Lawsuit: White Cop Who Tested 18% Black Claims Bullying, Discrimination


WOODTV reports that Cleon Brown is very proud of his African ancestry. Brown’s 19 years with the Hastings police department understood to be white did not buy him any mercy from joking remarks, according to his complaint. If Brown wins his lawsuit, he will earn a reported $500,000 payday.

A police sergeant has claimed his colleagues were racist towards him after he took a genetic test that revealed he is 18 per cent black.

Cleon Brown said officers taunted him by whispering ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the former mayor told racial jokes, Michigan Live reported.

At Christmas, when the force hung up stockings on their Christmas tree, a black Santa Claus figure with ’18 per cent’ written on its white beard was placed in Brown’s.

It began last autumn when Brown took a genetic test on, a site that helps users piece together their family tree, revealing he was 18 per cent African American.

He has filed a lawsuit claiming intentional infliction of emotional distress and alleging civil rights violations against authorities in Hastings in the US state of Michigan.

In a statement, the city said police chief Jeff Pratt ordered the comments to stop, and claimed Brown started the ‘joking and banter’.

The statement read: ‘Sgt Brown, in a very joking and jovial manner, informed several of his fellow officers that he had recently taken a DNA test through and the results showed that he was 18 per cent African American.’

It resulted in ‘mutual bantering’ with officers about their heritage, which ended about a month after Brown brought it up, the city said.

Brown said the police chief called him ‘Kunte’ a character in ‘Roots: The Saga of an American Family’, in front of other officers.

But the city said Pratt ordered the joking to stop when he found the black Santa, and told Brown to be proud of his heritage.

Brown has also filed a discrimination complaint and his attorney Karie Boylan said the stress has affected his health.

I can’t help but wonder if Brown is running a scam. If he encouraged others to label him a Negro, then he should not profit from his own wrongdoing. In fact, I see little evidence that he’s been harmed by any of the allegations he’s brought into the courthouse.

Brown is a snowflake who needs to be given his silly little safe space. He obviously can’t be counted on now to do what needs to be done when arresting black people. He admits he’s one of them!

4 thoughts on “Lawsuit: White Cop Who Tested 18% Black Claims Bullying, Discrimination

  1. “revealing he was 18 per cent African American.

    He has filed a lawsuit”

    No words missing in the above quote…which proves the man is a Coon. He is entitled and wants $500,000 even though he is the one who wrote 18% on Santas white beard. This makes no sense, it should have said 82%. Only a nigger could have made such a stupid mistake. This guy should be jailed for attempted fraud, 5 years would be about right. How about a handwriting test, cops know about all this.

    To get any money at all he should have to prove these wrongs in a Court of Law. Santas beard is evidence he did it – just as the chemicals deaths of kiddies in Syria + 60 reprisal Tomahawks were evidence that the Syrian Govt did not do it.
    “Who benefits” is the principle to apply in both cases.

  2. I would say that his first clue should have been when his momma named him Cleon. That seems like a pretty big tell. Bad, bad, Cleon Brown. I sure as sh*t would have never told anyone that was 18% jigaboo.

    • It is most unlikely both his parents have 18% Coon blood. More likely one was 0% and the other was 36%. This is almost as much as Barrack Obama. The 36% parent has more than a “touch of the tarbrush”. More like a “nigger in the woodpile”.


    Since there is no race, as per the libs, there is no racist.
    Nobody is a racist–it is just a social construct.
    And using genetic tests from–what a joke!! These tests will probably find that every man is 82% female, as they eat and drink and sleep-like women do.

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