Federal Judge Declares Constitution Void, Threatens Civil Defendant With Death



The events in this story happened in 2012, but somehow got posted on Zerohedge yesterday. Since the corruption described in the story took place, Royal Furgeson has retired from the bench and become the dean of an allegedly dodgy law school.

Furgeson was appointed to the bench by Bill Clinton. As best as I can make out the judge was a member of the fifth circuit, which has a branch in San Antonio, where Furgeson was assigned.

You don’t need a law degree to see and understand what happened here. Let’s call it corruption and be done with it. If President Trump still intends to drain the swamp, putting Furgeson in prison would be a good object lesson for other corrupt judges.


Most Americans believe that we have a reasonably fair justice system with scholarly judges at the helm. Well, how about a federal judge who suspends the Constitution, confiscates all of a litigant’s assets, orders him not to hire defense counsel, and pronounces his orders enforceable by death?

That’s exactly what federal Judge Royal Furgeson did to Internet pioneer Jeff Baron, in a case that, New York lawyer David Relkin says [4] is “the most outrageous denial of a person’s basic constitutional and human rights in this Country since the abolition of slavery.”

In the Texas case, Judge Furgeson “sentenced” Baron to an unprecedented “human receivership” to enable the judge’s lawyers to loot Baron’s Juvenile Diabetes Research Trust [5].

His offense? Baron was accused of not paying his lawyers enough money — “charges” that were later proven to be completely fabricated.

The decision is historic: a human being has not been placed in a receivership since slavery ended in 1865. During one of the hearings, and prior to an appellate court ruling that Judge Furgeson “abused his discretion,” Furgeson reminded Baron of his power:

“I have the full force of the Navy, Army [and] Marines behind me.”. . . You are a fool, a fool, a fool to screw with a federal judge, and if you don’t understand that, I can make you understand it.”


Baron is an Internet pioneer who, on a shoestring budget invented technology competitive with Google during the early days of the Internet, according to The Daily Caller [6]. He became incredibly successful and had web sites with over 1 million visitors per day [7] and monthly traffic of 50 million. Baron earmarked nearly all of his earned wealth to finding a cure for juvenile (type 1) diabetes — a disease afflicting Baron since early childhood.

His success attracted attention, and he was soon enticed by another investor who promised to develop a search engine that would eclipse Google if Baron would partner with him.

That relationship soured fast when the investor embezzled $8 million, prompting Baron to sue for recovery. After this, the partner employed an army of lawyers with Baron’s stolen wealth and sued Baron six times, attempting to take the rest of the company’s assets. The partner lost all six times, according to World Net Daily [8].

When the partner sued a seventh time, Furgeson became the judge in charge. Furgeson forced Baron to settle the case on unfavorable terms. After the settlement was completed, Furgeson held a private, off-record meeting with Baron’s adversaries where the judge inexplicably put Baron into a human receivership, seizing everything Baron owned — from his home to his cell phone. Furgeson also indefinitely suspended most of Baron’s civil liberties.

“Apparently, there is a lot of money to be had here,” Furgeson said. “Whether it’s a receiver, judgment or whatever, he’s going to be accountable unless he wants to live on a desert island somewhere and escape the clutches of the U.S. Army and the Navy and the Marines and the Air Force and the U.S. Marshals.”

At another hearing where Furgeson thought that Baron might appeal his rulings, he responded with a tirade:

“You want to challenge the court order, I have the marshals behind me. I can come to your house, pick you up, put you in jail. I can seize your property, do anything I need to do to enforce my orders . . . So any failure to comply with that order is contempt, punishable with lots of dollars, punishable by possible jail, death.”

Relkin, an accomplished New York federal attorney says, “The only accurate analogy to Baron’s situation while under the Receiver’s control is that he became an inmate at Guantanamo Bay.”

According to the appellate court, the judge’s orders were so draconian that all of Baron’s property was seized and his personal mail was diverted. Baron, a type 1 diabetic, had to obtain approval from the court before seeking medical treatment.

?The result was that Furgeson illegally forced Baron to unpaid labor for years, under the cloak of absolute immunity which all federal judges enjoy. Furgeson thundered [9]:

“This [proceeding] is going on and on and on until Mr. Baron has nothing. I mean actually everything is depleted. I gather that Mr. Baron is worth a lot of money. But it may be that we sell all the domain names. We may sell all of his stock. We may cash in all of his CDs, and we may seize all of his bank accounts,”

Professor Ben Stein recently commented to Fox News that Americans are becoming powerless against abuse of power by Stalinist, liberal judges who are “dictators in black robes.”

“The judiciary is out of control, not bound by anything except themselves.” said Stein. “Judges don’t have to be bound by the Constitution or the law.”

While sounding fantastic and-far fetched, Baron’s situation is becoming more commonplace, as California lawyer Conrad Herring explains: “What happened to Baron, can happen to anyone. The system is obviously broken.”

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay [10], an authority on judicial corruption himself, called for Judge Furgeson’s impeachment [11], explaining:

“I’ve found case after case after case where our judiciary is being used and misused, whether it be politicians misusing the courts to stop people from giving money to campaigns, or this [Jeff Baron’s] situation where the federal government, through the federal judiciary, has illegally confiscated someone’s property and destroyed their lives because they have a vendetta against them.”

The scene of judges in Hawaii and the California 9th Circuit usurping President Trump’s power in the area of national security serves as a reminder of a much broader and increasingly growing problem.

?While the president has an army of lawyers at his disposal to keep rogue and? activist judges in check, most Americans are far more at risk and powerless to defend themselves when they become? targets personally.

An average American finds himself at the mercy of a radical or corrupt judge bent on inflicting harm and is stuck with the judge’s tyrannical commandments without recourse.

Conrad Herring observes:

“The judicial system is prohibitively expensive for most citizens. When a judge acts beyond his or her authority, and sometimes abuses that authority as in the case of Jeff Baron, there is often little recourse unless a lawyer is willing to work pro bono to defend and protect the citizen’s rights. The abuse in the Baron receivership case was doubly egregious because it was initiated by unethical lawyers. Rather than hold these lawyers accountable, the judge in the case allowed them to thoroughly corrupt the legal process. Baron was stripped of most of his constitutional rights without due process, and then stripped of his assets. Although Baron was successful in his appeal of the unlawful receivership order, he is still today, five years later, fighting to recover the assets that were illegally taken from him.”

With a new day dawning in America, Baron is turning his efforts toward making America Great Again. His new Internet Freedom Project (IFP) is leading the drive to restore America’s stewardship of the Internet.

Furgeson’s Wikipedia page

Lawless America covered the story in a longer article back in 2012.

4 thoughts on “Federal Judge Declares Constitution Void, Threatens Civil Defendant With Death

  1. What a horror story, the poor kid!

    The “partner” should have been in jail for embezzlement of Baron’s $8 mil instead of suing the kid seven times thereafter trying to rip off the rest of Baron’s money!

    What a pig of a “judge.” How did he escape impeachment? He’s probably a member of the Boy’s Club (Masonry &/or Pedo Club) so “his back is covered” by the “powerful.”

    It’s not safe these days to hook up with anybody for anything, whether business or socially. Too many evil crazy people out there.

  2. Re: Baron’s “…new Internet Freedom Project (IFP) is leading the drive to restore America’s stewardship of the Internet,” I don’t know… It is “American” companies like Google, FB, Twitter, etc. who have on their payroll internet (censhorship/”policing”) “moderator” companies like TaskUs & ODesk. Where those companies operate from & what/how they police the internet is in this article, good read:

    5/6/17: “It Isn’t Just Facebook, the Entire Internet is Censored – Here’s How and by Whom – Most fail to realize western internet censorship is widespread, orchestrated and prevalent. Rules are followed and agendas built”:

    • He doesn’t look so Jewy to me, but like you point out, he sure acts like one. I wonder about him. He’s a real loon or else just so corrupt that he can’t deal with the temptation of having a wealthy defendant to screw over.

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