California Moves to Let Commies Work Government Jobs

Most of the Democrat politicians in California could fairly be described as cultural Marxists, so why not openly let Communists work government jobs? Any professors at California state schools still hiding their Communist beliefs can come out of the closet.

As the American empire dies from within, her fifth column traitors become ever more bolder.

Washington Examiner

The California government may soon employ openly Communist people in its ranks.

The state assembly passed a bill Monday that would repeal a policy that had made being a member of the Communist Party a fireable offense. The legislation was supported along party lines with most Republicans opposing it while Democrats mainly favored the policy.

It would overturn a bill was signed into law during the Red Scare of the 1940s and 1950s when Americans worried Russian spies were trying to take over the country.

The bill now heads to the state Senate. If passed and signed, employees who are members of organizations that wish to overthrow a government could still be terminated.

4 thoughts on “California Moves to Let Commies Work Government Jobs

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  2. It would seem that in the 1930s State Department (Federal) being a Jew and being a Communist was almost compulsory. (((Harry Dexter White))) was a shining light for Communism and he reported to that nice (((Morgenthau))) guy who gets the blame for the plan to do a Pol Pot on Germany. White wrote the plan.
    White forced the war with the Japs (36 million dead). White was the first boss of the (((IMF))) about 1946.
    White gave the original printing plates for occupation US dollars in East Germany to the Soviets which resulted in massive counterfeiting and corruption by US soldiers trading in these with Soviet soldiers. The loss to the USA tax payer was in the hundreds of millions of dollars as valued at that time – now many billions.
    White was never punished for his treason. Thus Roosevelt also had to be a traitor and a Commie Rat. Nor was Truman free of licking the turds out of Jew arses.

    California is riddled with (((Commie Rats))).

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