A single gene has been linked with being a psychopath

With enough research touching on the taboo subject of race, it might be proved conclusively that a high percentage of blacks carry the MAOA-L gene, the gene that allegedly is associated with psychopathy.

If we knew that a black newborn carried the psychopath gene, would it be wise to kill it or try to develop a vaccine to prevent the psychopathic behaviors that would come later? Alternatively, should carriers of the psychopath gene be sterilized so that it cannot be passed along to new generations?

Morality and science mix when it comes to some genetic traits and the modern push for eugenics.

Here’s what we know:

Business Insider

As of yet, no single factor can explain what causes people to behave in ways labeled psychopathic. But research suggests our genes may play a role.

One gene in particular is linked with an increased risk of violent or aggressive behavior, studies have found.

Known as MAOA (monoamine oxidase A), this “warrior gene” controls the production of a protein that breaks down brain-signaling chemicals like dopamine, noradrenalin, and serotonin, which all influence mood.

But the idea of a “psychopath” gene remains controversial.

A gene for psychopathy?
People with a variant of the gene, called MAOA-L, produce less of the protein that breaks down these signaling chemicals, which in turn causes them to build up. An excess of these chemicals, scientists believe, leads to impulsive behavior (such as as hypersexuality), sleep disorders, mood swings, and violent tendencies.

James Fallon, a neuroscientist at the UC Irvine School of Medicine, was studying the brains of murderers and other violent criminals who are thought to be psychopaths, when he accidentally found out he might be one.

Not only did his brain scans look suspiciously like those of the murderers, he later found out that he also possesses the MAOA-L gene that’s been linked to aggression and antisocial behavior.

Psychopaths are often described as having a lack of empathy. They may understand when others are in need or in pain, but they don’t feel it viscerally the way most people do. Fallon can identify with that. “I don’t get the interpersonal warm and fuzzies,” he told Business Insider in an interview earlier this month.

But simply having the MAOA-L gene isn’t enough to make someone a psychopath. The environment someone is exposed to is likely very important too.

Fallon thinks that the reason he turned out to be a realitvely normal, nonviolent person, despite having this gene, is that he had a good upbringing. But growing up in a harsher environment could have tipped him toward a darker path. “If [the brain] sees a hostile world, the only way to survive is to be hostile,” Fallon said, whereas “if it sees a normal world, it will be normal.”

And some research supports this idea. One 2002 study followed a large group of male children from birth to adulthood who were abused or maltreated. The study found that boys who had a particular version of the MAOA gene grew up to be more antisocial, compared with those who had a different version of the gene.

And this kind of genetic evidence is starting to make its way into the justice system. In 2009, an Italian appeals court shortened the sentence of a convicted murderer by a year because he had the version of the MAOA gene associated with violence.

Not that simple
But experts have warned against drawing conclusions about a person’s character based on this gene alone.

“We don’t know how the whole genome functions and the [possible] protective effects of other genes,” Giuseppe Novelli, a forensic scientist and geneticist at the University Tor Vergata in Rome, told Nature News.

What’s more, the same gene could have different effects in people of different ethnicities. A 2006 study in the United States found that abused children who had high levels of the MAOA that breaks down brain signals were less likely to commit violent crimes, but only if they were white.

So while it’s tempting to reduce a complex psychiatric disorder like psychopathy to a single gene, it’s almost certainly not that simple.

This video explains the issue, summmarized as nature vs nurture.

Another one:

Also see Conservative Headlines. to read an article relating that whites have a lower level of the psychopath gene.

5 thoughts on “A single gene has been linked with being a psychopath

  1. Almost everything we are as human beings is via our DNA. Niggers are not human. They have DNA, duh, but being a form of anthropoid, they are beasts without souls, conscience, or empathy/compassion. These attributes are what make us evil YT’s human beings. The negro is excluded. Thus, our choices are to either exterminate them a la a Final Solution or deport them to Africa, where they evolved, and keep them away from us the way we keep rabid animals away from us. BTW, I believe that we should practice eugenics. Our grand-fathers knew this.

  2. I did not even read this horseshit. Since when is (((Business Insider))) a source for medical facts? Since when were (((Freud and his gang))) a source of medical facts? The every definition of psychopath or sociopath is Jew Spew like most mental diagnoses. Most Jews are technically sociopaths! There is usually no physical component whatsoever to most mental “disorders” which are nonetheless described as illnesses. There is no “chemical imbalance in the brain”.
    It may be that e.g. every lion or every wolf is a psychopath if analysed using Freudian type bullshit.
    It is estimated elsewhere that up to 10% to 30% of men are sociopaths and 3% to 10% of women.
    It may well be that this so called disorder is actually a great advantage in the reproduction game. What else matters? If a sociopath has a lot of kiddies and a nice guy has none, whose genes win? Women are attracted to many sociopaths and not to nice guys. It is the “chemistry”.
    In Nature, nothing is either wrong or right. What happens happens. E.g. no animal can commit a crime, only humans can.
    Is it “nothing is right or wrong only thinking makes it so”.

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