Master Troll Trump Meets with Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador in Oval Office Today

One day after firing FBI Director James Comey, who was allegedly leading an investigation into Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, Trump spit in the face of the establishment and met with the top two Russian officials assigned to Washington.


Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump hosted Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak at the White House Wednesday amid the swirling investigation of Russian contacts with Trump campaign and transition officials in 2016 and Tuesday’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, who was handling the probe.

Kislyak has been a central figure in the controversy, as then-national security adviser Michael Flynn was fired after it emerged that he had misrepresented conversations with Kislyak to others in the White House. Flynn is now one of the key figures in the investigation.

The Russian Embassy tweeted a photo of Trump shaking the hand of Russia’s ambassador in what appears to be the Oval Office. Current and former US intelligence officials have accused Kislyak of being a top spy and recruiter of spies, a notion that Russian officials have dismissed.

A White House statement after the meeting omitted any mention of Kislyak’s presence, instead focusing on Trump’s conversation with Lavrov, which the President described as “very, very good.”

The Russian Embassy had sent out the photo as Trump was set to meet Lavrov on Wednesday. The meeting was the highest-level encounter between the US administration and Moscow since Trump’s inauguration.

According to the statement, Trump emphasized the need for the US and Russia to work together to end violence in Syria and Ukraine, floated the prospect of US-Russia cooperation on resolving Middle East conflicts and returned to a campaign theme by emphasizing his desire for better relations with Moscow.

Who with any credibility can criticize Trump for talking to the Russians about ending terrorism?

Actually, everyone on the left is outraged by today’s meeting, claiming that Trump was getting his orders from Putin via this meeting.

How stupid is that?

American leftists would rather see World War III instead of a world peace brokered by President Trump. Their collective insanity is dangerous. Ignore them.

3 thoughts on “Master Troll Trump Meets with Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador in Oval Office Today

  1. That first video clip of Lavrov is hilarious! Comey fired? You’re kidding! (LOL!) He genuinely sounded surprised.

    Your title re Trump The Master Troll is also hilarious!

    (And, btw, so was your prior “bio” of Cher, which I meant to go back & mention, but lost track of that post. You should use your humor more often.)


    As for POTUS meeting with the two Russians, about time! I didn’t like his Admin going negative on Russia after he, during his campaign, gave a much more positive outlook.

    The timing of their visit near the Comey firing has to be coincidence since it would probably take the Russian guys a bit of time to make travel plans. UNLESS, Trump “sat on” the Comey firing on purpose until the DAY BEFORE his pre-scheduled meeting w/the Russian Duo, just to “trigger” the Libs/Dems, lol.

    So the little short white-haired guy is a big Russian spy? Ahh, the drama of it all.

  2. The chunky Russkie lardarse in the right of the photo has had one two many diplomatic dinners.
    Who is the statue on the bookshelf behind Trump? Looks like a white hero to me.
    Younger Mel Gibson or Russell Crowe playing Spartacus, Jim Bowie or Davy Crockett. Maybe Daniel Boone. Not Spartacus because he has a neckerchief. A man of action, look at his posture. Unless he is a polio victim.

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