.

“We are aware of the charges filed against [Jackson],” new South Florida coach Charlie Strong said after the first set of charges. “While we find the allegations troubling, we will continue to gather information and support the judicial process before providing further comment.”

7 thoughts on “College football player charged with 2nd rape this month

    • Does “permission” even matter? Is the daughter going to listen? Is any man really capable of controlling his daughter today?

  1. What parent would name their kid something like LADARRIUS LAVONTA , but back on subject, how about the 3 strikes and you’re castrated plus de-muhdiked rule

    Oh but he is black, so will wind up with full scholarship through college. Even though we are semi-rid of barry soetoro, the negro worship religion continues on stronger than ever

  2. Professor Curry is way off base. And the concern over sexuality has been expressed by people all over, from Arabs to the Americas. Dr. Fernando Ortiz (Cuba, early 20th century) had studied this issue as a career.

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