Racial Slurs Painted on Wall of American Indian School


An Indian school in Spokane Washington has been vandalized. I’m not sure what a racial slur against an Indian would be–featherhead?

Anyway, some of the comments at the source site show a great deal of skepticism about the vandalism, blaming it on the Indians themselves looking for validation for their victimhood.

Vandalism is sometimes done for the sake of vandalism. My elementary school was broken into when I was in fifth grade. Someone took a bowel movement in a classroom. The school and surrounding area were all white. We didn’t try to blame it on Negros.

It’s clear that the liberals believe white racists have nothing better to do than to break into schools and try to scare people. Actually, most people have better things to do.

The benefits from this vandalism will flow to the school. Thus, it’s very reasonable to think it was an “inside job.”


Vandals broke into one of the buildings at the Salish School of Spokane on North Maple Street overnight Thursday and scrawled racial slurs on the walls.

Staff noticed the damage Friday morning but there were no signs as to how the person entered the building. Staff erased what they could and covered up what they couldn’t and went on with their day, said board member Danica Parkin.

“We didn’t want to interrupt their routines,” she said of the children. “They don’t know anything happened.”

Someone tore down part of a tree craft project in one room but otherwise didn’t cause any damage, Parkin said. “As far as we know, there isn’t anything missing,” she said.

The Native American immersion school offers child care programs and classes to 70 children ages 1 to 11 in the Salish language.

Executive director LaRae Wiley said the vandalism caught her by surprise since the school hasn’t had any problems before.

“It was shocking,” Wiley said. “Whenever I experience racism and hatred it always catches me off guard because I know Spokane isn’t that way. We support inclusivity and diversity.”

The school has been welcomed in the past, she said. “We have great neighbors,” she said. “The community has been so supportive.”

While the Salish School has not previously been a target, racist vandalism and sentiments have cropped up elsewhere around Spokane in recent weeks. On April 28 vandals scrawled anti-semitic messages on the downtown Community Building, home to many local groups that promote equality. This week, a racist video depicting a rally at Washington State University surfaced on social media, prompting an investigation by the school.

The Spokane Police Department came to the school and took pictures for their investigation, Wiley said.

The school will renew its efforts to get a grant to pay for security cameras to help deter future incidents, she said.

“We do have a pretty threadbare budget,” Parkin said.

In the meantime the school plans a painting party and community rally at the school at 4125 N. Maple at 3 p.m. Saturday. People are invited to come and paint over the graffiti and show their support.

“We’re going to have some elders come and speak and pray and drum,” Wiley said. “We’ll stand against hate. As Native people, we’ve always been here, and we’ll always be here.”

I found this interesting video about the school.

If we’re not careful, white Americans will be like the Indians in the video. We’ll be trying to preserve our English language and our culture in the face of hostility from billions of nonwhite invaders.


4 thoughts on “Racial Slurs Painted on Wall of American Indian School

  1. Hahahahahaha! The lady, Wiley, is another Fauxcohontas. She wants to be an Indian, excuse me, Native American and show that she is down with the Indian’s struggle. Dollar to a donut that she scrawled the graffitti. Can not let the niggers and kikes get all of the jew-presses crocodile tears over “hate crimes”. Pathetic.

  2. In my part of the world we always referred to the local amerindians now known as indigenous aboriginal tribal persons as ” Bogans ” As a kid we also called them ” Wagon Burners ” and as they were Ojibwe we’d mock them by calling them Paiutes.

    I rather like Bogan and it is current to this day and I’d like to know how an Australian pejorative meaning : ” An unfashionable, uncouth, or unsophisticated person, esp. regarded as being of low social status.” came to be the traditional slur for Redskins. Also, these jigs are bush or timber niggers as opposed to prairie niggers meaning that they are not teepee creepers but wigwam wahoos.

    In fact a young buck I once knew went to see a psychiatrist muttering repeatedly , ” I’m a wigwam , I’m a teepee ” . To which the shrink replied , ” Ah , you’re two tents ”

    Love you’re blog !


  3. As far as I am aware, Whites don’t have a history of bothering American Indians. We don’t think it about it, but they contributed to our culture, names of 28 states, rivers, cities, football and high school teams. I’m all for them preserving theirs, but I don’t expect blacks or other minorities to respect that. I’d point to blacks since anti-Semitism was brought up, as well.

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