Flashback: Bill Gates Scholarship Recipients Guilty of Murder



Two of the three killers of Dien Kien Huynh, 55, were Bill Gates Scholarship winners. All three pleaded guilty. Cyril Walrond, the ringleader, was sentenced to 35 years, but the other two were given lighter sentences.

Don’t bother applying for one of his scholarships if you’re white. You’re not eligible..

By the way, most of the evidence of this story has been scrubbed from the Internet. I was lucky to be able to track it down.

Seattle PI

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Published 10:00 pm, Wednesday, August 8, 2007

TACOMA — One of three college-bound high school athletes facing trial in a killing and a robbery in Tacoma has pleaded guilty to first-degree murder.

Cyril Delanto Walrond, 19, also pleaded guilty to assault and robbery in a pair of attacks on April 20, 2006, and faces up to 39 years in prison when he is sentenced Oct. 2 in Pierce County Superior Court. As part of the plea agreement, prosecutors dropped two robbery charges.

Dien Kien Huynh, 55, an immigrant who had been a professor in Vietnam with a degree in nuclear engineering, died two days after the attack, in which he was hit in the head four or five times with a hammer. Another man survived similar serious injuries.

Trial is scheduled next week for Walrond’s two co-defendants, Daniel Demetrius Harris, 19, and Jarrell Maurice Marshall, 17. All were athletes and good students at Mount Tahoma High School, and two were headed for college on Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation scholarships.

Defense lawyer Jay Berneburg said Walrond was “incredibly remorseful” and takes “full responsibility” but added, “We’re not sure he fully understands why this happened.”

Google Groups Forum

On Aug 10, 10:44 am, Dali wrote:
> Bill Gates foundation gives Billion$ for negro “scholarships” and
> other politically correct causes (and virtually nothing for the
> benefit of normal whites) Which is worse, the violent psycho
> negro or the super-rich robber barons that subsidise and
> enable them?

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Today, Cyril dun beez a teacher in prison. He’s being lauded as a role model. Want to bet he gets an early release?

4 thoughts on “Flashback: Bill Gates Scholarship Recipients Guilty of Murder

  1. “Defense lawyer Jay Berneburg said Walrond was “incredibly remorseful” and takes “full responsibility” but added, “We’re not sure he fully understands why this happened.”
    This sounds like blaming the victim – or even the hammer. A man bashes another man’s head in with a hammer and says “I don’t fully understand why this happened.”

    A huge percentage of intakes to Harvard and other Ivy League Universities are now based on pro Jew bias, pro Coon bias, and anti-white bias, and anti-East Asian bias. It is reasonable to expect that an increasing number of graduates or dropouts from these hallowed halls will be bashing in people’s heads with hammers. Others will be stealing money on Wall Street. Or corruptly abusing Government positions. More of the same, though on steroids.

    • I have another post ready about a Gates scholarship winner that I’ll be putting up in the next day or two. Bill Gates sure loves his Negro thugs. Give em college, all expenses paid. Are we sure Gates is not Jewish or controlled by Jew financiers?

  2. I like how all of these kike defense lawyers tell us that their clients are not guilty, and this particular Christ-killer telling us how his client did not “fully understand how this happened”. What? Your college-bound client could not understand how hitting someone in the head with a hammer while robbing them would lead to the victim’s death? These kikes and their nigger shock-troops need to be exterminated. I have always called for their deportation to Israel and Africa, but even there, the kikes and sh*t-apes would seek to create chaos and mayhem for us humans. We need a new Final Solution for all of them.

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