Leon Balfour, Jr. Arrested for Body Slamming and Throwing Elderly Lady into Pool in Florida



Yesterday’s post on saboteur365 told the story in words and pictures of the elderly white woman walking her dogs straight into a jigaboo pool party.

Commenter Sob-A-Tear followed up with a significant number of Tweets related to the vicious attack. Since those Tweets were posted yesterday, the savage perp has turned himself in, as the Internet made him famous.

First, a selection of Sob-A-Tear’s research, followed by the latest on Leon Balfour, Jr., the black attacker.

Excerpt from Heavy

A 16-year-old boy has turned himself into Broward County authorities after a video showing him throwing an elderly woman to the ground and the tossing her into a nearby pool went viral.

Leon Balfour Jr. of Margate surrendered to police May 8 and has reportedly been charged with battery on a person 65 years or older, 7News WSVN reported.

The Miami Herald reported that Balfour was accompanied by his mother and his lawyer while he turned himself in.

He was processed at the Broward County Juvenile Assessment Center before being transported to the Broward Regional Juvenile Facility.

In the video, Balfour picks up 69-year-old Nancy James, who was walking her dogs, and slams her to the concrete ground before throwing her into a pool.

The Herald reported that James suffered minor injuries — bruises to her shoulder and thigh — from the fall and was released from a hospital the morning of May 8.

James’ two dogs were unharmed in the incident, but ran away after she was thrown into the pool. A neighbor at the complex chased them down and returned them to James.

James initially opted to not speak with the media after the incident, but ended up doing so to Local 10 News and a couple of other outlets. She said that she was shocked as to what happened, especially with Balfour being so young.

“No one should ever, ever, ever, ever, have to go through that, you know?” James said to Local 10 News. “It just shouldn’t happen. The kid has not evolved yet into what you’re supposed to be as a human being.”

Reports say that Balfour is the son of convicted murderer Leon Sean Balfour-Joseph.

The elder Balfour is serving a sentence for stabbing a man — 31-year-old Darrol Henry — to death during a fight. He was charged with first-degree murder after he was arrested and was later convicted.

The cry for justice was so strong online that a few internet communities took the viral video frame-by-frame in an attempt to track down the suspect. Soon enough, a few sleuths connected the dots to Balfour’s social media accounts and made them public. He then made all accounts private before turning himself in to authorities.

According to his social media accounts, Balfour attends Coral Springs High School. The school is about a 10-minute drive from where the incident took place at the complex.

It’s the same school that was featured in Morgan Spurlock‘s 2011 documentary film titled The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. Spurlock went to the campus and contracted illustrator Michelle Morse to paint a mural that was a public work for Coral Springs while also promoting the film’s context.

The mural didn’t last too long, however, as it was defaced in 2013 and much of the original artwork was erased.

The apple never falls far from the tree. Junior is in trouble just like dear old dad. Next thing you know, father and son will be sharing a cell–with both in prison for life for murder.

Poor Nancy James is quoted in the story as saying that Junior will never do anything bad again. She’s a nice lady, but a fool. No sensible person would wade into a crowd of feral savages the way she did.

Junior’s t-shirt may prove prophetic: Slayer. He could have easily killed Nancy James.

Let’s let Moonman weigh in with a few musical numbers.

And that great Moonman masterpiece, Killing Niggers:

7 thoughts on “Leon Balfour, Jr. Arrested for Body Slamming and Throwing Elderly Lady into Pool in Florida

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  2. What a way for a brain surgeon to behave. Just like his rocket scientist father.

    In fact, the behavior of the entire pool party made up of scientists of all disciplines was reprehensible.

    Young doctors, astronomers, chemists and physicists behaving like scum. Yuk.

  3. Looking at the picture of Leon Balfour Jr above. There must be an awful lot of static in Florida. In fact wherever these blacks hang out there always seems to be static.

    What else would explain those ridiculous haircuts ?

  4. Velcro-head. This spook is like the jig Emmett Till. His father was a WWII soldier who while serving in Italy raped and murdered Italian women. The murderous spook was hanged by the Army. This teen spook deserves Emmett Till’s fate. To be bashed to death by us evil YT’s and then buried in a field.

  5. I just saw the news report about this. Even though he was arrested and charged with a felony, I bet he’ll get a lesser charge and that’s unfortunate. His actions show he didn’t care one bit if he hurt this old lady! He’s a punk now but young enough to learn to be better than this!
    He needs some sort of serious intervention NOW! Boys like him that show they’re willing to cross the LINE at such an early age should be sent to one of those tough love “Boot camp” facilities that teach them some discipline and the difference between right and wrong. He obviously is not familiar with either concept, based upon his actions against this woman. He definitely doesn’t need to go to jail. He’ll only learn how to behave worse than he already does.

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