NYC Muzzie Bomber Wants Reduced Sentence for Pain and Suffering After Cops Shot Him


Sand turd Ahmad Rahimi thinks he deserves mercy.

He showed no mercy to the 31 people injured by the three bombs he detonated last fall. Others that he scattered around the New York City area failed to explode.

When police tried to take their suspect into custody, Rahimi shot it out with them.

He lost.

Now, he’s trying to score a legal win, a win he couldn’t score on the battlefield.

Bizpac Review

Ahmad Rahimi, the terrorist responsible for the New York City bombing in September of 2016, wants a reduced prison sentence for the pain and suffering he has faced.

The bomber’s attorney asked prosecutors to consider his “mental and physical health” as part of a plea agreement, arguing that his pain should be considered equally to the victims he injured and tried to kill.

Federal court documents show that the lawyers defending the terrorist argue that because police shot him 11 times, he has experienced “brain injuries, limited longevity, and/or post-traumatic stress disorder.”

As reported by the Daily Beast:

These first revelations about Rahimi’s plea negotiations come after prosecutors asked Judge Richard Berman to rule on Rahimi’s competency as the case proceeds towards trial. The judge denied the motion from prosecutors on Monday, after Rahimi’s lawyers derided that move as an inappropriate judicial involvement in plea negotiations.

Defense attorneys said in their filings they never suggested that they were headed toward a competency examination for Rahimi, and merely asked the government to consider those factors in private plea discussions. The prosecution’s motion “runs afoul of [a] prohibition on judicial involvement in plea discussions,” the defenders wrote.

The government filed the sealed motion on April 24 asking for Berman to intervene, days after defense attorneys clarified that they were not challenging Rahimi’s competency. Defense attorneys submitted emails showing the context of the exchange was about plea negotiations, and that they “don’t expect” to challenge his competency for trial at this time.

His lawyers attempted to have the case moved out of New York, citing that individuals in the city wouldn’t be able to give him a fair trial.

Judge Berman denied the motion on Monday, adding that New York’s Southern District would have no problem finding 18 individuals willing to sit on the jury to decide his fate.

If you check out the Wikipedia page on the bombings you’ll read about how the U.S. gave Rahimi and his family every advantage. And still this monster turned on us. He could be the poster boy for the assertion that ALL Muslims must be kept out of the U.S., and ALL already here must be deported.

10 thoughts on “NYC Muzzie Bomber Wants Reduced Sentence for Pain and Suffering After Cops Shot Him

  1. Really? what did he want the police to do to him? ask pretty please? maybe a few bows? or sway him with a piece of candy? tuck him in bed at night?

      • Agree.. That cop that shot that piece of crap, should be at least send fo 30 days training on a shooting range ?? If not totally dismissed from the police ?

      • US cops are pissweak shots, pizza delivery rivers do a better job at eliminating Coon and shitskin robbers. Are they using .22 caliber or maybe air pistols? They need to man up and use some Muzzie killing bullets.

      • Unless it’s training to fire under pressure, i doubt it will do much. I honestly doubt anyone could be really accurate, under pressure, with a pistol. And i doubt most do it.

        In a way it’s rather retarded how they expect a citizen to be able to think clearly under pressure and fire accurately, but policemen are usually excused.

      • Competitive rapid fire creates a combat like situation where accuracy is compulsory. 6 shots in 5 seconds I think is the average for a .38 revolver. A cop, security guard or bank teller should be able to group all 6 shots inside the chest cavity at 25 yards, if the target is not moving.
        Good shots can group all six rapid fire shots inside the heart area. The best shots in a diameter of from one to two inches.
        BTW the Soviet (((NKVD))) killed tens of millions of people with a single shot with a .32 to the back of the neck, jest below the skull. This was pretty much always fatal. Why could not a cop deliver a coup de grace to a nig nog or Muzzie terrorist in the head – but better from several meters away. Watch out for those powder burns.
        In any case, executing a terrorist in the middle of his act of terror should never be a crime, even if he is down or unconscious. It is an act of war. Not ordinary policing.
        Terrorists are outlaws and should be killed whenever possible.

      • I know the soviets executes millions, but most likely the targets were captured and then executed… It is my understanding that he was shot in order for the cops to stop him.

  2. “his pain should be considered equally to the victims he injured and tried to kill.”
    So if a rapist breaks his penis while raping, he should get equal treatment with his rape victim who is terrified and probably beaten? If an armed kidnapper trips over his own truss ropes, and falls and hurts his knee, he should get equal treatment with the hostages who are tied up and terrified?

    If a camel jockeys bomb explodes prematurely and blows his hand off, he should be compensated by the State as a victim of terrorism?

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